August 12, 2007 Newsletter

Posted Aug 11, 2007
Last Updated Nov 11, 2011

I was recently reminded that I am no longer seventeen years old. I should have figured that out after all the kids in the neighborhood call me "Old School” and "Mr. Olson” but I am a little thick-headed. I had to sprain my ankle for the third time in my life to get the point across. The first two times were much worse than this one, but I think it will take longer to recover from this last sprain.

Like I pointed out, I am thick headed… which means that we did not cancel a trip to Pennsylvania a few days after the sprain. Unfortunately, it was my driving foot that was hurt… but fortunately Jenny decided to help with the driving.

While we were able to spend time with family, I was unable to hike the countryside to get any photos. I was limited to a walking stick and a flurry of hummingbirds which you can find linked below. Please excuse the shaky video… I am still an amateur with a video camera… and I did not have a tripod during the trip.

In other news, I have finally posted a testable version of my first Hidden:Source map called hdn_sacrelige. This map is a remake of my map de_sacrelige, which has been my most successful Counter-Strike map. The current version is the fourth compilation of the map. I am struggling through learning to use Blender to add custom models to the map—which will add more flavor to the map. I expect the map to be well received when finished. Unfortunately, I have found that the Hidden Forums have not helped me brew much interest yet… their moderators obviously take a lot of time to getting to posts that are not in their circle of friends—and I am not getting much feedback. So if you happen to play Hidden, consider testing out the map and giving me some feedback. We have unlocked the WallWorm server for the general public.

Finally, I spent some time browsing the internet for talented artists to invite into the Artistic Network. Hopefully you will be able to find some new talent on the site this week. If you know of a talented artist or musician, please feel free to invite them to add their creative work onto the Artistic Network at .


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