de_sacrelige Custom Counter-Strike map

Posted Jan 11, 2006
Last Updated Dec 6, 2011

While de_sacrelige is a fairly small Counter-Strike 1.6 map--don't let its size fool you. It's very complex. Part of my mapping style is to make maps that span many vertical levels (the Z axis). This is no exception. There are many places to hide. I'm betting this map will become one of the most popular I've ever made.

Download: de_sacrelige 1.6

The official text for the map follows:

By Shawn Olson

There is an ancient temple in
southern Italy that has remained
intact for nearly two thousand
years. It's secluded from the
outside world by high mountain
walls in a remote range. It's
said that monks authored many
early religious documents here.

Terrorists - Bomb the top of the
temple before the Counter-Terrorists
secure the area.

Counter-Terrorists - Hold out and
defend the temple from the terrorists.

Shawn Olson is the author of:

And more...

To see more of Olson's maps go to

NOTE ABOUT THE VERSION FROM When I created the first ZIP file for CSM2.NET I included the wrong overview files. The download from this page has the correct overview map.


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Jan 7, 2006

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Schrumsel Schrumsel

Dec 25, 2005

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Carl maddron

Dec 25, 2005

Hi Shawn, Carl here,if you don't remember me i'm Jaimies friend from Milwaukee WI.Was reading some of your comments on hacking and those that still partake in it and I'm taken by your strick no nonsence approch of it all.I for one agree with all of your comments and support you and many like us 100%.Finally I'm amazed at the creativity of your custom maps and enjoy all of them.Although I'm still a novice player This old boy still enjoy's your company and maps,keep up the good work talk to you soon and happy holidays to you and your family.
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