Scams to make you feel cool

Posted Jul 15, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

NOTE: I received a legal notice from a representative at telling me to remove this page. I will not do that even with threats of legal action because I believe in the statements below. I will concede the following point--the term "scam" can be interpretted in many forms; I suppose that Manchester Who's Who may or may not be a scam in the legal sense -- but in my personal life I would call it a scam to anyone asking for personal advice. As such--all readers may interpret my opinions as they see fit. [end note]

We all have egos, or at least I do (or so I'm told). Overall it appears that an ego is both necessary and dangerous. It is the source of our perspective on the world around us; it is also the creature that moulds our goals, actions and interpretations.

I have to admit that I have fallen victim to a couple scams in the last few years—as a direct result of my ego. Actually, I didn't fall to the level of victim… but I got deceived just enough to be tempted into victimization.

The first scam was that by Maybe's marketing scheme is not exactly a scam, since it is not doing anything illegal; but I believe that they mislead and seduce young poets in an unethical manner.

My poem He Whom I Know was published in a book a couple years ago; I didn't actually get scammed because I wasn't fooled by the marketing hype— promises any poet a place in the publication. In fact, the publishers choose a set of selected poems to publish… then insert anyone's poem into the front of a couple copies of the books—then sell that copy to the honored front page poet.

He Whom I Know actually was published, but the majority of poems that get "published” in this manner go in only a single copy of a publication. Thousands of copies are sold—all identical except the front poem.

Some have gone so far as to blast for this tactic. But if you can get past the marketing hype and realize that is trying to sell you your own work, you can't get duped. Besides, some people might actually want to pay to see their poem "published" in this manner.

For me,'s tactic wasn't so bad because my poem actually was chosen for the larger publication and reached thousands of people around the world; but I received emails from some poet's who had bought into the ploy, thinking their poems were being published around the world—then found out that their poems only appeared in the copies they purchased for themselves.

Manchester Who's Who

More recently, I received a letter in the mailbox (the paper-and-stamp kind) with an invitation to accept an appointment as a "biographical candidate” in the Manchester Who's Who registry of "accomplished individuals”. I checked out their website and found that it looked rather sleek and contained some biographies on well-known businessmen.

So I made the effort of accepting. I thought that it must be some kind of honor. Then I received no reply and figured that I must not be that accomplished after all.

Then one day I was at my desk writing when I received a phone call from a fairly professional-sounding woman. The conversation that followed went something like this:

Lady: "Hello Mr. Olson. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your acceptance into the Manchester Who's Who Registry. We want you to know that we have selected you on the merits of your work and accomplishments. After our team of researchers has reviewed your accomplishments, we find it a great honor to include you in our directory.

"First let me personally congratulate you on your fine work. After your acceptance into the Manchester Who's Who Registry, you will be part of a network of professionals and distinguished individuals who stand out in their respective fields.

"As part of your membership, you will be eligible to be published in our online registry as well as physically published directories. Your biography will be available for other professionals around the world to view. This is an excellent networking tool.”

I was now feeling very warm and fuzzy inside. Wow… they think I'm a really outstanding person!

The lady then interviewed me—something that was weird because I have done hundreds of interviews over the years as a journalist, but never from the subject's side. She asked me to explain how I became so accomplished in my field, how I became so successful, etc., etc. I took a deep breath of pride and spewed out all the things that make me so cool (and left out all the things like my success has not made me rich and Larry King has yet to call and do an interview of my life).

She asked, "Will you be using your membership for networking or credibility?”

I explained that I would probably be using it for both. "Being I high school drop-out, I have always had to struggle with public opinion on my credibility…”

I spent thirty or forty minutes talking to her, feeling very proud, when she said, "We offer two levels of membership.”

Suddenly, the whole interview changed perspective for me and I kind of zoned out while she explained the differences between their lifetime membership and lesser membership. I heard something about "eight ninety-nine” which was almost ninety times more than a ten-dollar filing fee.

She said something about plane tickets and networking opportunities and a really cool certificate of membership and media kits to share with media about my accomplishment.

I shyly interrupted, "I am not so sure about this. I was under the assumption that I was being honored with a recognition instead of being sold something.” I wondered how a certificate I paid for was going to add credibility to my name.

She said, "You are honored with being grouped with executives and professionals from around the world.”

She then started telling me more about the membership benefits.

I said, "I don't think I really want to do this. I will have to think about it.”

She seemed taken aback. "This isn't an offer that we can negotiate. We have thousands of professionals to deal with. We can't take the time to negotiate with potential membership. It's a one-time deal.”

She then said, "Will you be paying with Visa or MasterCard?”

I said, "Well, I don't think I am interested right now.”

She said, "Let me tell you what… I have the authority to place you on a list here and reserve your plane tickets.” She told me that this was too good of an opportunity to pass, and that she would lessen my membership from the lifetime membership (the one I must have agreed to spending close to a thousand dollars by saying I'm not sure if I want to join) to the short-term membership.

I tried to back away further, but she pressed harder. "Is it the cost? We don't want you to miss this opportunity because of the cost. I tell you what—I can give you the rate of a charity organization! This means that you get all the standard benefits, but pay the rate of a charity organization.”

"No,” I said. "I don't think that I am going to join right now. I will look into it some more before I make a decision.”

She said, "If you have already looked at our website, then there is really nothing else to learn.” She sounded like Adolph Hitler's mistress who hadn't had sleep or sex in a month.

"I'm sorry. I'm just not interested right now.”

By now I had been contemplating being a little more obvious in my decision by hanging up, but she beat me to the punch.

There are a lot of scams out there. Some of them take advantage of people's generosity, kindness and trust—such as cons that steal the money from elderly folks. Some cons take advantage of people's stupidity—like the sites that ask you to donate a dollar to save a captive bunny from being murdered by a psycho. I don't think that I could ever fall victim to those kinds. Unfortunately, I fall into that category of humans that is susceptible to cons that play on ego. Luckily, I dodged the bullets so far. Maybe I won't learn completely until a con-man finally cuts a few inches (or feet) off the top of my ego hat

[Added on 1-25-07] The company called Cambridge Who's Who, which is a merger of Manchester Who's Who and Empire Who's Who, has now filed a lawsuit against me for $7 million because of this article with the aide of I feel that this lawsuit is frivolous and malicious.

[Added Note - April 2008] The lawsuit has now been dropped. It was settled out of court. I am unable to give more details about the case due to a confidentiality agreement. Please forgive me if I do not reply to inquiries about the case.


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Christine Stangenberg

Mar 13, 2017

Glad I found this article Shawn -- good for you for still having it live!
I found it while on my call from a super-impressed woman interviewing me from Who's Who.
It's true, unsolicited "gifs" are not for real, and I felt it in my gut.. and was feeling quite pressured to "see the light" of the the "Sale". And I almost fell for it... but luckily said I needed to really think about it. But was told I would not be getting another chance.. which basically sealed the deal for me that it was a bunch of hooey!

