NASA Disaster

Posted Feb 2, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

When I heard on the radio that the Columbia had disintegrated in the atmosphere, I was filled with sorrow. I've been a longtime fan of space exploration, and a devout fan of the late Carl Sagan. The tragedy was something that was like a sick joke... and it seemed like a cruel addition to some of the other tragedies already haunting America's mind. I got the feeling that all around the world there are groups that are so enmeshed with hatred for the United States that they cheered the news of the fireball that was once a viable challenge to human ignorance and a symbol of human ingenuity and hope.

That thought made me sad. I can only hope that this disaster doesn't sway Congressional sentiments away from NASA.

I added a new section to the site called "Web" that offers advice and general discussions on designing Web sites. There are links relevant to the internet on that page. I am hoping that my friends Andrew Penry and Jeremy Gilbey also start offering articles on that page.

I had an opportunity to see several bands play over the weekend. I hope you enjoy the photos.


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