Cringe Last Show I

Posted Dec 19, 2003
Last Updated Nov 2, 2011
mat marcum - cringe

Cringe grew up at the Alrosa Villa. And while Cringe had a falling out with the Alrosa Villa ownership nearly a year ago, the conflicts were patched up for the final Cringe show on December 19, 2003.

These photos, not necessarily the best I've taken in my life, are precious to me. I only wish that Corbin had been on stage a little too--original guitarist Jae came back for this show. Corbin was in the audience, though, showing his support.

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Alisha steckelberg

May 7, 2008

oh my god cringe i miss you!haha. you probably dont remember me..and will most likely never see this comment ha..but we met you in sioux falls. my mom lori..tom should remember her :P and i was like 14 maybe when we 18. your drummer mat played raptors with my brother adam outside in the front entrance of where you were playing, haha. and the next day you came and grilled at our place :( i miss it. ha. sorry for the long memoir.
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