I found this confirmation of your case as well on Wikipedia:


Mar 11, 2015


I read your article because I am familiar with Who's Who. It's the first time I saw the word scam associated with this organization. I guess my ego took hold too. I only wish I knew this a few years ago when I was as they say, "honored for my accomplishments" blah, blah, blah and I bought into their "networking professionals" thing, for the "charity" price - lol. Anyway, they actually kept on line for 2 - 3 publications, sending me encyclopedia-style books of all of the "professionals" who had bought space (picture included) in their registry. After the second encyclopedia, which I was using as a door stop, I realized that other members were calling me looking for jobs. I am not a recruiter. I have to say they did offer some free services, i.e., resume writing, building your career profile, airline tickets, which they actually sent me, but I'm sure there was a catch. I did however, finally catch on to their sales technique when they called me to renew and I told them I could not afford their product. I got the same response as you being told I would miss the deadline for the honorary publication, xyz. Anyway it was then that I felt I had been taken advantage of. Why? Because being a member didn't do anything for me professionally. Nothing. I've never had any networking contacts (except for those previously mentioned) and being a part of this has never helped my career. I'm glad you published your article because they do have a very polished sales pitch and they know how to apply pressure by playing on your ego. Many people are not familiar with Who's Who, but I am, and you're right. My copies gather a lot of dust and I haven't figured out what to do with them, but if anyone is interested in receiving an honorary publication, I'd be more than happy to send them mine - free of charge of course!.. Thanks Shawn!


Dec 12, 2012

Shawn ,
i was offered a job by this company in Hollywood ,Florida , i really thought it was on the a real company that show cased high level executives acomplusments , i saw this three inch thick book and i
looked at it i saw an air force general in it took the entire page listed all of the things he had done . it had many other people . the pages were rice paper thin very nice print looked great i had an interview and i asked why would these people want to be in this book i was told that they get hundreds of request a day by people that want to be included in this book . I asked if this book was sent out to companies or head hunters to help with employment of some of these people i was told no . i thought that was strange then i was told it was to feed the persons ego some thing they can put in a glass case in a study so they can show off to there friends . look where my name is !!!!! i left still not employed loseing everything i own could not bring my self to lie like that ........


Nov 8, 2012

Hi Shawn -
Thank you for this post. I have been receiving multiple emails from a similar organization, though no money has been discussed. I felt the same way at first - "wow, what an honor!" but it seemed fishy.
I hope the lawsuit settled calmly, I know you cannot comment on it.
Best of luck,
Chris =)

Judith Arbaugh

Sep 11, 2012

Thank you thank you thank you! I received an email from 123Greetings as selected for their who's who in America. I was suspicious due to the fact that I've been a stay-at-home mom for 25 years! I have accomplishments, my own jewelry business, but just felt something was "fishy". I searched the Internet and am so thankful you have this posted. My brother, college graduate and Corporate Tax Attorney was in the Who's Who in America back when he graduated. My first thought was: "Now my brother can't look down on me for not going to college! I'm equal to him! Haha!". Ego, yep! But I know who I am as God has made clear to me-made in His image. I'm in His book of Who's Who in the world. That's enough for me! Please keep this posted. God bless you! Judith Arbaugh. Roseville Ca.

Gloria Williams

Aug 5, 2017

Hi. Something doesn't make sense with this comment. is an e-card website and has nothing to do with "Who's Who" (at least as far as I could tell). I have worked freelance for for almost 4 years now and make a few hundred dollars a month by playing around with graphics and making them into e-cards. (Not enough money to live high on the hog, but not bad for a bed-ridden disabled woman with no formal training in graphic arts!) All I'm saying is that 123Greetings is a legitimate site for what it is.

EDIT: I just read further down on the comments and came across another comment by someone who was contacted by someone claiming to be 123Greetings Who's Who. I don't understand how this could be. Could a company just be using their name?

Shawn Olson

Aug 17, 2017


I cannot speak for those who posted about 123Greetings. I have no experience with 123Greetings or any potentially related 123 Greetings Who's Who. Maybe someone will respond who can provide more info.


Aug 8, 2012

Great idea Shawn! I think Cambridge Who's Who changed their name or is affiliated with Continental Who's Who because it is the same scenario. Beware of these scam artist. If you did nothing to warrant being recognized as a person of the year then it's probably a scam.


Mar 19, 2012

I just got this phone call today, from a company that is called continental whoswho. They exactly did follow the way described above. Thanks God something did sound fishy. So during the call I did end up here. Doing multitasking by listening to her and reading your blog I realized that this will become something that I do not want to be involved in.
She (her name was Lisa) was extremely pushy. I´m a very politely person, respecting the people I´m talking to all the time. But in this case they went to far, so I did call shame on her and hang up.

Comment ignored.


Jan 30, 2012

I just got this phone call as well. If anyone is being nominated for a prestigious award, they shouldn't be paying for anything. The cost they told me was almost $1000. I told them no many times, luckily my last position was as a debt collector so I know how to shut people up quickly and get my point across. Also, blogs have been proven to be public opinion and that is a freedom of speech right we have so I don't understand the lawsuit unless it was maybe for defamation of the character of the company.

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K S Ordes

May 21, 2011

Thanks Shawn!!

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Cambridge Registry stating that I had be appointed as a "biographical" candidate to represent my area. Years back my elderly father was scammed by Poets Regisitry so I was immediately suspicious so I started looking into it. One of the first red flags was when I looked at their web site and it mentioned Donald Trumps name. I knew right away there was going to be money involved. Then I saw your article. Now their letter is in the trash. Again Thank You and keep up the good work.

John Palek

Feb 5, 2011


You are not alone. Fortunately I was aware of this scam when the letter crossed my desk. Sadly there are people who get "taken" by this sort of shady business deal. You have done the world a great service by posting this information.

A sincere Thank You.


Comment ignored.

Comment ignored.

ken Wood

Jan 17, 2011

You are say right but,I am not agree with you

Chuck J

Dec 15, 2010

Thanks Shawn for sharing this information about the Cambridge Who's Who Registry The email i received seemed fishy and had a banner of 123 Greetings a service i used years ago to send free ecards. Here is an image of the email I figured it was something like what you experienced but glad to confirm.

Gordon Frickers

Nov 3, 2010

Just had a similar phone call as a result of responding (fooloishly) to an email from Continental Broadcasting Network.

As an artist (marine painting specialist) I too need a high profile so am vulnerable to this sort of approach.

Fortunately I was quickly into Red Alert so not conned, checked on the Internet and found sites like this one.

Goldern rule ~ if it arrives unsolicited it is spam, if it looks walks, quacks like a duck it probably is a duck...

C. White

Oct 26, 2010

Thank you so much for posting this information. I myself am a graduate student who received an e-mail invitation to the Cambridge Who's Who, and I am so glad I found this information before I gave them any of mine! Thank you for writing the only article online that I have found that brings to light what these people are really up to. May God Bless You!!!

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K. Osselton

Sep 14, 2010

Thanks for posting info regarding this type of Scam. I was contacted by Cambridge Who's Who and went through their telephone interview. After the interview, I was told for just $769 I was able to have a lifetime membership. After telling them that I was not aware of a fee they gave a second, and third price and then finally an option for a 1 year membership for $99.00. I went online at the same time as I was talking to the interviewer to check this out. Thank goodness I found this site. I wasn't ready to hand over any money but reading further, I am glad that I didn't get scammed either.

