De_Stonehenge Custom Counter-Strike Map

Posted Dec 7, 2005
Last Updated Dec 6, 2011
de_stonehenge counter-strike map
de_stonehenge counter-strike map
de_stonehenge counter-strike map
de_stonehenge counter-strike map

I was watching some National Geographics last week and felt a sudden inspiration when an episode relating to Stonehenge came on. Within a couple hours I started this map, which I completed in four hours.

De_Stonehenge is almost an FY map because the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists spawn so close to each other. Bombsite A is at the center of Stonehenge. Bombsite B is located under a symbolic plaque near a fallen column. I later created a larger version of this map called de_mayan_stonehenge.

The text for the map follows:


Bomb/Defuse Map
Created by Shawn Olson

Archeologists have found an ancient
Mayan temple with a replica of the
British Stonehenge--and to their
suprise, the Mayan version predates
the reknown Stonehenge in the UK
by over a thousand years.

Terrorists: Demoralize your enemies
by destroying this new temple and
all its pagan artifacts.

Counter-Terrorists: Protect the Mayan
Stonehenge from radical terrorists
who want to destroy it and demoralize
Western scientists.


Most of the textures in this map come
from the popular de_aztec map.

A larger version of this map is forthcoming.

Play this map on the Wall Worm Server. Go
to for
the current Wall Worm Server IP.

Download de_stonehenge.


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