Free Word Search Puzzle Generator

NOTE: This page is being left up for those people who have been using this word search maker and are familiar with it. However, there is a newer and more robust word search generator also programmed by Shawn Olson called the Webonizer Word Search Maker. The new word search generator is also free but it has the added benefit of working in multiple web browsers!

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Use this form to generate HTML to place a Word Search Puzzle inside your web page. You must have a JavaScript* enabled browser to use this form. Size limits are: 10x10 at smallest and 30x30 at largest. Values less than 10 are set at 10 and values greater than 30 are set at 30; larger grids take longer to process, especially on slow computers.



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This generator was created by Shawn Olson. Copyright 2004-2009 by Shawn Olson. All rights reserved. If you use this generator to create a word search, please provide a link to on any web pages you use it on or credit in any publication. A link is automatically generated within the HTML results.

*This page currently works with Internet Explorer. There is no plan to make this page work with other browsers. For a better Word Search program, get the Webonizer Word Search Maker.