L. Rene Collins

Aug 31, 2010

Thank you so much for this article...I was contacted by Cambridge Who's Who yesterday but my assistant took the call...I wasn't sure who this message was from because my assistant wrote the message was from Cambridge Publisher's in NY; since I was waiting for a call from the publishers of some books for a Fund Raiser for my church, I called them back thinking this was related to the Fund Raiser...from that point on my story is almost mirror image to this article...He interviewed me, "blew" my head up and told me "Congratulations, you are accepted..." then went on to tell me about the Platinum vs. Gold Memberships starting at $769.00 of course I was taken aback, but not truly surprised as I have been subject to some crazy scams that has cost me dearly! So I knew I needed to do some research so I told him that I needed time to think and discuss w/my business partner...immediately he dropped the rate to $399 with the same story about the rate for the non-profit organizations; when I refused, he dropped the price to $199 plus the free companion airline tickets, and will still refused he dropped the price to $99! Wow, I finally asked say you can tell I am successful; well then you should know I am not going to do anything without doing my research...and frankly I’m starting to feel "bullied" he agreed to call me back later today after I speak to my business partner...I immediately went online to see if this was scam that anyone else had fallen victim to! And found this article!! I tell you GOD is GOOD!! Thank you soooo much for making people aware of these peoples shenanigans!! May God Bless You!!!

Comment ignored.

Claudia Ramirez

Aug 9, 2010

I've got this kind of phone interview this morning with 'Cambridge who's who'. I can't believe I almost fell for this one!, Everything the 'interviewer' said was flattering (even when I thought I was giving such sloppy answers) until he asked me for the 99 dollars for the membership and I said 'I need to talk with my husband before I make a decision', then he got so pushy. I'm glad I found this posting then I can avoid this kind of scams. Thank you!

Comment ignored.


Aug 4, 2010

Just had that friendly interview via phone this morning. Everything you said above was true and accurate. I did not give out my CC #, however, he tried hard. "Again, how will you be paying for your membership?" Lowered the price for the "organization" price of 150$ such a bargain! He again, tried hard to butter me up with the "professional recognition"etc. Apart of me was feeling flattered, but my intuition spoke stronger in the sense of why am I paying for a membership? I did contact the BBB, and the gov internet fraud center to report this, as well as forwarding the emails sent to me prior to the phone call. I am a a little concerned that they have my email and phone number.

Thanks again for standing your ground!

Phyllis Collins

Jul 20, 2010

Thank you so much!! I'm sorry for the trouble you had with these people, but I'm thankful that it is helping so many people make a more informed decision.

Really Famous-Person

Jul 17, 2010

It's not really a scam, no more than commissioning a regal velvet-toned portrait of oneself to place over the mantle, size 3 x 6 feet,...or bed, 6 x 3 feet. Anyone egotistical and gullible enough to sacrifice $899.95 or $19.95 for this nonsense, ignoring the obviously generic blarney, should not be trusted with those funds.

David Griffiths

Jun 21, 2010

thank you. this helped me avoid making a fool of myself.

Cheryl Long

Jul 8, 2010

Thanks for the heads up!!! I just got a call today and haven't hooked up for the "interview" yet. Thanks for saving me all the aggravation!!!

Nik Rob

Jun 4, 2010

Thank You!

C Futch

Jun 7, 2010

Thank you! I was in "who's Who" in high school and college and thought it was fairly ridiculous. When I received an email from Cambridge Who's Who, I was first flattered (I do have a small ego lurking about) and then became suspicious. I suffer from Groucho Syndrome (don't care to belong to any club that would want me as a member)and wondered what this "USA HONORS CLUB" was and why on earth they would know anything about me since I fly as low under the radar as possible. Google brought up your sight to confirm my suspicions. Sorry about your lawsuit, but thanks for sticking to your guns and providing your experience for the rest of us to learn from. Kudos!


May 12, 2010

This website and the various comments on it are spot on. I got the email followed by the phone call from Continental Who's Who. Luckily I am an English psychologist with a dissolved ego (too much acid), very paranoid attitude and outrageous sense of humour; and I had to cover the mouthpiece while I laughed my head off while this sleazy cornball American woman told me what a great guy I was for about 30 minutes until she asked me for around $US890. "I will have to check first with my business advisers" I said as straight-faced as I could (well I have a cat that stares at me), to which she replied "Oh but an outstanding entrepreneur like you should make their own decisions, and this deal has to be done right now" or American-English to such effect. Then I got offered the cut-price deals, but stuck to my 'need to consult my adviser (cat)' line, and she eventually got bored and said bye politely, and moved on the next sucker - sorry, outstanding entrepeneur. Thank you Albert Hoffman.


Dec 29, 2010

I got the same phone call today from Continental Who's Who, on my work phone. I have no idea where they got the number as my work number is an unlisted cell phone number. Anyway this guy kept going on and on and I knew he was about to try to sell me something. He went from $800+ to ok $500+ to ok since you can't pay that what about 300+, and I said NO, then he said ok ok what about $99 this benefits you, you know. I said sorry I work in non-profit that means NO PROFIT, I can't even buy food or gas right now, bye bye!

If they are truly reputable companies they aren't going to be charging you 100s for some plaque and publishing that will lead to nothing. Those who truly help with networking and such may charge like a one time fee of $35 or something, but nothing close to what these people were trying to get out of me. I about fell out of the chair when he said "800+". I'm a member of several organizations, and never paid anything close to that. Don't think I ever paid more than $50 for one.

Andrew Poretz

May 7, 2010

The Cambridge version of this definite scam came up as a Facebook ad, asking if I'd like to be honored for my work as a coach. After reading their landing page, my Spider sense really kicked in. Thankfully, I found this page. I'm wondering why this has not come to the attention of some attorneys general to put it to an end. There's about as much value to this "honor" as there is in having your face and name printed on one of those "Time Magazine Man of The Year" covers you can get at a fair.

Dennis K

Apr 13, 2010

They're telling you that you will be included in their directory if you pay. That you can get a copy of the book if you pay. That your family members or friends can get the book if you pay. So, if you pay and they include your name in the directory and/or you get a copy of the book, then it's not really a scam. You're getting exactly what you paid for. It is, however, a ploy to make as much money as they can by making people think that inclusion in the directory (or membership is this club) really is some kind of "honor."

Rhonda Boyce

Mar 31, 2010

Wow its amazing to see just how many people have heard from these people.Everyone feels great at first that they would be honored but most people figure it out pretty quickly when they tell you of the cost. I know some people can afford that but I actually cannot. But at the time, if I had had the money maybe I would have.Funny thing about ego (you hit it right on) and being honored and thinking wow I have really made some accomplishments! Im glad this is here to let people know about these scams.Thank you.

PS-i lost my job of ten years recently so now I am nobody!

Tom Napier

Nov 25, 2009

I was contacted by Continental Who's Who while I was away from the office. I filled the form in @ their website quite a while ago, just like you wrote about. The fellow has called again but I wasn't able to take the call. Thanks to you, I now know what to look out for. If you're a real "Who's Who" in your industry, I think you'll be better served by joining and spending time (and money if you want to upgrade) on business networking websites like LinkeIn.


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Dan Shaw

May 26, 2010

I have been called by this Continental Who's Who also, and saw through it pretty quickly. To your comment on legitimate directories. There are legitimate Who's Who directories, these do exist. However, a person's inclusion is based 100% on merit. For instance, in Canada, University of Toronto Press has published a highly respected directory called the Who's Who to Canada.

Susan D

Nov 23, 2009

Thanks for the heads up. I received a call from Biltmore Who's Who and also got caught up hoping for quality networking for my business. I gave them my cc info but had buyer's remorse. I searched to see if it was a scam and found a lot of "articles" stating they weren't. (Most articles were from a site that allows you to publish your own article) I was able to stop the payment! Thank you so much!

