Cringe Photos

Posted Jun 4, 2003
Last Updated Nov 6, 2013

Photographs of Columbus rock band Cringe, including interviews, live concerts, promo shots and practice photos. This is likely one of the largest online collection of Cringe photos, as I worked closely with the band on websites and photo shoots for a couple years.

Cringe was a very popular rock band in the Ohio Valley at the turn of the century. After they broke up in 2003, the members went to other projects like Noise Auction and Philo.

Unfortunately, most of the photos on the site were loaded between 2002-2003. Back then page load times were a concern, so most of the photos were loaded at 200 pixels wide... which is really small by today's standards. I may reload some of the photos over time.

I've thought about doing some current profiles of the members at some point. So bookmark the page.

Cringe Photos 1

Posted on Oct 19, 2002 | Last Updated Oct 30, 2011
Corbin - CringeBecky Fontaine | Tom Cline - CringeButch and Corbin - CringeRyan Wilder - CringeButch and Corbin - CringeMat Marcum - CringeCringe

Photos of Cringe at the Alrosa Villa on August 23, 2002. This was my first encounter with the band that became one of my favorite bands of all time.

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Cringe Photos 2

Posted on Nov 29, 2002 | Last Updated Oct 30, 2011
Cringe, Tommy & MatCringe, Mat 2UntitledCringe, Mat 1Cringe, Butch & TomCringe, Tom Cline & Becky Fontaine

Cringe headlined at the Alrosa Villa on November 29, 2002.

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Cringe at SOMA CD release

Posted on Jan 17, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Corbin SG 2Tom Cline Flick off

Cringe opened with Alias X at the SOMA CD release party at the Scarlet and Gray Cafe on January 17.

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Cringe Photos 4

Posted on Jan 31, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Tom Cline - CringeCorbin Cringe Alrosa VillaCorbin 4b

Cringe played at the January 31, 2003 Liquid 6teen show at the Alrosa Villa.

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Cringe, February 21, 2003

Posted on Feb 21, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Tommy 2/21/03Tom and beckyTommy 2/21/03Ryan 2/21/03

Cringe played with Caption, SOMA, Bobaflex and SKywind at the Alrosa Villa on February 21, 2003.

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The Cringe evolution is nigh

Posted on Mar 8, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Butch - CringeMat Marcum | Cringe

Cringe was in the studio on March 8, 2003 to prepare for the release of the new album.

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Cringe at SIN 2K3

Posted on Mar 15, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Corbin & Tom SIN 2k3Butch Corbin sin 2k3Butch Sin 2k3Ryan Sin 2k3Mat Sin 2k3Tom SIN 2k3

Cringe finishes the night on March 14, 2003 at the Factory, night one of two for SIN 2k3.

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Tom [ cringe ] birthday bash

Posted on Apr 25, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Cringe played at the Billiard Club on Tommy's birthday.

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Inside Cringe

Posted on May 21, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
CringeCringeMat CringeCringe

A visual tour of Cringe; samples of what is soon to come.

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Cringe at Newport

Posted on Jun 15, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Tom and BeckyMat MarcumRyan WilderRyan WilderBecky Fontaine

Cringe headlines at the Newport on June 14, 2003.

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Cringe at the Tavern

Posted on Jun 22, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Tom and CorbinTom ClineCorbin CringeMat MarcumTom Cline TavernMat MarcumRyan WilderMat Marcum

Cringe played at the Tavern at the Mill in Lancaster on June 21, 2003.

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The Cringe Phenomenon

Posted on Jul 4, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Tom ClineRyan WilderCorbin CringeJoe ViersMat MarcumCringe PracticeMat Marcum

Interview with Cringe that appeared in Now It's Dark Magazine.

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Cringe at Billiard Club

Posted on Jul 8, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Cringe headlined at the Billiard Club on July 5, 2003.

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Cringe - Cringefest 2003

Posted on Aug 24, 2003 | Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
ryan cringefest 03Ryan CringefestCorbin CringefestTom Cringefest 03Tom Cringefest 03Tom Cringefest 03butch cringefest 03tom cringefest 03mat cringefest 03mat cringefest 03Butch Cringefest

Cringe headlined the first annual Cringefest on August 23, 2003.

