January 15, 2005 Newsletter

Posted Jan 14, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011
Liquid 6teen

Earlier this week Virginia told me that the recent Tsunami had affected the Earth’s rotation. Assuming she’d heard it from the media, I sour-faced the very thought (I’m generally skeptical of the media).

Now I have to apologize to her. After resorting to the NASA website, I learned that yes, indeed, the earth’s rotation has been affected. Earth days have now decreased by 2.68 microseconds. That’s something amazing to consider.In other news, I have noticed that certain groups have found it an apparent challenge to get past some of the email abuse filters applied to the site mail and guestbooks. A couple have been sending out bogus proposals to members. I have further increased the restrictions on what can be sent through the system… but I want to ask any registered member who receives those mails to forward them to me so that I can further fortify the system.

I hope everyone has a safe and productive week.

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