Spider Photos 2

Posted May 17, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Many of these photos are of jumping spiders. It's always fun to stalk jumping spiders because they constantly turn their bodies towards you... they seem to know that you are watching them. Their eyes are like the headlights on old cars. They are perfect little predators.


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Jumping Spider

A jumping spider crawls up a plant, looking for leafhoppers and other prey.

Jumping Spider

This jumping spider blends in perfectly with the brown of dry leaves.

Jumping Spider

Thes white jumping spider always kept an wary set of eyes on me.

Jumping Spider Lunch

Leaf hoppers are excellent meals for jumping spiders.

Jumping Spider

This large black and white jumping spider liked to hide on the underside of a leaf.

Spider Grass

This tiny spider was no more than a few millimeters in diameter--he is sitting on the peak of a blade of grass.

Spider and Web

A spider hanging out at the center of his web.

Spider web

Spider on his web.

spider web

A spider web hosting dew drops on a fence.