Look to Tomorrow

Posted Aug 21, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

It didn’t have to be like this
and regrets turn to thoughts
that remake the patterns
woven into the unreachable past.
But revisions to history
are words etched in sand;
What could have been
is the story written by a phantom’s hand.

Though you made the past
you’ll not make it again.
Take what you’ve made
as a lesson and tool;
Look to tomorrow
as a master and not a fool.

The Brave Journey

Poems to encourage one from succumbing to despair, to try and find strength to bravely face the future.

  1. Steps beyond me
  2. Monster of Despair
  3. Look to Tomorrow
  4. Turn Away
  5. Seamless Tear
  6. A Sonnet Dreamt
  7. Frost on Glass
  8. Masters and Pawns
  9. Whispers in the Wind


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