Shawn Olson maps featured on CS Nation

Posted Jan 18, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

CS Nation, a leading Counter-Strike community, has featured information about some of my maps. The feature ran on their front page on January 15th, 2006. They link to and feature Stonehenge, Tension and Sacrelige. There is a comment string going on in that page.

The brief article concluded: "The maps offer a variety of different play styles, at least as varied as you can get with de_ maps. They're certainly worth checking out if the default maps are beginning to bore you, and another round of fy_iceworld will just put you into a coma."

So far the discussion thread following includes a lot of debate on why I put Stonehenge in a less-than-realistic location. Of course, the map intro text explains that, but most CS players never bother to read that info.

2011-11-09 Unfortunately, CS Nation updated their site and removed the forum with the thread. The feature and discussion are now long gone.


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