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Posted Feb 8, 2004
Last Updated Nov 5, 2011

My own art slowed down this last week as I've been working on a couple websites. But luckily David Leonhardt and Jennifer have kept the content fresh.

As soon as I finish my current projects, I'll post some reviews and tutorials of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It starts shipping tomorrow. I've been using it regularly, and I love it.

I also shot my first assignment with a new toy in the bag: the Canon 10D digital SLR camera. All I need to say now is that I've fallen in love with photography again. Reviews and specs are coming soon.

Lastly, I want to announce the newest member of the Artistic Network family: Dewey, a 12-week-old golden retriever. He's the new best friend around the house. I named him after my favorite philosopher John Dewey.

Have a great week!


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