Inside Cringe

Posted May 21, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

These snapshots of Cringe were clandestinely taken from a recent meeting where the band was planning its future onslaught on the music scene. The next album is only around the corner.

2011-10-31 We shot these photos in some abandoned buildings near the Buggy Works building (just west of the current Blue Jackets arena). I'm not sure that location still exists. But over the next year or two I found it to be a popular spot for doing band promo photos.


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Wall Worm plugins and scripts for 3ds Max

Tom Cline almost learns of the hidden camera used to shoot these photos.

Tom Cline Cringe

Tom Cline from Cringe.


Cringe, 2003.

Butch Cringe

Butch from Cringe.

Ryan Wilder

Ryan Wilder from Cringe.

Mat Marcum Cringe

Mat Marcum on his birthday.

Corbin Cringe

Corbin from Cringe.

Tom Cline Cringe

Tom Cline from Cringe.

Ryan Wilder Cringe

Ryan Wilder is oblivious to the fact that he is being photographed.

Mat Cringe

Mat Marcum suspects something abnormal about this mirror.


Cringe, 2003.