Donna Olson Still Recovering

Posted May 5, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Well I am working on several updates to my site. Most of the current updates are back-end programming issues; thanks to the prodding of Andrew Penry and my time developing the Cringe website, I have finally learned to use object oriented programming (OOP). It took me a long time to understand the process, and I'm sure that Andrew is wondering what took me so long... but OOP is as much a way of thinking as it is a specific technique. My brain is slow sometimes.

So I'm upgrading the site to be completely object oriented.

Donna still ill

My mother Donna Olson is still in Doctors West Hospital. She has been out of the Intensive Care Unit for a few days, but her recovery is slow. She is sluggish and a little depressed.

Thanks to everyone who has sent mom a get well email. Please forgive me if I haven't thanked any of you personally yet for the emails.

I want to thank my former editor at the Columbus Messenger, Lori Smith. Lori ran an editorial for me relating to mom's current condition. You can read a copy of the editorial at The Most Important Things.

Have a good week,
Shawn Olson


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