Cyber Trial Lawyer or Cyber Bully?

Posted Dec 12, 2006
Last Updated Nov 11, 2011

For the second time I received an email from CyberTrialLawyer.Com. The first email was a demand that I take down a web page about the Manchester Who’s Who in which I belittled the marketing tactic of Manchester Who’s Who as a scam. After I received the email, I added a note to the beginning of the article to let everyone know that my personal definition of the word "scam” may or may not apply depending on your definition of "scam"—but in my view of life, their method of acquiring business is scandalous.

The marketing tactic used on me was, in my opinion, dubious--and with the number of guestbook posts that others have posted to say the same... it appears that others share my opinion.

Today I received a second email from CyberTrialLawyer.Com with a drafted federal complaint against me for the article. This draft makes the claim that I am defaming the Cambridge Who’s Who company (which the Manchester Who’s Who is now a part of). As such, the draft complaint is asking for $2,000,000 in compensatory damages and another $5,000,000 in punitive damages.

Supposedly, this little article on my website is worth $7,000,000. Seven Million Dollars. Oh yeah… plus legal fees.

Is this lawyer smoking crack?

I know it is simply a ploy to scare me into taking down the web page. What’s sad is that these kind of lawyers can bully the public into caving in to businesses with enough money to pour onto the complaints. But the fact is that there is a freedom of speech that is built into the American fabric. If people couldn’t call out a business or public entity on their tactics, then there would be no freedom of speech.

If you are really concerned about protecting integrity, go after shady political advertisers who get paid for calling opponents slime bags. Don’t try to bully a little man who calls it as he sees it.

PS. The Who’s Who people could have dodged this whole bullet a long time ago by calling me up to apologize for their marketing tactic. But no… threatening lawsuits and millions of dollars in charges is their tactic. Hmmm…. That sounds really professional! Well part of me is a journalist... and journalists have a tendency to stick it to the man at times.

[Added Note] The lawyer hired by Cambridge Who's Who has now called me twice; he asked if we might not resolve the issue without litigation--I said I would be open to it if the company wants to make a public apology to the people who feel they are getting taken. Today (December 15, 2006) I was informed that the company would have none of that.

I will be talking to my lawyer about this issue soon. If within my legal rights, I will post a complete copy of the absurd charges that they are threatening to bring against me. According to their lawyer, I am not allowed to share any of that document with the public... if that is true, I will comply. But if not... the public can see how ridiculous their claim is and how a company is willing to walk all over the Consitutional freedom of speech by threatening to sue anyone who is a critic. The drafted complaint is full of irrelevant facts, broken logic and simply outrageous accusations.

If the company doesn't like my criticism, or the criticism of many others who feel the same... either ignore those criticisms or do something to change your methods that brought those criticisms.

[Added Note] This has now escalated to an actual law suit.

[Added Note - March 2008] The lawsuit has now been dropped. It was settled out of court. I am unable to give more details about the case due to a confidentiality agreement. I am also not going to post the copy of the charges like I intended to as written above. Please forgive me if I do not reply to inquiries about the case.

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David Marsh

Mar 25, 2013

Supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Cyber-Bullying",from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends.Thank you.

Rick S.

Apr 27, 2012

Hey Shawn ...

That guy "John K.", who critiqued you as a journalist in 2009 ... it's obvious he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's either never been sued, or if he HAS been, then he's never learned from it.

My wife was contacted by another company like the ones you cite here, a company with an impressive-sounding "old money" name. They offered to put her in "Who's Who" among educators, then proceeded to scam her with the same kind of deal, with the upgrade. Since she paid by debit card, I told her to close her account and open another. She did so. Then they continued calling, trying the "nice guy" approach at first, but when that didn't work, they handed her case over to another branch of the department, and a (ready for this?) "COMPLIANCE OFFICER". That didn't work either. By then I was handling all her phone calls from them. I "Star 77-ed" their calls, so they called via unlisted numbers and unblocked by call blocking. I still don't know how they did that. They have given up (for now). Here's how these companies make money when the prospect refuses to continue to cooperate: they threaten a lawsuit and settle for a lesser amount "out of court". It's a tactic more and more people are using today: do a scam, threaten with a lawsuit, and settle out of court for not as much money as the originally-cited lawsuit. I admire your steadfastness and courage! Oh, and by the way, the company that scammed my wife is listed with a reputable business-oversight organization. So what? It made no difference.

Sick of Who's Who Directories

Oct 16, 2012

Rick S.,

I am in a similar situation as your wife. If you're still out there, I'd be curious to hear how this situation played out.

I have gotten to the point where one of the callers hung up on me when I started asking for a copy of the audio, as well as an itemized list so I can challenge the bill they say I owe.