Terrance Wheatley

Nov 15, 2009

Great article on this topic: What's What with the Who's Who?

Who would be so foolish as to pay for inclusion in a Who's Who book that no one reads?

Tina Barton

Aug 5, 2009

Yes, all of these whos who sites are run by scammers.

good article that shows what they do and how they accept everyone.

Beth Pauly

Jul 15, 2009

Thanks for the article. I've been getting voice messages on my personal cell phone from these people as well on my work cell phone. The telemarketer leaves this "urgent" message for me to return their call ASAP so they can congratulate and "interview" me. Sounds like I need to update my "no call" request!

erica lynn

Jul 10, 2009

Shawn, thank you for posting. I received a letter in the mail too. I thought it was just another listing of professionals, typically like the ones they run in the legal profession, so you can get in contact with other lawyers or to get business from potential clients. What a crock. Legally they should put on the letter that there is a cost of membership.

Simon McEwen

Jun 10, 2009

Thank you for drawing my attention to this. Whilst I will not personally be joining their registry, I do take my hat off to them! They seem to be charging you money to get your name on a mailing list! Why can't I think of ideas like that.

Simon Lowe

May 23, 2009

I was also taken in by their flattery, sales technique and false claims. Similar to so many other complaints I also realized the stupidity of my ways very quickly and demanded a refund the very next day.

I was contacted by their complaint resolution manager and we started on a 3 week circus involving email exchanges, voice mail messages and then listening in to a recording of my call where the words "all sales are final" (which was quickly spoken and even on a 2nd listen barely audible), was interpreted by CWW as NO REFUNDS.

After a lot of hassling they agreed to a refund minus $100 for "costs already incurred". They then sent me a letter to sign that included this text...........:As discussed, this is a letter acknowledging the resolution reached today. Please sign it at the bottom and return it immediately. Upon receipt of your signed letter, absent of editorial adjustments and/or comments, your credit in the amount of $500.00 will be processed and posted to your account within 10-12 business days. This will close your membership. This offer is valid only if returned to our establishment no later than .

I refused as it was not a full refund.

After a few more less polite emails, voice mail, and phone calls they agreed to a full refund.

I will say one thin in support of CWW, the lady that I was dealing with was always pleasant and DID return my emails and phone calls. I was a little surprised at this.

Anyway, my advice is to have NOTHING to do with them. It is probably NOT a scam in the true sense of the word, but really has NO value and anyone that signs up and is happy with it is NOT worth networking with.

IF you do get caught as I did, be unrelenting in your requests for a refund. EMail via their website EVERY night, leave voice mails EVERY day and do NOT accept NO for an answer. They have NO right to keep your money. Their call recording is for Quality Assurance purposes and NOT a legally binding contract, they are not even allowed to present it as such.

Sandy Feliciano

May 15, 2009

OH My!!! Thank God for guiding me to read this and Google, right before i was going to start filling out the process online. I have been scam with other company's on line, but this one is a very wicked way to steel ppl money. How in heck would u have the nerve to go out to middle class ppl and lie in their face to go after their money?? not only that, but in this moments of difficult economical crisis?? What are these company's thinking?? Thank you,Thank You,Thank You, for posting this. I wonder how they get my address and mail me this letter. I'm pretty sure they access this when ever i do purchases online..RRRRRR I hate scamers!!

Alisa Bigstaff

Mar 20, 2009

Unbelievable! I received an email at work from Madison Who's Who requesting further information to be included in the registry. I proudly completed the form and felt good looking it over and thinking about my accomplishments. I thought to myself, "indeed I am worthy of this honor." Today, I get a phone call from Madison Who's Who. After a series of questions, the gentlemen stated, "I am authorized to recommend you to be included in the Madison Who's Who registry." I was going to receive a welcome package inclusive of two airline tickets, user name and password for accessing directory, webpage and a wall plate. All this could have been mine for just $899.00, not bad for a lifetime membership, is it? Well, I said, no don't have it, tight market. He then said, "tell you what, I can hear your hesitant, but really want to be included in this once in a lifetime offer, how about...for two $189.00 payments. I stalled and stalled, finally he went all the way down to $19.95 for a 30 day trial offer just to take a look and see for myself before I buy. I said, let me think it over and get back to you, he said he'll call me around the same time on Monday. I can't wait...what a crock of mess!!! Thanks for your information, if we all take time out to research things that doesn't seem right, we would save a lot of money.

Ali G.

Feb 24, 2009

I got an e-mail from Continental Who's Who today and decided to research before entering info in there online "database of professionals"... and I found this, and I would like to say thank you. I was nominated for Who's Who in high school, via a teacher, and I had to check with her that it was real. So I thought maybe they had gotten somthing from there, but then realized that it was sent to my work e-mail, which they had no way of knowing. Kudos for not taking this down despite the threat of legal action!

marta deleon

Feb 17, 2009

thanks! i was on the phone with this scam, i started to suspect things when she started to talk about the prices, im thinking wtf?! i thought i was being honored, i have never paid to be honored...(visversa they pay me for being great)well anyways thanks if i wasnt for me having a computer next to me and this site i wouldnt of known. when she was on the phone i googled, whos who and the search engine brought up diffrent things along with "scam" quickly i pulled that up....anyways THANKS A LOT

Chelle Barnes

Feb 12, 2009

I got a letter today from Cambridge Who's Who.. I found it odd since I'm a stay at home mom and still in college. So I googled, found this and want to THANK YOU!

Vickie Johnson

Feb 13, 2009

I just opened a letter that I received in the mail yesterday. I am also currently a stay at home mom. I've had some pretty good jobs in my lifetime, but not anything that I feel I should be honored for. I don't think a medical secretary is something outstanding. It would have been more real to me had I been a college professor or maybe a doctor or nurse, but medical secretary? Something is wrong with this picture...Why are they mailing these out to everyone?

Jesse H

Dec 17, 2008

Thanks for publishing this. I got a letter from Biltmore Who's Who today. Honoring me for being a "who's who among executives and professional women".

Last I checked there are some physical requirements, which I don't meet, to be a woman. Professional or otherwise. It's bad enough that they misspelled my name. Not really a big deal, happens all the time. But jeez... If only my "undercarriage" could've gone so unnoticed all those times I had to go to the blackboard in math class.

Von Lawrence

Dec 17, 2008

I applaud you for taking a stand. It is impossible to tell how many people you are saving from distress. It isn't just the money; it fills a person with self-doubt and shame. So I want to thank you and wish you a warm holiday season.

Amanda Dickey

Dec 15, 2008

I just received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who. It had me and my mother cracked up. I was to be part of the 'Professional and Executive Women' registry but the funny thing is... I've been unemployed for over a year, just recently started college, and before that I worked in a legit call center. There is nothing professional about me. Another thing I discovered about their letter, at the very bottom of the page it states 'Cambridge Who's Who is proudly not associated or affiliated with any other Who's Who Publication or Organization.' Yet, just for giggles, I submitted the application to discover if they would actually contact me. You're right, it is a scam *opinion*, if you've done something to deserve credit for, you shouldn't have to pay a penny.

