fy_close_quarters Counter-Strike Map

Posted Dec 30, 2005
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

fy_close_quarters is a small custom Counter-Strike 1.6 map. It is a small speed frag map with textures from de_cbble.

While this map is a lot simpler than most of my maps, it is a fun distraction that still allows you to be stealthy.

Neither team may purchase weapons on this map. There are three armor packs and several sub machine guns. Two colts sit near the Counter-Terrorist spawn, and two AK-47s sit near the Terrorist spawn.

The official text for the map follows:


by Shawn Olson

Someone wants to get rid of all the CTs
in one quick swipe. They have been
ambushed in a trap and have no way out except
by killing all adversaries.

Counter-Terrorists: You are at the bottom
of a pit. The only way out is to kill all
the Ts above.

Terrorists: Your enemies are located in a pit
below. You will only get paid if you take
care of your job.


For more info go to www.wallworm.com/cs
and find Shawn Olson's other maps at

Download fy_close_quarters (temporarily unavailable).


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