December 8, 2005 Newsletter

Posted Dec 7, 2005
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

Apart from a receding hairline, a growing repertoire of love handle statistics and insomnia, life is going pretty well for me. And since I have isolated the cause of all these dilemmas (children, woman and work… though I am not sure which cause correlates to each effect) I am well on my way to making life happier.

I did find time to play this last week. First I spent too much money for too many hours at the gym—which resulted in too many pains in too many places on my body to go into. But at least I learned a valuable lesson—getting older is a real thing. It’s not the boogie man used to think it was. Grandpa, if you can hear me… I am sorry for that last wrestling match!

So I am going to have to manage my exercise more responsibly by spreading it out over a whole year rather than isolated moments every few months. At least I am getting along with a fair amount of mental and creative exercise. Work keeps my mind moving always. And this week I spent my nights building a couple new Counter-Strike maps. There are screenshots and links in this newsletter.

To end this edition, I made my first public speech last week at the Franklin Township board of trustees meeting to discuss the Township News Network. It was odd going back there because it’s been a few years since I was present at one of those meetings. Back then I was a reporter for a newspaper, and my job was to record the happenings; this time I was part of the happenings. I have to admit that it was uncomfortable for me. But overall I think I did a fine job.

Of course I met my journalistic replacement. She is much prettier than I ever was, so the trustees probably appreciate that. But I see that her report must have been put off for more pressing news like local church events and all that because I was unable to find any mention of the meeting in the paper. Oh well… that happened to me too when I would rush home to write a news piece and whisk it off to the editor… only to wait two weeks to see it in print.

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