Andrea Cousins

Dec 1, 2008

Thanks for this article. I got the letter from Cambridge Who's Who and really wondered about it. I have not been in business long and I am independently contracted, so I don't advertise. How they got my info eluded me and I smelled a rat. It played on my ego at first, then I wasn't so sure. This and other similar searches confirmed it. I just didn't believe they wouldn't sell my info onto others. I was right. Good for you!

Carmen Luna

Nov 26, 2008

Shawn, I was contacted by Cambridge Who's Who and quickly registered on their website! I got the call yesterday from their rep (or should I say "rip" as in rip off). I did not buy into it and I didn't know how to get her off the phone, she was slick and pretty well trained to cope with any scenario. When I finally said "look I'm at lunch with some clients", she said "well don't you have a credit card?" If that wasn't a red flag, I don't know what is!! Then when I got to the office, there was an e-mail in my box following up with their BS!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!

Cee Gee

Nov 20, 2008

Like many others, thanks for taking the time to address this. Just got a solicitation from "Cabridge Who's Who"--it sounded too flattering to be true, thought I'd do a quick Google. You're awesome!

Vivian Carlsson

Nov 1, 2008

Just had to add my appreciation even though your 'mailbox' is full of those. Just got my letter from Cambridge today. Being I am now retired all of 10 yrs., was not 'professional' or in business, I didn't see how I should be representing my community for them. My first thought was since I am presently receiving emails every other day asking permission to print my poem. I do not answer since I have donated enough money to them over the yrs. to satisfy my ego. I thank you again for sharing all the details of your experience. It made it so quick and easy for me to put my mind at rest. The sad part for all of us 'victims' is never knowing if our poetry really had any merit.


Mar 17, 2010

Was just contacted by Cambridge who's who and after the phone interview, the woman replied," I believe you are just what we are looking for and would like to welcome you." Feeding my ego, she did a great job, emptying my wallet, not so much. Ending the call; priceless. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Deflated the ego, but still have my money!!! haha Trisha

Judith Churchill

Jun 21, 2010

I too fell for the ad on Facebook and contacted Cambridge Who's Who. They called me twice at school and left one message on my machine at home. I decided not to return the call after reading about them on the web. Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

Renee Shuma

Oct 3, 2008

Thank you Shawn for being so honest and leaving this info on the web. I just got a letter from Cambridge Who's Who, and I was interested in checking it out further. I decided to do a quick check for a potential "Who's Who Scam" before I followed through, and I found your article. You kept me from wasting my time. Thanks again!!

Fabiola Del Muro

Oct 2, 2008

"PLLLRRRRR"....that's the sound of MY ego deflating! I was also bestowed with the 'honor' of being selected by the Continental Who's Who Registry of 'distinguished business professionals'---for a fee of seven hundred and forty nine dollars that would provide me the honor of being on their registry for LIFE, or a 5-year, and then a 3-year (both fully upgradeable of course) membership for a lower fee. Darn, I had my Biography ready to go... ;)

Errick Kimbrough

Sep 8, 2008

I just received a call from Cambridge Who's Who today. All I have to say is....SCAM. The first thing they do is ask you a few questions about yourself. After answering all of the questions, they make you feel like you have what it takes to be in their listings. For example, I was told "Something tells me that your going to be very successful", and they make everything sound like peaches and cream. After all of that was said and done, I was asked for my credit card number.

Nice try. but I wasn't fooled at all. Be careful everyone. They are very slick. After ending the call, I came across this website, and thank God I found out what was going on.

Amy Dunning-Valerio

Sep 13, 2008

I hate to admit it, but I was suckered into the Cambridge Who's Who. I knew I was being suckered, but went along because I had just graduated with my MBA and thought it could be useful. Not only that, but they offered 2 round free airline tickets, of course they never mentioned you must stay in certain cities, at certain hotels for like 14 days for like $250 per night for the free tickets. Well the networking contacts were not worth it and even worse they continued to call you to sell more junk until I told them to take my name off of their call list. If I can help others from avoiding the same mistake then my mistake was worth it, sacrifices need to be made.

Alix Sullivan

Jun 4, 2010

I just got a call this morning, June 4th 2010, about Cambridge Who's Who. I, like many of you, was flattered, and was told that I'd received an email (I was at my computer -- no such email existed); then was told that I must have received it in the mail (I hadn't) ... so I continued listening to the whole flattery thing, right down to the "Well, we have a special limited-time $280 offer ..." and I insisted that I couldn't do anything until I'd received an email. We continued in that vein, she said she'd send me the email, and we hung up. Two hours later, no such email has has appeared. I think it never will.

J Alexander

Sep 6, 2008

The Cambridge Who's Who response letter has got to be one of the most obvious hard copy art of deceptive networking I have ever encountered. First of all, for me to be appointed and approved as a candidate to represent my city in this so-called distinctive registry of professionals brings the question to mind(Why)? I happen to be a 53 year old lifelong homemaker with no business ties whatsoever. But I have to admit the one thing that I have always prided myself in is common sense. Which is why I would not dignify a response to this the organization who sent this phony crap-shot letter. I hope that no one who receives this deceptive literature falls prey to a pathetic attempt to challenge the American intellect!

Rock Anderson

Aug 22, 2008

To protect yourself, just restate the issue differently. Perhaps this would work:

"SCAM, scam, scam. This is not legally a SCAM. The law allows this company to take your money as long as they do what they say they will do, print your name in a Who's Who. If I were to label this a scam, I would not be legally correct. To the law, this is just as legal as buying life insurance on your wife or kids for a million dollars. It may look shady, but the law protects their business model. So, if you have money you don't need and would rather give it to a Who's Who registry rather than a needy charity, go right ahead, it's not "legally" a scam."

I think this would get the point across without exposing yourself to attorney problems.

Dawn Godfrey

Aug 21, 2008

I too recently received this mailer - much to my shock, cause I had never attended Cambridge University (I was at first thinking it was Cambridge U asking me to join their who's who list for alumni) - I had dealt with the Natl Honor Society book listing when I graduated college, and thought this was something similiar. One huge difference - the NHS is an accredited experience nomination - one is only enrolled for achieving a nationally agreed minimum level of grade - 3.5GPA as a matter of fact - this (and YES I WILL SAY IT) SCAM is no better than a Pyramid Scheme asking someone if they want to be a business owner. Neither could be further from the truth - Pyramids your still working for someone else under the veil of being an IBO - and this registry is only listing the info you give it, which could be completely false- aka, the real reason to get your info is so they can sell you something. If I'm so important and note worthy, then why would they need to have me resubmit all of my personal info and past achievements? I've read more credible "you've been selected for a platinum visa" scams that still list my old name! I am definantly glad I decided to research it first, last thing I need is more telemarketers calling my house.

btw, anyone with the spare monetary backing should sue them for false statements, because sorry, stating someone submitted me for my achievements is not truth when the fact is someone in the database dept probably looked up our names from monster or the phonebook! And don't even get me started about the 'no fees to be included' with the turn around of asking for 2 levels of membership fees...

Beth Adams

Aug 15, 2008

Let me add my name to the many others who are appreciative of your article. I received the mailing today and was a bit skeptical, but man, my pride almost won over! I'm glad I decided to research this first. A good ego-check is needed now and then. I even started to think of how proud my family would be when I "humbly" mentioned my recognition..."Oh, it's really nothing."...all the while boasting with pride on the inside over my not-really-there accomplishments in the corporate world. The arrogance of humans is so amusing, and it's especially amusing when a reality check occurs to cause you recognize it in yourself.