Tracy Heiba

Jul 16, 2009

WOW!!! Thats all I can say! I was just googling a company because it was on facebook and this was on the top of the google list!

Very informative!

john k

May 2, 2009

Are you kidding me? You let these people win. The practice that these people as well as others use are very questionable. You did not deserve to call yourself a journalist if after a little scare you are afriad to express your feelings about a company.

Shawn Olson

May 2, 2009

John... I am sorry you feel this way. I am not afraid of expressing my views. You may notice that I have left all my posts online; furthermore, many people have come here to post their own ideas, feelings and experiences. The issue is a past portion of my own life... but had cowardice played a role then you would not have been able to find my site regarding the issue.


Feb 23, 2009

Just for reference. Lawsuits are public information. Chances are there is a database online that we can view the case. These people contacted me too. They are what you say they are "matchstick men". Regardless way to stick it to the man. I was in a lawsuit for 4 years over absolute dick... Was finally thrown out and now I'm a happier man. The only discrepancy about posting the lawsuit would be the conditions of the "court settlement". Other then this you can list the case file and chances are people can laugh as they review. Sometimes companies have their foot in their ass regardless... But better to be safe then sorry. P.S. sorry about the court fees, they're a bitch.

Sam Smith

Jan 29, 2009

Talk about a scam! Your whole story about a lawsuit is a scam! Great reading the style of Dan Brown (fiction threaded into some reality). I was totally sucked into it until I realized what you were doing... Keep it up! Great fiction.

A Thomas

Jan 25, 2009

awwww Shawnnn I so want to know what happened! lol. i typed in cww info and have found numerous pages that accuse them of "scandelous" behavior. :) thanks for the info and the good read... *likes it when you say stick it to the man *runs off laughing *comes back to poke fun at cambridge

Scammy Preaumann

Aug 27, 2008

Legitimate who's who orgnizations use clearly defined professional criteria for their nominations. They never charge you to be listed in their biographical books.

By contrast, the jokers from Cambridge shotgun roughly 15 million pieces of junk mail a year, knowing that a few suckers will always take the bait.


In my view, the lawyer that threatened Shawn is an even LOWER slime-ball than Cambridge - representing two-bit losers simply to add to his law firm's profits.

Shameful. Totally shameful.

The actions of this "attorney" is one of the reasons America is going bankrupt - morally, financially, and otherwise.

Shawn is personal hero for sticking up for what's right, honorable, and true.

Eric Mockler

Aug 25, 2008

I got the letter from Cambridge, I filled it out as Frank Rizzo, CEO of Starter Motor Rebuilding, LTD. My personal specialty is "benchwork", since I'm god with the calves the thighs, the whole 9 yards, plus I can rebuild those starter motors. 10 years in the business, I'm the best. they call me "rubberneck".

I couldn't resist, I can't wait till they call me, hehe

Now that I think about it, it would be just as easy to "poison" the list with a fake profile, since they purport to research your qualifications.

Scott Wilson

Apr 29, 2008

Thank you for standing up to those misguided and foolish "business" people. They are not just misleading but malicious too. Reading your article was like reliving my expereince. The girl talking to me tried to bait and switch me too... she kept talking about payment after assuring me that registration was free. Their methods are contemptuous in any industry, and even more in theirs where they are purporting to have integrity and are supposed to be recognizing accomplishment. I would have people do what I did, turn it around on them when they call and ask specifically why they picked you and why they think you are accomplished. I kept saying that I am very interested to know what they know about how accomplished I am. I said that if they really wanted to convince me that they are worth my BIG name to be in their little publication, then they will have to prove to me that they have done their due diligence to be selective in the inclusion of names. She just kept resorting to her script about trying out the service and how I wanted to pay. Silly. But not too funny. Big waste of time for people and dishonest gain for them!

Marilyn K Dorlac

May 28, 2009

Well I would just like to let you know that it is about time all of us suckers come together and give this fake Cambridge Company some of their own medicine. what I would like to do is put out our own book on real professional Business People all over the world instead of people that they have suckered into paying thousand of dollars to put into their book. i all most fell for their prank then realized that they are really bulling me and attacking my real hard working life and trying to make me look like a real joke of some kind . So I fight back and stand up to them and just say no that I would not give in to them, Boy were they nasty and mean to me. I still fought back and just left what money I had lost with them which was about $300.00. I even ended up almost cussing several of the jerks out which is something that I rarely have to do. They are stalkers and jerks we must continue to put the word out about them to protect other against them. Please any one reading this blog please blog one for me. Thanks a million LOD!!! This is the way that we can fight back! They are a scam and they will do anything to get your money. They even went so far as to send me a book without my story in it! Just to make me feel bad! Oh boy I was relieved not to be in their scam book! Ha ha ha! Please blog this story! tell all of your friends to blog this as well!!!

