Cringe - Cringefest 2003

Posted Aug 24, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Well they pulled it off. Cringe has been planning Cringefest for months. Getting together eighteen of the best bands in the region was no small feat. (Skywind, unfortunately, did not make it to the show, as their trip from Minnesota was cut short by a bad water pump.)

Although I wish the crowd size had been bigger, Cringefest was a success for all the bands that participated and the fans who came to hear some great music. I predict that there will be twice the crowd next year*.

To learn more about Cringe go to their website at Cringefest was hosted by the Billiard Club and sponsored by Budweiser, Now It's Dark Magazine, Bodystain Tatoos and 107.1 WAZU.

*Considering that Cringe broke up not long after Cringefest, my prediction fell flat on its face.


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