Thank you again for your article. Although I'm enjoying this laugh at myself, I sympathize with you over your struggles with them. I wish there was a site for donations for your legal expenses, as I would gladly give money to you for saving me hundreds! Assisting someone else and paying a penance for my pride...that seems fair.

Good luck to you.

Alan Holloman

Aug 18, 2008

I also received a "notice" from Cambridge's Who's Who...funny thing is...I'm a military veteran turned full time college student. I have never worked in the corporate world of young professionals...

Sara H

Aug 13, 2008

Thanks for the Who's Who info. I got a Cambridge Who's Who invitation and found it fishy that it included a postage-paid reply card and a response deadline. Now it seems like adding any kind of title like that to my resume would just make me look like a sucker.

Lauren Hu

Aug 7, 2008

Thank you so much for posting this and for not backing down to the law suit. I received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who dated July 17, 2008. I felt something to be fishy when, at the bottom of the letter in fine print, it stated, "we are proudly not associated or affiliated with any other Who's Who organization."


Aug 5, 2008

Well. I just feel victim to this. That will teach me about not doing my research. Just submitted my info online, so I have yet to receive a call. At least I know what I am in for now. For those of you that received the call and declined to purchase. Have they kept calling you?? Would love to find out. Also, is there anyway you can get your info off the list. Let me know!!!! Ugh so annoyed I feel for it.

Danielle Sexton

Mar 5, 2009

They almost HAD ME- its also an EMPLOYMENT scam.

I was going for a receptionist interview, when suddenly, the guy said "oh, the receptionist spot was filled. How about sales?" I have NEVER sold anything!! and not to mention I had no idea how they found me. I asked him "how did you find me anyway" and he said I must have responded to an add in the paper for the receptionist job- meanwhie, I believe him since I've been sending my resume EVERYWHERE since being unemployed. Some companies have ads on the internet, but the actual company is confidential, so I just assumed that was how that happened, or from the paper since it happens there as well.

He gave me a tour of this big building, a well oiled machine, and it really did seem legit! then I posted it on facebook and my friend told me "NOOOO! DONT DO IT! ITS AN EVIL SCAM!! I KNOW MANY THAT FELL FOR IT INCLUDING MY MOM AND BOYFRIEND!!!" ...

So there you have it!

Chuck Mayfield

Jul 30, 2008

What F------ law says you can't voice an opinion about something?

vj Mendez

Jul 23, 2008

WOW I work for a church and received the first letter last week and then another one today saying "You were receently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent Pearland, Texas...HA HA I did my research first and WOW I am so glad I did. The first letter seemed to good. I use to work for a BIG corp. and had a BIG title and was not recognized back then. Now that I work for a small to mid size church I'm noticed. HA HA...Cambridge Who's Who YOU and everyone that works for your organization should really find a REAL job. Stop scamming people that are making a honest living.

Cat Fug

Jul 29, 2008

Well - so I guess I'm not so special...

Natalie Jones

Jul 1, 2008

Thank you sooo much for posting this on the Web.

I Just got in my mailbox today a letter from Cambridge WHO'S WHO today July1,2008 with it worded the same as the Who's Who letter you got.

I checked out the site and it was just like you said.

The diffrence is i work for Estee Lauder and i didnt think i was being recognised for anything speceal and i saw your post.

Please dont take this off and maybe it will help others as it did me.

Thanks Natalie Jones

L Wood

Jul 9, 2008

I got letter last year & they sent me application which I filled in. They've called & left messages.I just got off phone with the rep 5" ago. Gave me all the supposed "advantages" of being listed & then asked for a lifetime membership WITH ALL ADVANTAGES for $850,one for 5 yrs for $400. RED FLAG !! SCAM ALERT !!I said no way. Then a special trial offer for $189. I told her I was under impression that you'd just be listed as an accomplished professional. Now,after building you up about your accomplishments & qualifications, they tell you about "membership" & BIG fees. Not interested. I googled

Cambridge who's Who & found this site among others,along with frequesnt SCAM references. I got suspicious when I asked how they got my name & didn't get a good answer.Said something about that being their research department's job so she didn't have the exact information. HMMMMM ! I see how they work......appeal to your EGO & then get your money. Gonna tell all my pals about this & see if I can report it to local TV stations or other consumer groups.

Lisa Vu

Jul 21, 2008

Thanks for posting the ad

I was almost fall for it.

Please don't take the post off. It is very helpful for others. Thanks a million again.


Cat Fug

Jul 29, 2008

ha, I guess I'm not so special...

Paula Brown

Jan 16, 2009

My husband has recently received a letter regarding his inclusion in Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite. I was immediately sceptical and suspected it was a scam, even though he he well known and an award winner in his field.

I have been to the site and corrected their online data. It seems they will publish him anyway, regardless of whether he updates the info or pays!

Thanks for your information - I will await their hard sell phone calls - they won't get anywhere with me - I'm in sales!

diane beck

Jun 17, 2008

I am so glad I googled this instead of just saying "WOW, I'M BEING NOTICED FOR MY GREATNESS". lol Thanks for the info.

Nimi Ocholi

Jun 12, 2008

a few other links that might be helpful for others:

Nimi Ocholi

Jun 12, 2008

I'm sad to say that I too feel duped... I was just out of college when they called and desperate to begin building my career. Long story short they managed to get $128.95 out of me ($30 shipping for a CD that I never got!) and frustratingly I always thought I was good about not getting conned. I keep the paper work I received as a reminder to think 2ce before I get duped again...

Danielle Eller

Jun 3, 2008

Thank you for the information. I was suspicious when I received this letter in the mail. I was in the Who's Who among High School Scholars and didn't remember anything about Cambridge Who's Who. Your site was very helpful. Thanks so much!

Karina Kannarin

May 29, 2008

I just received an invite for Cambridge Who's Who and decided to investigate further. I'm very glad that I did. The thing that's really shakey about this is that I was in Who's Who of American High School Students many years ago, so at first I wondered if maybe it was a follow up sort of thing.

I'm so glad I found your blog, and that you're continuing to offer this information. I don't see how it can be considered harming this company, if it is representative of what they do. With that said, I hope everything works out for you with the legal action. God Bless.

randall patterson

Nov 28, 2008

Hey Thanks Shawn! I'm happy to say I'm among the elite bunch of Who's whos who checked it out first. This organization are nothing but a bunch of cowards who just want to take peoples money for nothing in return - Nimi not getting the cd proves this is a scam! I am an entertainer, but couldn't figure out how they came up with my name for this?! Shawn, your the man!

Dorothy Gale

May 14, 2008

Whew, thanks for your post. I got the email, filled out the info, and got a call today setting up an "interview" for tomorrow. Then I started getting suspicious and found your posting. Now I know what to expect. Or rather, I will not be answering the phone tomorrow!

Rick Ladd

May 9, 2008


I just got an invitation from Cambridge Who's Who. Fortunately, I've reached a point in my life where I can recognize when something at least seems amiss. My first thought was, since I work for a very large, very well-know international corporation, their asking my about my organization (where I've been for over 20 years) was a bit suspect.

So I did what I usually do in a case like this. I didn't bother going to their website. Rather, I Googled their name. Your blog was one of the first I came across.