Sandy Widstrup

Feb 8, 2008

Hi Shawn, good for you that you are not letting them bully you. This is a totally silly lawsuit! I also have had contact from the Cambridge Who's Who and I went through the prideful emotions that you did when they praised what I am doing. I also went through the disappointment and shock when they said there were charges, after the initial mailer had said it was a free recognition. You're right and it looks like there are MANY of us who totally agree with you! Hang in there and if you want letters written to support you, post on your site where to mail them to. I am sure that many of us would write about our own experiences if that will give you support.


Sandy Widstrup

President, Girls Choice, Inc.

Clinton Myers

Jan 24, 2008

Thanks a lot for posting this. I received their letter in the mail today and thought that it might be a scam. I did a web search and found your web sight and several others suggesting that it is, indeed, a scam.

Here's another site:

Again thanks a lot. I hope they drop this stupid law suit against you. They are blatantly disregarding your freedom of speech. People need to be told about scams such as this.

Heather Bishop

Jan 29, 2008

I too received this invitation to be included in the Cambridge Who's who registry.. The funny thing is, I am not a writer, do not own my own business, am not active in the community etc.. I haven't done much that would be considered 'notable'! So obviously I had chalked it up to being junk mail. However upon receiving this 'invitation' I googled the name just for the heck of it and located your site! I just found it extremely amusing that someone would want to include me in some database. The only reason I can think that this was addressed to me is that I obtained my real estate license last year in my state, and since then have gotten an influx of junk mail. Thanks for the great info and good luck on your trial!

Sooner McKay

Jan 17, 2008

I got the Cambridge letter. I got one last year from "Metropolitan Who's Who." I'm not positive they are associated, but they have exactly the same logo, letterhead, intro. letter etc. I called last year and inquired. They wanted hundreds of dollars for a plaque and an extended bio in the book, etc, etc. I just filed the letter (which said I was already selected) put it in a file and wrote up my own press release and sent it out to my local papers. I got all the "honorable mentions" of being a Who's Who and didn't get robbed. I recommend to anyone who gets these letters, just add it to your personal spin machine for publicity. If you have the letter that says you're in there, the publisher is responsible for it.

Michaela Noble

Oct 30, 2007

Did this suit get dismissed or resolved if actually filed? I have checked the Federal Pacer system and cannot find any record of any suit involving you or Cambridge. I hope that it was dismissed in your favor.

Al Baker

Oct 27, 2007

I too have received a letter from "Cambridge Who's Who" and did my own research on them. THANK YOU! for saving me time and the harassment from companies like Cambridge Who's Who. Thanks to the internet and people like yourself posting the truth about these companies, it helps save time from scammers like this. Stick to your guns. Their lawsuit is a joke and they should be ashamed for even trying to file it. What a bunch of cowards.

Scam Fraud

Oct 21, 2007

The annoyed librarian has this to say about Cambridge Who's Who:

Zack Kery

Oct 17, 2007

While doing reasech on Cambridge Who's Who, I found this information about the guy that owns the place. Randy Harris Narod (Registered

Representative, Oceanside, New

York) submitted an Offer of Settlement

pursuant to which he was censured,

fined $50,000, barred from

association with any NASD member

in any capacity, and required to disgorge

all monies earned by him while

associated or otherwise employed in

the securities industry after September

11, 1995, in the amount of at least

$1,000. Without admitting or denying

the allegations, Narod consented to

the described sanctions and to the

entry of findings that he arranged to

have an impostor take the Series 7

and 63 exams on his behalf. Narod

also failed to respond to NASD

requests to appear for an on-therecord


mina y

Oct 15, 2007

Shawn...much mahalo for writing and posting about this "scam". I received this letter "Cambridge Who's who" yesterday and being a business owner I thought cool but at the same time I thought is this for real? This morning I did a little research and your site came up and I read about their lovely tactics to "scam" people into believing that this was a honor/achievement. Thank you thank you! Hope that the judge will dismiss this "BS" and realize that they are wasting precious time that could be spent on important cases!!!! aloha!

Carlos Sandoval

Oct 11, 2007

I just received the same later described on your blog and I am glad I stopped to do some research before completing an application. Thanks for posting this so other people know what kind of company this is. What this company is doing sounds a lot like fraud and I imagine it would make a very interesting class action from the people who have paid the subscription and have not received anything.


