Arizona Wildlife Photos

Posted Apr 16, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011
rock squirrels
flying raven
mule deer photo
lizard photo
lizard photo

I have to say that I saw less wildlife than I wanted to while in Arizona. This was largely due to the limited amount of time I spent in the state (four days) and the amount of time spent traveling from site to site in a pickup truck. Still, we did see many interesting creatures.

Those that I was able to photograph included ravens, mule deer, scorpions, rock squirrels, lizards and various insects. I saw but was unable to photograph several coyotes, a jack rabbit and Gambel’s quail. I wanted especially to find and photograph a roadrunner… but they stayed clear of me and my lens.

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amanda lyston

May 20, 2007

I just love your photos.They are very clear and you can actually see the animals.I have lived here in Arizona for 3 years and have had the oppertunity to take a few snap shots of some animals which include a trantala,scorpian,diamond back rattlesanke,and plenty of jack rabbits .However it is very hard to find them in their own habbitats good luck on your future vistis and best of luck
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