I'm sorry you've had to go through the hassle an unscrupulous company and an overzealous (online? Sheesh) law firm put you through. As a proud holder of a Juris Doctorate who has chosen not to practice law (for what should be obvious reasons), I'm ashamed that a large percentage of the legal profession cares little for justice and lots for money.

While I can only hope that part of the settlement was the requirement all the principles (and the legal team) bend over and kiss your ass, I can tell you you've helped me save the aggravation of telling these people to get lost.


Christie Riek

Apr 22, 2008

I received the Cambridge Who's Who by mail and thought it would be a good networking tool. The mailing indicated there was no cost to sign up so I thought, "Why not." I posted my information on their website yesterday afternoon. This morning, I received a phone call at work where they conducted an "interview". I started to feel something was a little "off" when the woman to whom I was speaking didn't ask any probing questions when I gave her high-level information. When she started the pressure sales pitch, I told her I was not comfortable making such a commitment without reviewing additional information. She didn't want to give me an opportunity to do that. She kept pressing about "professionals" and how this was a great opportunity. I told her that I would expect a professional organization to be more forthcoming in the costs related to membership and include such information in their initial mailing. I felt really uncomfortable when she kept offering shorter and less expensive "memberships" the more I protested and backed away. It reminded me of a high-pressure timeshare presentation!!! When she got to the lowest level membership (one year for $189) and I still refused, she hung up on me. I was relieved! Something about the whole exchange made me think it was a scam so I decided to do a search on the internet. Lo and behold, there are all kinds of blogs and information about Cambridge Who's Who indicating it is, indeed, a scam. Thank you for posting your information. I'm sorry you had to go through the lawsuit and actually settle with them. I guess they got your money one way or the other!

L Wood

Jul 9, 2008

See my earlier post.Sounds exactly like how my phone call went !

Adam Tousley

Apr 16, 2008

See, I can't even spell....

Adam Tousley

Apr 16, 2008

I knew this must be some kind of scam because I haven't accomoplished anything noteworthy.

In fact, the circles I run in are in circles...

Blessings all....

Michelle Alexander

Apr 13, 2008

I also received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who on 4/10/08, I first went to their website and checked it out and felt like this must be the real deal, however I too have been "scammed" into things before and have had to fight with businesses to get my little membership fees back for things I did not wish to join. I think it is very sad that you had to settle out of court. And am glad that you had the courage to publish this to warn myself and others.

Thank you from Iowa

Anthon Lemon

Apr 5, 2008

I suspected this may be a scam when I received the Cambridge Whos Who today in the mail. I decided to check into it on the internet to see if my suspicions were correct and came across your site. Thanks for posting this, preventing me from letting my ego get the best of me. I've recently been accepted to medical school and am graduating this May among the top of my class. I have recently been inducted into Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Societies, (which are valid honors), and so may have been tempted by my growing ego. Thanks again for your post!

Charlotte Rinderknecht

Mar 25, 2008

This has saved me from almost getting sucked into this "scam" to get my information. I think you (and everyone else) has the right to call this a scam when they are NOT forthcoming that our information is used to call or email us about something that isn't truely a Who's Who! This will be a membership drive of the lowest forms! That they are using US mail to get our information almost seems to boarder on FRAUD.

There's my 5 cents.

Best to you.


Karissa Private

Aug 21, 2008

I just the letter in the mail dated July 31,2008 though today is August 21.

As a self employeed webdesigner, I had a brief ego high when it said:

Cambridge Who's Who Registry Amount Executive and Professional Women.

After reading it closer I felt something fishy.

I searching "Cambridge Who's Who" your site was the first link I clicked on based on the Google snippit.

Thank you for posting.

Lauren Keith

Jan 31, 2008

Thank you for posting this article. I receive an email saying someone nominated me to be a member of who's who of blah blah. I entered my info skeptical, but curious to find out if someone actually nominated me.

A woman call me today regarding my nomination. This sounded too good to be true. Obviously, It was. Glad my ego isn't as big as my skepticism.

Thanks again

martha likens

Jan 25, 2008

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU> Just recieved it in the mail... Cambridge WHOS WHO... People just can't seem to figure it out... there are actually intelligent people in this world... people that can figure things out. I myself have accomplished many things in my life, things I am proud of, things that I hope have earned me the feeling of many noble accomplishments. I like myself,I am proud of myself, I am curious why anyone would fall for this scam to make themselves feel any less proud of themselves?

Pamela Fisher

Jan 22, 2008

How ironic. I too submitted a poem to the same website you did although mine was about 5 year ago. I didn't buy anything from them either. I just patted myself on the back and went about my business with great skepticism. I also received a letter from about my daughter. I was and still am skeptical because of the poem so I searched and found this. Do you know if the one mailing me is legit or is it another scam? Also I'd like to say I'm sorry about what is happening with you and I hope they're joking. I don't see how speaking your mind is against the law and informing others of your mishaps. Sure, slander maybe but if the shoe fits, wear it! If it doesn't then their good name will hold true whether you (or others) speak your mind or not. You haven't hurt anyone and people choose whether they want to read what you wrote. That should be end of story. Oh and 7 million..please! As if. I guess their sales weren't that good after all huh? or they wouldn't be trying yet another scam like suing you. Uh oh, this post of mine must be worth at least 2 million hehe

Karin B.

Dec 28, 2007

Just as another story in the long list... I would like to share the actual letter so no one is confused. This letter is definately a form letter with a printed signature at the bottom.

Dear __________,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2007/2008 Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Teaching and Education "Honors Edition" of the Registry.

The 2007/2008 edition of the Registry will include biographies of our country's most accomplished women. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executive and professional women throughout America each year. Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement.

Upon final confirmation, you will be listed among thousands of accomplished women in the Cambridge Who's Who resitry.

For accuracy and publication deadlines, please complete your application form and return it to us at the earliest opportunity. For you convenience, an online form is also avaliable at there is no cost to be included in the Registry.

On behald of the Managing Director, we wish you continued success.



M. Foster

Editor in Chief

I assume the bold parts are changed according to what you currently do, but the gist is the same.

In the spirt of all scams, I have mailed back the form with SCAM written across it and I have used the interned site to make a false company. Let's see is Joe Schmoe, INC. has the same problems.

Also, since this is suppose to be registry about women... why does the form ask for my gender? :)

Wing Dun

Aug 7, 2008

omg..same here. I went through the same hell of an experience - I talked to the Madisons who's who and they are a huge scam!! as others have posted here, they offered me lifelong membership for $789 and 5 years for $589. The representative very much pressured me on this and asked to give info of my card. I somehow told that I wil respond later, and searched the web - lo and beholod - these people are a whole bunch of scammers...!! I also made a mistake of giving my info to these scammers..

tina wishart

Dec 21, 2007

I've just received the same thing from because of my "contribution to the business community". Oh, I'm so clever!

Susan Gunther

Jul 31, 2008

I just received a cambridge who's who also. I thought it was suspicious because I'm a full time graduate student. I'm glad i found this site. Thank you. - Susan


Elizabeth VanDivner

Aug 5, 2008

Thanks for posting this site. I received a letter today and thought I would check it out and saw this site and realized that it was a scam!

Jenna Karschner

Dec 20, 2007

I got the letter today from Cambridge. Having been in a Who's Who book in High School, i was really jazzed to considered again. I just received a promotion and i'm nearly done with my bachelor's degree. So i thought wow, someone is recognizing all my work. But i thought, you know what...this is too go to be true. I'm very glad i found your site. I immediately ripped up the form they ask for and even put it through the shredder. So thank you for saving me the stress!