Oct 9, 2007

Outstanding comments Shawn! I just got my letter today from Cambridge and it says quite clearly "There is no charge or obligation for qualified individuals to be listed in the online registry." So, when later you're dunned for the cost of "membership," and opposition to the cost ends in a hang up, that would equal deception, right? And they are suing you??? Maybe I'll just hang on to my response card which by the just has blanks for me to fill out. Clearly it could be filled by anyone like maybe by one of the secretaries or clerks to the Judge hearing your case. Let me know if it gets that far 'cause this could be fun. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to try and help others avoid people and organizations like this one. We need more people like you and a lot less like them.

Heather LaBarre

Oct 9, 2007

I too got a call with the same dialog. I suffer from a big ego too...but did not get scammed. When the woman stated that my husband should just support my decision to spend $899 and to just pay it, I thought this woman is insane.

As for the legal battle, if it is in fact a real suit, you can put the complaint on your website, it is a public document if it was filed with a court (unless filed under seal). Just a side note.

Jennifer Crumpler

Oct 8, 2007

I had the same experience with this Cambridge Who's Who, almost down the words in the phone conversation. After multiple times of telling the woman on the phone I do not agree to anything without seeing in writing and researching it first and her still telling me she was going to sign me up anyway I just hung up on her. Thank goodness I never provided any financial information to them. Thank you for your page and it's warning. And if they are suing you then they have alot more people to sue because there are alot of pages up where people are repeating their same experience with this company.

Homer Simpson

Sep 24, 2007

Best thing to do is take the "Business Reply Mail" form that gives them your information and put Homer Simpson or something on it and stick it in the mail. That way they'll be charged the postage.


Bo Gowan

Sep 19, 2007

Good for you for standing up for an issue you believe in. Turn about is fair play. If they are going to sue you for stating your opinions on their methods, you could hit them where it hurts (as you are already trying) with publicity. This looks like the exact kind of story that John Stossel of 20/20 likes to cover. If I were you I'd start looking for some mass media alternatives to make this public.


Sep 23, 2007

Yes, got the letter. I actually filled out the online information before I found your site about this scam and how they are trying to sue you over voicing your opinion and letting other do so as well. Let them twist in the wind. I sent them a curt email stating that I have been made aware of their so-called business and that I am cancelling my application effective immediately. I also made note of the fact that if they were to contact me after being told not to, that I would sic my lawyer on them and see how they like it. Hmmmm.... I'm actually hoping they do call. I'd love to sic my attorney on them. LOL! Kudos to you for sticking up for everyone and allowing us to come here and state our experiences with these snake oil dealers.

Charlie Anon

Sep 17, 2007

Rather than call this a SCAM, you could simply ask the question: Is This A Scam? - You decide. Your story tells the tale.

Adrienne Ray

Aug 24, 2007

what possible (legitimate) reason could they even have to try and sue you, after all the bs they pull on naive people?

Becky Z

Jul 25, 2007


Thanks for posting this. I was googling Cambridge Who's Who as Jill Croffin kept pressuring me to join and your website came up. She even lowered the price from $789 to $99 to try to get me to sign up. I told her I was unaware of any fee to be published when sending in my application and I refused to sign up for something without doing any research. I finally had to hang up on her.

Good Luck!

Frances Ferter

Jul 6, 2007

Thank you for your post... I too received one of these letters and after recently opening my own business and as a female business owner I was drawn in at first by the ‘pride’ tactic. They commented on "Honors Edition" and "professional women" and "listed among thousands of accomplished women" I was feeling very excited about it but thought I ought to do a little googling about it first and I am sooo glad I did. Wow what an emotional lure that letter is. They really have a great physiological scam technique! Good luck in the law suit...THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! They are really digging deep!

Stan L

Jul 2, 2007

Good for you. I just got off the phone with a very pleasant women who told me I was accepted into the Cambridge Whos Who (I replied to a letter, giving career information). It was my understanding initially that acceptance was free until the phone call. After asking me for additional information (such as career history and home address) I was told the price ($499 membership fee and $199 deferred for I don't know what) to be posted in the book. While I do believe that it may be good networking to be listed, I feel that the price is astronomical. Above and beyond that is the fact that they would not send me anything in the mail confirming they are who they are, rather they wanted a credit card number over the phone. (Sending fraudulant information via the mail is considered mail fraud, which is a felony. When performed over the phone it is a misdemeanor if under $500 - Probably why they only ask for $499). While I was on the phone with her I performed a web search and found several unsatisfied customers - although this is not a crime to have unsatisfied customers, it does project an image that "Cambridge" may want to be more upfront about. In their initial mailing they should describe that this is a fee for service plan and the benefits should be listed instead of "ambushing" you and trying to pressure you into paying for the prestigious right to be included in their book at the low cost of $500. What a bargain. For $20 anyone that would like I will include your name in my blog posting or e-mail. just let me know.

