Grapevine Beetle

Posted Jul 3, 2008
Last Updated Jul 22, 2013
Grapevine Beetle Photo
Grapevine Beetle Photo
Grapevine Beetle Photo
Grapevine Beetle Photo

Despite the fact that I have been in and amongst grapevines throughout my life, I never saw a Grapevine Beetle until the summer of 2008. I was preparing to go to bed a few nights ago when I saw a large insect on a screen on the back porch. When I investigated, I found one of the largest beetles I have ever seen (not quite as big as a stag beetle, but nearly as large).

The grapevine beetle I found was approximately an inch long. It's wings were a dull orange with four distinctive black dots on each side of its body. At first glance, it almost looks like the world's largest ladybug—you know, one that may have eaten too many McAphids!

The next time I pick grapes, I will keep my eyes open for more of these huge beetles. According to Audubon's Field Guide to Insects & Spiders, the grapevine beetle is a rapid flier. I can't confirm that: this specimen sat still during the fifteen minutes I spent shooting it.


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john garbacik

Jul 21, 2013

I noticed these bugs clinging to my screen door out back. the only problem I have is we have no grapevines around. Where would they be coming from. we do have tomato plants but nothing else. How do we get rid of them. I only see them at night

Shawn Olson

Jul 22, 2013

From my understanding, the grapevine beetle is not usually considered a pest. The information I've seen is that they don't do much harm to the plants they are on.

They are generally harmless. I too only see them at night.

Their grubs grove in rotting wood... so if you have a nearby stack of wood, fallen tree, etc, it is probably where they are coming from.

As for getting rid of them... you'll have to be innovative. I personally find them fascinating and just let them do their thing.

Dylan Krebs

Aug 6, 2009

I just found a grapevine bettel in my Grandmas Garage I think it Fasinating and really COOL.I'm 10 Years old and i always like to look at bettles and other inseckts i think they are great i like birds also.I live in Wisconsin.

Grandma let me write this comment

cathy hatch

Aug 5, 2009

I, too, just found one of these. I live in CNY and my neighbor has always grown grapes, but Ive been here forever and never saw one of thiese. Huge about 1 1/2? long and just as wide-almost. Maybe its because we planted fruits and berries this year.
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