August 3, 2004

Posted Aug 2, 2004
Last Updated Nov 7, 2011
It’s been another active week on the Artistic Network. The visitor count on the site just surpassed 200,000.

Submissions are coming in more frequently, and the newsletter list is growing. It’s now hovering at 400 subscribers from all over the world. That’s not huge in the worldly scheme of things… but for a humble site like this it’s very pleasing.

I stepped away from serious work for a few minutes this week to create a JavaScript version of the Monty Hall Game. My friend Andrew Penry introduced me to the game… and it really challenged my intuition.

I’ve also had the opportunity to test out one of Andrew’s new games recently that I am highly impressed with. Hopefully he’ll get it to the marketing stage in the next year or two.

Andrew and I are also planning on putting together an E-Book store. Our first books should come out sometime in the next several months.

On a final note I want to announce that my good friend Chris Webb has suffered a loss recently. His grandmother passed away last week. I'm sure he would appreciate any warm remarks.


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