M Rose

Jun 7, 2008

Kudos to you and your readers for standing up to this unscrupulous company. They are now changing their tactic if you don't fall for the "honor and prestige" line. They try to sell you their "networking and online presence" feature. This kind of company is like a slimy snake... you know it is not good, but it just can't be caught or stopped.


Jun 25, 2007

Thanks for your info. I got a call from them today. Exactly as you wrote it down that is how they lure you in. But all of a sudden she asked me how I will pay and kept lowering the payment to the lowest one available (e.g. only to non-profits etcetera). I told her I was in the hospital and will call her back or if she could email me all this information. She refused. She said if the call is dropped then the whole application is lost. I had to hung up because cellphones are not allowed and she would not hear it. Thank the Almighty above I closed the phone. She tried to call back I think but I did not answer. You saved me from contacting them back and shelling out hundreds of dollars for nothing. Thanks.


Mar 13, 2008

Hi, I also received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who. I called and inquired about the program because it did say it was free. The lady asked me questions about my professional acheivements which was fine because I like to brag but after all was said and done she wanted to try selling the PLATINUM package to me.

The platinum package is $889.00!!!!

Gold $689.00

Non-profit $489.00

Trial $189.00

I told her I would think about it. Yeah right! Total scam. Im thankful for sites like this that warn people not to get suckered.


Jeff Campbell

Jun 22, 2007

Good luck in your trial. I would counter sue them.

Eric Ekstrom

Jun 18, 2007

I'd call the attorney in this case a Cyber Bully, since it is your right to complain about excessive costs, dubious recognition and the like. I found your blogging about two dubious practices of two organizations interesting, and well written. It was good for you to be careful to clarify that it's been your opinion.

I happen to share your opinion, in that any organization that sends me a KUDOS letter, and I have received more than a few, and then asks money later to have my name published or to join the membership at a fee, in my opinion, has a problem with me, if they don't explain who what when and how they are, do and are equally noted for.

IMO, organizations play this game of I'll recognize you if you'll recognize me, even if you get listed the first time around at no cost, should be held to laws designed to protect us from them.

I've worked hard for all I've accomplished. I am dismayed that not really 'all that' companies have been permitted to play these games with the 'unsuspecting' or the novices, and even us seasoned achievers. So it was good to read your piece, since I happen to have a letter much like you've described, just arrived yesterday, from a certain organization.

The way I approach these 'organizations' is to do research on them, just to see if they do anything philanthropic, humanitarian or scientific.

I do know that sometimes, these organizations turn out to be composed of a board, made up of people who have nothing better to do than to look for people who 'might' be active in causes they feel deserve recognition, like in poetry, or as you mentioned in business or similar. Now, I'm not saying this is the case.

And a word up front, about the fee, even if it was for the very year you were so 'honored'. It isn't really all 'that' to a lot of people. And unless folks like these do more than just issue certificates and publishings in directories... I wouldn't take the cost seriously. It just so happens a lot of people have 800 or so dollars to join a listing, and would not think much of the solicitation.

Thanks for being up front and literate, though, about these two scam points you have been mulling around in your mind. IMO, I'd say a scam is when John, Jane or Corporation Doe pretend to publish or publish only locally, etc... or are a front for a criminal, dishonest or other activity.

The rest is just what the market will bear. And a lot of people have a lot of money to spend. For me, I look to see if the organization does something other than issue 'honors'. I look for philanthropic, humanitarian, local or similar WORK on their parts.

Good on you, mate, for discussing your issues. I know what you mean, too. It's tough to think of paying into a place that recognizes others, when you don't know a thing about them and they don't brag about anything they've done besides push paper. It's hard to trust them when scams exist that offer real degrees for money, or promise certification and then one finds out it isn't so., equally, has its ups and its downs. For younger folk its a great tool for learning about traveling to Washington DC to accept an see hundreds of others who are so eager to get into print... to be recognized and the like, even if the caveat is that they're also going to have to be willing to pay hundreds of dollars, and then travel long distances at their expense, for a weekend of what I saw clearly as an ego boosting process and I must add 'nothing else' since P.Com is not a 'recognized' institution of poetic merit, at least it wasn't known to be so when I went to DC.

Very level handed blogging too. The DA in a nearby state was disbarred for falsifying charges, perhaps this CYberBUlly of an attorney can be charged as well....

Peace to you, and hopefully what goes around comes around.

Amy Gh

May 10, 2007

Thanks for posting this and not removing it despite their threatening law suits. For anyone who has been scammed. What you do is CALL your credit card company. Tell them that the charge to your credit card was unauthorized. This will take the money directly out of the scammers bank account and put it back into yours. That is the kind of protection that credit cards offer, and it is a ligitimate use of the charge-back system. Best Wishes to you all!

