January 15, 2006 Newsletter

Posted Jan 14, 2006
Last Updated Nov 9, 2011

I have not added a lot to my site this week other than a new Counter-Strike map called de_sacrelige (screen shots are included in this newsletter). I have a feeling that this new map will become one of my most popular maps. In two days there have already been more than 200 downloads on CSM2.net (Unfortunately, I loaded the incorrect overview image for de_sacrelige onto the CSM2.net page).

I did sign my first contract with a township regarding the use of the Township News Network on January 11. Franklin Township in Franklin County is our official guinea pig township on the project.

I was first on the agenda. I used to cover Franklin Township as a reporter, and it is a little odd being on the speaking end of a meeting. This last meeting was even more stressful for me, as there was a sizable crowd present and various media organizations from local TV stations and newspapers. The crowd was not there to hear me (there are sizable layoffs due to funding issues in Franklin County), but I still had to answer some questions in a public forum for an audience dozens of times larger than I had expected.

For anyone who has an artistic bent and has refrained from jumping onto the Artistic Network yet, take some time to go there. I have made more upgrades and optimizations to that site ranging from new guestbook functions to higher compatibility with FireFox.

Also, take a moment to hear some of my brother Eric Olson’s latest musical compositions. He’s starting to show some major signs of talent in creating music on a computer.

In final news, I have to announce some sad news for the music scene here in Central Ohio. My friends in Noise Auction have officially broke up. This is the second time I’ve had to deal with Tom Cline and Ryan Wilder closing down on a band that had a lot of potential. The last time they broke up, it was the end of Cringe—which was one of my personal favorite bands.

I am not sure of the intent of the guys yet. But hopefully they won’t give up on their music. I had talks with Tommy this week about posting some of Cringe’s songs on the Artistic Network.

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