July 24, 2004

Posted Jul 27, 2004
Last Updated Nov 7, 2011

Building websites can get complex. The larger the site, the more complex things can go... and the more opportunity for things to go wrong. Well... I was watching my traffic grow and grow these last few weeks and wondered why suddenly no one was joining.

Today I got an email from a friend telling me the registration form was not working. Ahhh! That would explain the lack of new members.

See... I made a big mistake in my rush to fit upgrades into small pockets of time--I failed to thoroughly test new features and their impact on old features.

Oh well. You live and you learn. Anyone who attempted to become a member between July 7, 2004 and today would have been unable. That problem has been rectified.

ambush bug photoIn other news, I have found yet another insect that enthralls me: the Ambush Bug... another predatory insect related to the assassin bug. It just looks like something that belongs in prehistoric times... like a miniature dinosaur.

Anyone in Central Ohio this weekend ought to look into going out to the Mad Cow Bash. It's a rock exposition of some of the finest rock bands on our local scene, not to mention musical artists that are some of my good friends.

Anyway, I hope everyone likes the new photos and submissions from members.

Have a great week.


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