Grey C

Aug 11, 2007

I wish I did my research before I became a member. I just called my credit card company and filed a dispute. I'm really scared.

Anthony Neto

May 8, 2007

I just wanted to thank you for helping to expose the Cambridge Who's Who scam. I too received their famous consideration letter and immediately searched the web for scam alerts pertaining to the offer and ran across your article. The attempt by their corporate lawyers to shut up your right to the freedom of speech is even more proof of what kind of filth these people are and that they fear that the truth is hurting their bottom line. I will pray for you and hope that their is still some semblance of justice in our judicial system when it comes to free speech. Sincerely,

Anthony Neto

San Jose, California

Elizabeth Blue

May 7, 2007

I got a letter from them too. I knew it was probably bogus but decided to check it out here. Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to fight the power. Please post an update when you can about the "legal" action/ What nerve!

sandra k

Apr 10, 2007

I too was taken by Cambridge whos who. As a small company that upholds strong business and personal ethics, I just assumed they would be honest (stupid me). After looking into all the "free" stuff they were giving to join their membership; i.e., free gifts cards, airline tickets, etc., I thought okay - that pays for joining. Turns out they are not gift cards - but discount cards and you have to spend an insane amount of money to use them. List goes on.

These people are the worst. I feel so stupid to be taken in. I don't considerable myself a gullible person, but I was down right lied to on the phone. If anyone is filing a lawsuit against them, please let me know.

Companies like these do not deserve to be in business.

Allen Perez

Jul 13, 2007

I too got taken in but thanks to this web site I was able to stop my credit card payment before the transaction went through. (Strike one for the little guy)

when the wanted my payment I found it odd when I gave them my credit card # the also wanted the 3 digit # on the back. I refused it because this sent up a red flag for me (also the phone call at 7:00 am) after I hung up with them I then researched them online and then found this. thank you for warning me. I say we need to raise a lawsuit defense fund. I work in the legal field and I can assure you how they conducted business over the phone was shady. I'd look into what FCC violations they may have commited too. contact me for more info if you like. Fight them and also gather names of people would testify on your behalf. you're not alone tell them you intend to fight them and you have others willing to testify of their shaddy dealings. Now with thay being said and as I do not wish to be sucked into their bully lawsuit I will talk more about what I know over emails "privetly" for who ever wants to.Keep in mind that if someone emails you ASKING you for info about the who's who this isn't defaming anyone, because they asked you.. So, that way you can not be accused "defaming " the who's who name. I'm here if you want my story I'd be willing to sign an affadavit to support your countersuit and I'm sure others will too.

george lopez

Sep 1, 2007

I hope his comment helps you i your lawsuit. I used to work for a Who's who company. I finally left as I kept realizing little by little that they were having me and a whole room full of people deceive people like doctors and lawyers by hyping their egos and getting them to part with their money for inclusion into their registry. We told them they were being published in a book made of imported leather (VINYL) and could charge them anywhere from 99.00 to 1,000 dollars for the book!!!! What a rip-off!! They also made us sell them sell them "genuine" Swarovski Crystal" plaques (GLASS) for $599.00 and a less expensive "Mahogany Wood" (pressed waferboard) plaques for $199.00. We were made to produce results or let go. The two owners both drive ROLLS ROYCE BENTLEYS so this scam is getting them rich. I finally felt I could not rip people off by lying to them as encouraged by the owners and nmanagers and I QUIT!!

Christine Farag

Mar 25, 2007

I got a letter from whos who and still have it. I would like to help you with it anyway I can. I am upset at what they tried to do. Let me tell you that there is false advertisement. ON the letter they say the are not associated with any other who's who. They are actually a mercher of Manchester and Empire's who's who. Moreover what you are doing is completely legal.

Nancy Wright

Mar 15, 2007

So I was cammed by these people last year when they were Manchester Who's Who by some account director named Randee Stern -- and I am usually so attuned to these things but this lady was good. She kept offering me cheaper and cheaper amounts for various memberships and I finally went for the $99.00 one for which I received a cheap paper certificate claiming me as an "Honored Member." I am also supposed to receive a copy of the register and CD for my membership sometime in the first quarter 2007 -- haven't seen them yet. Any ideas on getting my money back?

Roger Breau

Feb 28, 2007

I got a call from a Jill Phillips and she did the same ego stroke and at the end wanted $1200 for a liftime membership and of course I told her to stick it!

Go get them, they are scammers!

Bev Campbell

Feb 21, 2007

Cheers to you for calling them out! These Whos Who people having been scamming (and yes I mean scamming) with these ego tantalizing letters and schemes far too long. Telling a person that that they going to be included "for their accomplishments" when in reality it is nothing more than a list to be marketed is a scam by any definition!

