March 30, 2005 Newsletter

Posted Mar 29, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

New content is lagging slightly these last couple of weeks. I have added a few new things, including a new seahorse painting. Most of my time, however, has gone to working for clients and loading a couple new sites.

The big new thing for everyone receiving this newsletter is the new sister site to this site—the new Artistic Network Global Arts Directory. That site, which was programmed with the same core features as this, has gone beyond this one in many areas. I still have yet to actively promote it while I am waiting to finalize various features and the overall look. However, I am very excited about getting it done.

The new site, unlike this one, allows artists to post their work without having to wait for special privileges being granted. Among the features are advanced search tools, member calendars, article uploads, image uploads, MP3 uploads, networking tools and more.

Feel free to go there and see a tour of features on the FAQ page. There isn’t much content on the site yet, but that will change in short order. Join it and add your profile and art if you so desire. Because of the new site, I am removing open enrollment in my personal site; all new members should join the global site.

Another site launched this week was Hebrew and Heathen. Hebrew and Heathen, also using the framework of the Shawn Olson Artistic Network, is owned by my friend Mark Matheny. It is also in its early stages. Go there for Mark’s debates on religious and philosophical issues. (I’m sure to add my two-cents worth of ideas there as well.)

Have a great week.

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