My Phantom Greed

Posted Feb 27, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

The filth of your mind
is planted in my soiled heart;
Your thoughts waste in my head
like a torn-down twisted tree.

I wanted a light
so you blinded my sight
covered my eyes with dreams
visions to save my soul
and a promise to make me whole.

You owned me,
gave me so much hope
on the unswerving oath
that my faith was the answer
to more than I could ask.

What I wanted you guaranteed;
But had I known that awful truth…
Your whispers were but my own—
Every step for you was a selfish deed;
All the sins I washed when I atoned
were not the fruits of charity
but my own impishly hidden, phantom greed.

My Dark Side

Poems on personal selfishness, greed and other unsavory emotions.

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