...and yes, they have attempted this scam on me over and over.

Mike G

Feb 20, 2007

Shawn thanks so much for the info on this bogus company. Awhile ago I had a run in with a similar company and I reported them to the Federal Trade Commision(online) I never thought I would hear anything from them but to my suprise I had a email from Washington and after a phone call to them....well let's just say that the bogus company is in hot water now.....I love doing that.

Anyhow thanks....Mike

sunshine shwing

Feb 20, 2007

Thanks Shawn! You just saved me a whole lot of aggravation. The lovely looking Cambridge poo poo has been ripped into a million little pieces (apologies James Frey and Oprah)

Jessica M

Feb 20, 2007

I also received the Cambridge invitation. I found your site first, which apparently is going to save me a lot of heart ache and frustration. Best of luck and thanks!

Gary Dranch

Sep 10, 2007

Obviously these Cambridge Who's Who folks are a well-run scam operation, and it is interesting to see how wide-spread their operation really is. Fortunately, there are few takers...NYS Attorney General's Office Cuomo needs to be alerted.

Diane Sylvester

Feb 19, 2007

Shawn, you just saved me some irritation, money, & ego bruising. Can I contribute to your defense fund?

Faith Palmer-Persen

Feb 18, 2007

Thanks, Shawn. Same story. I received the invitation from Cambridge Who's Who and I'm finally researching. Found your site first. Thanks, again.

Jon Haynes

Feb 16, 2007

Today I received a letter telling me I am being considered for inclusion into the Cambridge Who's Who. Since I do not really have much of a professional record I have no idea where they pulled my name out of. In addition, the letter also promises that "There is no cost to be included." Thanks for the heads up.

Julio Abril

Feb 14, 2007

Hello Shawn,

I am a Spaniard living in Miami for 4 years now. I was reading your comments about the Company Cambridge Whoswho because I sent an application and I got a call yesterday and after "being accepted" I was told to pay a membership which I refused to do so and She just said it was too late and transferred me to an answering machine before finishing the conversation. I was really upset. Can you advise what can it be done as I don't want to be now in trouble with the credit bureau because of this people. Thank you for your help and best regards,


Jason Gilpatrick

Feb 13, 2007

This lawsuit is rediculous. I received the same letter from Cambridge Who's Who and decided to look it up online and came across your website. I think that they can take the word scam as badly as they want to, because in the end everyone has the same definition of scam: Tricking people... and thats exactly what they did. And as far as this BULLSH** lawsuit goes, its called freedom of speech, and they brought it on themselves.

D. Plummer

Feb 13, 2007

Thanks for having this site. I also rec'd a letter today. First thing I did was do a search and found this site. Thank God :)

D Rain

Feb 12, 2007

I just rec'd the Cambridge Who's Who solicitation today. After reading this blog, it is now being recycled. Everyone wants money, eh?

Dean R

Feb 9, 2007

They're trying to intimidate you with bogus "complaints". I've run into a few companies playing these games. Here's how to catch them out:

1. Look for - and verify - the court info listed. If there is no court listed, it's bogus. You can't file squat without a court stamp and document #. If there IS court info, call it and verify the filing; I had one scumbag use a realistic but phony "filing" that the named court never heard of. Said scumbag hung up when I reminded him that it's a crime to forge legal documents.

2. Check up on the "lawyer". One slimy advertising company sent me several threatening legalistic letters that turned out to be from some cluck in their "marketing" department. They went away when I told them that their State Bar Assoc. had no license info for their "attorney", the "lawyer's" phone number reverse-411'd to their company and his address mapped to their building. A phone call to the company number got me that marketing droid posing as a lawyer.

3. As a party to a communication, you can legally (in most states) disclose the contents of that communication. You can voluntarily give up that right (non-disclosure, etc.) but it cannot be imposed upon you by the other party. They just don't want you to post their letter of lies.

Before you spend any money on your own lawyer, et al, check 'em out - I'll bet you find no fire behind their smoke and mirrors.

Good luck!

Peter Stanley

Feb 8, 2007

Thank you so much for this information! I got the same solicitation in the mail and was immediately suspicious. Several years ago I filled out some industry information packet about my business that I assumed was simply a registry of similar service providers. About 6 months later I received a large paperback book in the mail that had the names and addresses of thousands of companies throughout the US and a bill for $400. I called the company and told them that there wasn't anyway in the world I was going to pay $400 for a listing of businesses that worked in my field of service, they insised it was my obligation since I listed my company. I never agreed to pay for the book in the first place, what arrogance! I admire you for standing up to these insipid carpet baggers with their juvenile scare tactics!!

