Lover of Hate

Posted Jan 23, 2003
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011

Into the dismal path or rotten discourse
You walk as a leper and soiled core
You exist as a blight
You persist without right
And all the world holds you dear
All the world feeds you with fear.

‘Twas you that will cut my flesh
And you that will fill our halls;
‘Twas you that burned down our walls.

But shall I sail away from all men
And to the desert run and hide
Still you will hold my hand and cover my side
For I shall ever hold you against yourself…
And hate is the lover, an angry jealous mate
And I am the lover of you—for I hate.

My Dark Side

Poems on personal selfishness, greed and other unsavory emotions.

  1. Lover of Hate
  2. My Phantom Greed


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