Monster of Despair

Posted May 5, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

These days will come again
so let the pain pass
lest sorrow taint
with dirty paint
the portrait on your family wall.

This wind will blow again
as it’s blown before.
Let it fill your chest
rather than burn your eyes—
rejoice in its fury and zest
and remember this:
T’is best to love this life
even as dark times rise;
T’is better to live and love
and fight the monster of despair
than give in and give up
to the temporal chill of the nighttime air.

The Brave Journey

Poems to encourage one from succumbing to despair, to try and find strength to bravely face the future.

  1. Steps beyond me
  2. Monster of Despair
  3. Look to Tomorrow
  4. Turn Away
  5. Seamless Tear
  6. A Sonnet Dreamt
  7. Frost on Glass
  8. Masters and Pawns
  9. Whispers in the Wind


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