Steve P

Feb 8, 2007

Thank you for the information. I appreciate you standing up to the hype and deceit...the seedier part of our "marketing" culture.

This country needs more folks to speak the truth as they see it over allowing themselves to be bullied into silence -- by those who would rather seek money by capitalizing on the ignorance and self-doubt of others.

Stand Strong; it's appreciated.

Counter-sue and call their bluff I say...

N. D.

May 9, 2007

thanks so much for having this site! I endured the whole "interview" process with the lady from Cambridge's Who's Who and when she mentioned the ridiculous membership cost, i made an excuse to get off the phone. I then checked the net and found your info, thanks for saving me a lot of aggravation! What nasty people!

Anon Anon

Feb 8, 2007

Great job!

I, too, received such an "invitation" for the Cambridge Who's Who--and my 'red flag' went up instantly. Sure enough, checking online I found this site. I appreciate the fact that you post your experiences and opinions online. Posting experiences and opinions is not limited to your notion--look at 100s of other sites that do the same thing---allowing users a free forum to do so! Travel sites allow postings of hotel experiences, complaint sites offer consumers a place to post their experiences, even major retailers online offer consumers opportunities to post their opinions on their products. You, with your own webspace and monies, have vented your opinion and experience. I see NOTHING wrong with that.

As everyone here has said, "Keep up the good fight!" We support your free speech.

Interestingly, I wonder whether you'd still be sued if you wrote the exact same quotes from your conversation with the phone operator--and in the end you agreed to buy the product!

Donna Baran

Feb 7, 2007

Wow! thanks so much. I had a feeling this was a scam but didn't really find out until I went to your website. I always check out everything I think is an urban legend. I knew I wasn't big enough to be on the who's who and I hate people calling to sell me stuff. Thanks for sticking up for the little guy.

Rude wakening

Feb 7, 2007

thank you! for your site and your diligence keep up the good work stand your ground. I was contacted by cambridge who's who and for a second allow my ego to cload my judgement it's crimal how they use word association to lure people in.

but that my OPINION! Again thanks

Latanya Guidry

Mar 28, 2007

Well this completely sucks cause I got scammed and now I'm not sure what actions to take. I just received the package today and after reading all these postings that Cambridge Who's who is nothing but a scam I'm not sure what I need to do to either get my money back or just call it a lost and not pay that 200 for that CD. I should have gone with my gut feeling and not accept the offer. Any suggesttions as what I should do and Shawn i wish you the best of luck with those lawyers

Mark M

Feb 6, 2007

I got a letter today from Cambridge and researched immediately to find out if they are for real. Thanks goodness I found your site. Keep up the fight

Steven Hellyer

Feb 3, 2007

Thank you for publishing your experience for people to see Shawn. Based on the information you’ve provided, I would consider this “honor” completely misleading.

I received a letter from Cambridge Who’s Who. I visited the website and then proceeded to fill out the reply mail. About half way through filling out the reply mail card, I decided to check the Internet.

Even though you’re being sued, I commend you for keeping this information up and available so others are not misled.

Lucia De Giovanni

Feb 4, 2007

I am a professional photographer and I get a couple of these letters a year - these days, I believe people are more inclined to do research on a person by using Google rather than these kinds of publication, so I never accepted their "invitation" - I'm glad you're standing up for what you believe.

Steven Hellyer

Feb 3, 2007

Thank you for publishing your experience for people to see Shawn. Based on the information you’ve provided, I would consider this “honor” completely misleading.

I received a letter from Cambridge Who’s Who. I visited the website and then proceeded to fill out the reply mail. About half way through filling out the reply mail card, I decided to check the Internet.

Even though you’re being sued, I commend you for keeping this information up and available so others are not misled.

Kiss my A** Cambridge

Feb 2, 2007

I just boxed about 15 pounds of crap up and taped the return postcard to the top.

I wonder how much that first class postage will cost?

Andrew Theismann

Feb 1, 2007

As the lawsuit filing would be a matter of public record, the lawyer is incorrect. Anyone would be able to look up the papers to file the lawsuit on you at any time. Double-Check but I am sure I am correct.

Anonymous Anonymous

Jan 18, 2007

I too just got one of their invites to join Cambridge Who's Who. I too returned the card marked scam. I guess the truth is hard to deny and that these guys were trying to call your bluff Shawn.

Connie Berens

Jan 10, 2007

Hey, keep fighting the good fight. I have a package from Manchester with closed websites, broken promises, and worthless info. I will be happy to supply it to you if you need it to fight them!

Keep fighting the good fight!

George beats

Jan 10, 2007

I believe it is a scam.

I sent card back with my opinions on it, and they had to pay the postage.

If everyone did the same, perhaps they would get the message.
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