cs_interrogation custom Counter-Strike Map

Posted Jan 2, 2006
Last Updated Dec 6, 2011

Update: Until March 10, 2006, the information HTML file in this download had an incorrect link for this map. The link for the official text inaccurately pointed to another map. The link has now been updated in the current download.

Like many of my maps, cs_interrogation has a fairly complex layout with many levels--I like to make maps that are more than two-dimensional. You'll find yourself looking up and down in many of my maps--and Interrogation is no exception.

For the first time I added our own custome sounds. I talked my brother Eric Olson into making some music for this map. I also sampled a beat from Cringe's song Ceramic.

Download cs_interrogation.

Official Game Text
A mad scientist from Olson Empires
has hired thugs to torture former
employees by making them listen to
psychotic music by Cow Eater.

Terrorists - Don't let the CTs save
the hostages until the torture and
brainwashing is finished.

Counter-Terrorists - Save your fellow
countrymen from the mad scientists
and terrorist thugs.

This map features music from the
following artists:
Cringe - Ceramic from the Animation Album
Eric "Cow Eater" Olson - Custom sounds

Some textures are custom, some from CS.
C2Nite sky by Murray Christian.

For more info go to www.wallworm.com/cs
and find Shawn Olson's other maps at


When I created the first ZIP file for CSM2.NET I misnamed the overview file--it looks correct but there is a misplaced space in the name. The download from this page has the correct overview map.


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