Pinochle Score Card

Posted Jan 6, 2003
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

I learned Pinochle when I was a young man watching my family play. I used to play it with my Grandparents on a regular basis; but anymore it's hard to find people who play it. I hope that you can find the card useful.

There are different versions of the game. We play the version that puts the values in a trump suit as A,10,K,Q,J,9. Pinochle (JD & QS) is 30; Run is A,K,Q,J,10. Bid opens at 25.

To download and print the Pinochle score sheets, you will need the free Adobe Reader.

How To Use

The score card is set up in rows and columns. Each row represents a hand. First enter the names of the players in the Dealer column starting with the first dealer and going clockwise from there. You don't have to enter names, but it makes it easier to keep track of whose deal it is. The gray arrows can be used to designate dealer from the scorer's point of view (if this method is used rather than names, then the scorer must be to the right of dealer 1).

Each hand the team who wins the bid will enter the bid in their team's bid column. You can circle the suit that is trump for that hand.

After trump is set, each team will document their meld points in the top left corner of the meld/take column. At the end of the hand, each team puts their take in the take column. The sum of the meld and take are then added to the team's current total score. (If the trump-setting team did not match or exceed their bid, that team loses the bid total from their total score.)

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Robert Regello

Nov 7, 2016

You need another diagonal line in the Total column so that you can add the meld/take to the total on the previous line. Can you fix that on the Pinochle Score Card. I have tried to add the diagonal line and I can not do it because it is protected. thanks robert

marc defeo

Sep 1, 2012

in 3 handed can you have a run if you dont take the bid?

Shawn Olson

Sep 1, 2012

I'm not sure of the official rules (if there are any ... each region has their own)... but we play that you can have a run so long as its in the trump suit.


May 26, 2012

What is the score for double pinochle, single deck

Lyle Puppe

Jan 31, 2011

In pinochle, how do you score a double round house?


Aug 23, 2016

Many people don't understand a lot about counting. You cant count kings and queens twice.
By the way I have been playing since 1962 and have never seen this type hand, maybe the cards weren't shuffled well. And by the way this information is based on Double Deck Pinochle.

Carla Petelle

Oct 9, 2009

Great job! As a new player, this is extremely helpful!

Alan Arnold

Jan 25, 2009

Thank you for a well-designed score card!

Rozlyn Wade

Apr 12, 2007

How do you use this scorecard (Pinochle)?

Paula P

Dec 19, 2006

Can you please email me an explanation on how to use the pinochle scorecard

Stanley Younger

Aug 8, 2006

What do you score a rund and a round house in the same hane? Some say 35 others say 39. Who is correct

Mike G

May 26, 2012

The run is 15 for Ace,King, Queen, Jack Ten. The nines are an additional point each. The round house-K&Q of each suit is 24. If you have an additional K&Q of trump it is an additional 4.

Comment ignored.

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