De_Tension Counter-Strike Map

Posted Dec 7, 2005
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

Note that I remade this map for CS:Source. See de_tension and ww_de_tension.

De_Tension is an alteration of csde_tension. This version has expanded areas and no longer has hostages. Bombsite B has been moved into a new chamber under the CT spawn.

The text that goes with the map follows:


Terrorists have been producing chemical
weapons in a remote canyon.

Terrorists: Destroy all evidence of your
activities by planting the bomb at the
gray barrels.

Counter-Terrorists: Stop the terrorists
from destroying the evidence of their
illegal activities.

Remake of csde_tension with expanded areas.

Map by Shawn "Lightcube" Olson

Home server is at .

Thanks to Andrew "Andrax2000" Penry for some help!

Download for de_tension temporarily unavailable.


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