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Cringe Last Show I

Posted on Dec 19, 2003 | Last Updated Nov 2, 2011
mat marcum - cringe

Cringe went on stage for the last time on December 19, 2003 at the Alrosa Villa.

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Cringe Last Show II

Posted on Dec 19, 2003 | Last Updated Nov 2, 2011
mat marcum - cringetom cline - cringemat marcum - cringejae - cringebecky - cringe

Cringe went on stage for the last time on December 19, 2003 at the Alrosa Villa.

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Cringe Reunion

Posted on Jun 27, 2006 | Last Updated Nov 9, 2011
Cringe JaeCringe JaeCringe JaeCringe Matt MarcumCringe Matt MarcumCringe Ryan Wildercringe shortyCringe Tom ClineCringe Tommy and BeckyCringe Tommy Cline

Photos of Columbus rock band Cringe on June 27, 2006 at Victories.

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Cringe Art

Posted on Nov 28, 2003 | Last Updated Nov 2, 2011
cringe artcringe artcringe final show graphiccringe hate

Artwork I composed over the last year for the rock band Cringe.

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Later Dude

Posted on Feb 1, 2015 | Last Updated Feb 1, 2015

Cringe Bassist Ryan Butcher has died.

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Tuesday Nights

Mar 13, 2004

This Tuesday at the Billiard Club. Soma.....doing all your favorites! Plus much more. Get there early so you don't miss anything. Tom Cline and Ryan Wilder formerly of Cringe performing some tunes from there new project. Bud or Bud Light draft and a shot of your choice for only $5.00. 18 and up. Music starts at 10pm. 885-9299. for directions!

Lela Lehner

Jan 16, 2004

i would like to get some crowed shots from cringe fest 2003 and send them to me at

Amberly ?

Dec 12, 2003

Corbin, I'm now a fan our your work here on this web site. I was a fan of our's anyway from Cringe. I never really knew just how talented you were. You are one amazing guy. keep doing what your doing and you will make it huge one day soon!

Gregory Conrad

Nov 27, 2003

hey dude, what happening

check out cringe's guest book

Lela Lehner

Nov 12, 2003

tjis is a awsome sit and i am really sad cringe is braking up!

jake the snake

Oct 17, 2003

Hey, just want to say thanks for all the work you did with Cringe, it was great while it lasted! Nice work

Shawn Olson

Aug 30, 2003

Thanks for all the kind remarks about Cringefest photos. Any bands wanting to purchase a CD with their photos of the day can email me or call 614-272-5587. And yes, I did get the orange mohawk.


Aug 26, 2003

nice pics from cringefest


Aug 24, 2003

It was great to meet you, finally. Thanx for your dedication to the photograpy of CRINGEFEST. Can't wait to see all the pix. I'm sure you got a couple, eh. Until next time. Peace, Z


Jul 10, 2003


I only have one pic of Tom with Dez from C.C. on that link.If you get together with me I have pix from the last few years of the cringe bois I can share with you.Some may be to your liking.Email me.

Laura Dark

Jul 9, 2003

Hey, what's up? Love the new Cringe pictures! :-) Catch ya lata.

Jennifer Pugh

Jul 8, 2003

hey mat.....haven't signed your guestbook in awhile or for that matter seen you. i just wanted to tell you that i read the "jen interview" and i want to say that you said some very nice things and they are very much appreciated. (i am not sure if shawn has read it yet, but i am sure that you will get the same reaction from him)ialso must tell you that you and the guys have done alot for us too. for example: letting us come out to get a sneak peak at the newest songs, getting us into the shows, and not to mention......GETTING SHAWN DRUNK!!!! all joking aside, good friends are hard to come by these days and i just want you to know that you guys ARE appreciated. thank you....for the kind words, and above all GIVING SHAWN AND I A LIFE OUTSIDE THE HOME!

we love you guys....hopefully we will see you before to you soon


Jul 7, 2003

Great pictures Shawn & thanks for being so damn cool coming out to the shows!!! I told you I'd make it on here one day. The Staind pictures are sweet!!! See you again at Cringefest...


Jul 5, 2003

hey, just got back from the Cringe concert at the Billard's Club. I'm so glad that I met the "almighty" shawn olson. :-D thanks for being so cool and don't forget to post those pics ;-) night

T Cline

May 24, 2003


as always the pics turned out great! your help to us is priceless we appreciate it more than you can imagine! Good luck with everything!


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