Cringe Reunion

Posted Jun 27, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011
Cringe Jae
Cringe Matt Marcum
Cringe Jae
Cringe Matt Marcum
Cringe Tommy and Becky
Cringe Tommy Cline
Cringe Jae
Cringe Tom Cline
cringe shorty
Cringe Ryan Wilder

I am one of the few lucky people to have known one of my all-time favorite bands on an intimate level. When Cringe broke up a few years ago, I was saddened; I never expected to see all the members on stage again playing music that often sent chills down my spine.

Well on June 27, 2006 Cringe had a reunion show at Victories in the Brewery Disctrict of Columbus. Although I have slackened off on taking concert photos, I made sure to come that night and photograph these musical artists in action.

In this show were Tom Cline (vocals), Ryan Wilder (keyboards), Matt Marcum (drums), Jae (rythm guitars), Dan "Shorty" Morris (bass) and Ryan "Butch" Butcher (bass). Former guitarist Corbin was also present but did not play.

Butch, Ryan and Corbin are currently members of Philo. Wilder, Shorty and Cline played together in Noise Auction.

I expect all of these guys to continue to produce moving and unique music.

And not to be one to spread rumors... but I have some sources that predict another Cringe Reunion next year. Let's not hold our breath... but I am taking bets.

And for Cringe fans... here is a little treat.


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Matt Gamble

Jun 29, 2006


Amazing work as always sir! It was good seeing you out this week. Even though someone ganked my cell from the show, it was still f-in sweet. See you around man.
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