MAXScript is the scripting language used inside 3ds Max. I started learning MAXScript to solve some problems with getting assets into the Source Game Engine. Before the Wall Worm tools, there was no simple way for 3d artists to get assets into Source. Using MAXScript, I built Wall Worm to simplify that process.

This section is intended to hold random scripts and macroscripts that can help the process of design in 3ds Max.

Latest Articles

Selecting a Percentage of a Collection Randomly in MAXScript

Posted on Feb 3, 2016 | Last Updated Feb 5, 2016

Example MAXscript for collecting random subsets of an array based on a percentage.

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maxscript, random, percentage, selection

The Dreaded -1.#IND

Posted on Jun 5, 2015 | Last Updated Jun 5, 2015

A solution for DOT products of two normals that result in -1.#IND when passed to acos().

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maxscript, geometry, trigonometry, -1.#IND

Copy and Paste Object Properties in 3ds Max

Posted on Nov 19, 2014 | Last Updated Nov 19, 2014

MAXScript for copying properties from one object to multiple other objects.

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maxscript, copy, paste, property

Dealing with Readblock Character Limit in MAXScript

Posted on May 29, 2014 | Last Updated May 29, 2014

MAXScript function to circumvent the limitations in MemStream.ReadBlock() that has a character limit of 5120 characters.

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maxscript, MemStream.ReadBlock(), readblock, unknown system exception

Wall Worm Auto Material

Posted on Aug 27, 2013 | Last Updated Oct 23, 2020

Wall Worm Auto Material is a 3ds Max script that automatically applies materials to newly created objects in 3ds Max.

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3ds max, maxscript, material

Sprite Tools

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 | Last Updated Jan 25, 2024

Sprite Tools is a free MAXScript for working with Sprites in 3ds Max. It can create sprite cards from animated textures or convert sprite sheets into animated textures.

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sprite, maxscript, 3ds max

Material Merger

Posted on Aug 8, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 2, 2020

A free MAXScript utility to combine mutliple materials and maps into single output materials and maps.

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maxscript, materials, render, composity, free


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Francisco Toledo

Nov 29, 2013

Hi Shawn,

I work with game engines and serious games, and I've been putting a lot of effort to develop a way to automate the optimization of HighPoly (for baking afterwards) and I though about an approach for that using complex convex hull geometry as a "LowPoly Modeling Tecnique from HighPoly".

When I first discovered about your plugin for Max I got really excited, because I haven't found anything similar to this anywhere else, and so I decided to learn and read all about your Wall Worm Model Tools! Then I installed PhysX and ConvexityPRO for testing the ADV HULL, which I believe it could make this optimization with a close fit to the geometry, like a cage around objects/elements... almost like you do in your vids, but a bit more automated maybe, anyway... just a close fit with very low poly count would be great. Nowadays I deal with 70k+ geometry, which manually I can get to 3K+.. too complicated with the tradicional approaches, and it's very poor quality final geometry.

Unfortunately I couldn't make your software turn on the ADVANCED HULL... Have you dig into this advanced funcionality, is it working already???? Do you have any insight on that?!

Hope you could help me out !

Best Regards!! And congrats for the great work so far =]

Shawn Olson

Nov 29, 2013

Unfortunately, the Adv Hull button is non-functional since it uses a tool by Maple3d that was never released.

The Hull Helper tool in Wall Worm does do almost all that the Adv Hull was going to do. Did you happen to try Hull Helper? There are also some videos on the WW Youtube channel for using Hull Helper.
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