Custom Nibs in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Posted Jan 12, 2009
Last Updated Nov 12, 2011

In this video tutorial, I teach you how to create custom nibs in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Nibs are the shapes used for your brushes. If you use a square nib, you will paint in the shape of a square. If you use a circular nib, it will paint in the shape of the circle. Watch this tutorial and you can create any shape to use for your brushes.

You can see me use a custom nib to create grass in my Dab Attributes Tutorial.

Note that I also intended to offer a zip file on this page that contains many of my own custom nibs. Unfortunately, I have not yet learned how to import nibs without overwriting all existing nibs. If you have a solution, please send it to me and I will give you credit for teaching me that method.


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Chris Johnson

May 30, 2012

Very useful tutorial. Explained everything perfectly, Thanks a lot!

Lyn Waring

Mar 11, 2009

Thank you, I really learned something. Much appreciated.

Shawn Olson

Nov 12, 2011

You're welcome. (And sorry about such a long delay in responding... I kind of went awol from my site for a while...)
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