CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Posted Jan 22, 2004
Last Updated Nov 3, 2011

Ignore the fact that arts instructors constantly push the "industry standard" imaging products on you. Many students come out of their classrooms brainwashed by the jargon that only the "industry standard" can live up to the pressures of the professional designer. That's the status quo talking.

But there's another kid on the block that has the status quo shaking.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has been around for a few years, but it wasn't until recently that the software came into its own. Many so-called serious designers ignored CorelDRAW for several reasons... afraid of change... afraid to change... afraid to change.

Change is refreshing in this field. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is currently the ultimate imaging solution for the professional designer. At a price that undercuts the "industry leading" software solutions... CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides all of the following features in a single package:

CorelDRAW: Vector Illustration program that is focused both on illustrating single pages or laying out multi-page products. Features include advanced text manipulation, integration with bitmap editors, unprecedented import and export filters and much more.

PHOTO-PAINT: Bitmap editing program, suited for creative artists and digital photographers. Features include, among others, dozens of built-in effect filters, interactive real-time drop shadows, transparencies and more; web image slicing; animated GIF capabilities... customizable workspaces, palletes, etc etc. This is simply a program that smart designers (who care about efficiency and productivity) can't live without.<

R.A.V.E. : This new addition to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a program that allows the designer to create interactive animated vector graphics for web pages. This product does not yet have the capabilities for advanced ActionScripting (as in Flash)... but it is a powerful tool for creating visual effects for the internet. Features include Object support (for minimizing file size), advanced tweening features, and a familiar workspace reminiscent of other CorelDRAW Graphics Suite products.

Bitstream Font Navigator: Font management utility to keep fonts organized on your system.

Corel Capture: Utility to capture screen shots, menus and windows and automatically save them as bitmaps

Corel TRACE: Program that converts bitmap images to editable vector graphics.

Other features of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is its collection of 1000 fonts, 10,000 clipart images, 1,400 photos and more.

While the arts establishment is clamoring about the status quo, innovative artists are looking for cost-effective and dynamic solutions to today's design environment. I have been using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for several years now... and I have no intention of changing that as long as the product continues to be the most powerful package on the market--not to mention the best priced.


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