Moonlit Travel

Posted Jan 10, 2004
Last Updated Nov 3, 2011
Moonlit Travel - Contrast
Moonlit Travel
Moonlit Travel Gray
Moonlit Travel Lighter

This scene was composed in Corel PHOTO-PAINT in about eight hours. The original is 11x17 inches at 300dpi with 39 objects (layers). Unfortunately, shrinking the image for the web has taken out a tremendous amount of the detail, not to mention the colors; much of the subtlty of this painting is missing from these images, but at least the general mood and impression is here.

2011-11-03 This was one of the best digital paintings I did exclusively win PHOTO-PAINT. When I made this in 2004 I was very active with experimenting in digital painting.


Oil paintings by Shawn Olson belonging to the Dreamers series.

  1. Dreamer's Hill
  2. Dreamer's Isle
  3. Creative Oasis
  4. Moonlit Travel
  5. Perfect Sunset
  6. Dreamers Moon


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