Annette Griffin

Jul 29, 2008

Thank you for keeping this site up, law-suit or no law-suit! I just filled out the online application after receiving the letter. Unfortunately, I gave them all of my contact information BEFORE reading this. At least I know to shut them down IMMEDIATELY when they call. Thank you!

irene okinczyc

Nov 19, 2007

Why can't we start our own WHO's Who that is real, legal and honest? That was disappointing....It did not pass the smell test...too bad.

Rosslyn Jackson

Nov 6, 2007

I actually joined Cambridge Who's Who and found the service to be extremely useful. I know that these things are often touted as scams, but this one just didn't turn out to be. I recently got a new (and much higher paying job) through a referral found via Cambridge Who's Who.

Maybe it is hit or miss, but for me, it was definitely a hit. I know that it sounds arrogant and haughty to promote yourself in a who's who, but they aren't exactly making All-Star teams for middle-managers.

I guess you have to go with what your gut tells you, but it worked out for me.

Alice Sanders

Nov 4, 2007

I knew the Cambridge letter was a scam when it arrived. Being a wife and mother, with some college but no degree, would not make me a canidate for a real up and up publication. For real offers don't work this way. Thank you for your website and comments on the bogus "offer" from this outfit.

Theresa McKavanagh

Jul 16, 2008

I can tell you this, run from these people. I was just finihsed with college and had started a career when they called me at work and backed me in to a corner.

My boos was giving me the "evil eye" while I was on the phone with them. I made the mistake of giving them my credit card number.

To finihs up I had over $800 in charges on my account from 2006 & 2007. I never got a book in all that time.

It took a huge effort on my part to cancel the chargesa and get off the hook, I thought anyway -- because today a 5 pound box, (the Book)arrived. over a year from when I had cancelled the membership.

I sure don't want it and I'm afraid that if I keep it I'll be charged for something I don't want or need.

Run don't walk to the exit.


C Reynolds

Oct 23, 2007


Thanks for putting this out there. I got the ego booster too. One from Biltmore & I stupidly sent my info in. Then I got a man calling me at home leaving a message. Before I got the chance to call back tried me at my office to interview me. Then he started talking about membership fees & plane tickets. After listening to him for about 10 minutes I told him I don't want to be included that I rescind my application. He went on for another 5 minutes, then I just hung up.

Don't you know w/in 2 minutes he called me back at my office & I knew it would be him, so I let it got to voice mail. He then told me I was unprofessional & this is a networking dare I?! He then said I would still be included. Hopefully the harrasment stops here.

I had been in other Who's Who publications as a student, so I didn't really think anything of it when I filled out the app.

Lesson learned, if it sounds to good to be true it is!

Scott Wilkins

Oct 29, 2007


Thank you for this very informative post. I just recieved a letter from these Cambridge guys, and immediately started to find out if they are legit or not. From your post and many many others, it appears they are not. I wish you the best in your legal actions with them. I hope the Judge can see their deception and ill will towards their prey. I was in the Who's Who of American High School Students, which is a very legit and honored publication.

About 10 years ago I was approached by a Who's Who publication that I no longer recall their name. I had a very similar experience to yours here. Almost exactly the same. 1/2 of an hour about "me", then an extremely hard sales pitch. What stopped me is that I couldn't perceve that a legit company would offer something like this as an impulse buy, and not a decision that can be made if only 24 hours later. Extremely obvious it was a scam. I'm saddened that this company still is around, and hope their demise is quick and painful.

Cambridge Who?

Oct 21, 2007

Cambridge Who's Who has even managed to annoy the Annoyed Librarian even more:

No One

Oct 19, 2007

Randy Narod, the owner of Cambridge Who's Who may have been in big trouble before:

Randy Harris Narod (Registered Representative, Oceanside, New York) submitted an Offer of Settlement pursuant to which he was censured, fined $50,000, barred from association with any NASD member in any capacity, and required to disgorge all monies earned by him while associated or otherwise employed in the securities industry after September 11, 1995, in the amount of at least $1,000. Without admitting or denying the allegations, Narod consented to the described sanctions and to the entry of findings that he arranged to have an impostor take the Series 7 and 63 exams on his behalf. Narod also failed to respond to NASD requests to appear for an on-the record interview.

Alex Newmark

Oct 17, 2007

I received an invitation in 2007, I was last employed in 1995.

I'd be happy to put this in an affidavit.


Oct 12, 2007

I will back you in ANY law suite, as I myself, just today, dealt with "Madison Who's Who" and the guy said EXACTLY the same things that lady said to you even down to the plane tickets and the non-profit price!!! WOW! When he asked if it was budgetary issues holding me back (even told me how much it came out to each month to market myself) I told him that actually I thought a REAL WHO'S WHO would not make people pay to get it the publication. So, the man, "Joe Phillips" got mad and totally bashed me on the phone befor ehe hung up on me. I run a for profit website that gives free veterinary advice and information to pet owners. The profit is made from advertisers, not the visitors. This guy had the balls to tell me (right after I told him I shouldn't have to pay to be in a Who's Who) that I was a horrible person who helped animals for money and that he doesn't want me in HIS book! Well I never got a chance to tell him that I make very little money, but that I do have to eat and so do my kids. Your friendly neighborhood veterinarian also makes money to provide for his family but he also helps animals. I laughed so hard when I laid the phone down - I mean, what better way to prove to me that you are trying to scam me then to do that!!!!

Shawn, good for you for posting this blog and don't let them push you to take it down! If you ever need testimoney from someone else who has been almost scammed, please let me know!!

Gustavo Garcia

May 27, 2008

Thank you for posting this. I received the same letter (not email) from M. Foster, Editor in Chief... the name now is Cambridge Who's Who... I did not gave any information but I am very curious as to how they got my information to send me that letter home. This is clearly a scam! No need to sugar coat it as these lawyers have asked you to do. I too will be happy to speak for you should it come to that. They are spamming... What do the lawyers think about that?

Gustavo Garcia

Cambridge Who

Oct 10, 2007

Look at these sites

Pam Allred

Oct 8, 2007

well, well, well,...glad i found your site...i did not receive the whos who from Cambridge but received from Biltmore...and yes it was an ego booster...however asked some ppl at work and a couple others got the same thing.

I am a professional but have not done anything in my job etc that would warrent being recognized in a Whos Who publication. So decided to check out on internet and so glad I did....I cant thank you enough for having this here...and phffft on that lawsuit...I think on their part it was more of a pressured sales pitch....and the suit should be against them for the scam. Think someone, somewhere needs to bring this out in the open and have it stopped. Preying on a persons ego is really a low blow.

Shelly Kindler

May 4, 2008

Oh my god - I was doing research on Cambridge's Who's Who because they called me for an interview and I was going to meet with them tomorrow. But now I will not be showing up to the interview. I could never work for a company that does this type of business. It's shady and I could never sell a product like this to someone and then to actually be rude to people is just disgusting. So glad you posted this information. I would have wasted my time tomorrow. Thanks again!

Concerned Citizen

Oct 8, 2007

Although, I don't think that they are "scamming" per se, it just seems to me not worth the money. This sort of reminds me of the Emperor's Clothes; you're paying for a lot of money and receiving very little in return. Unless, you value being listed in a large directory of people that no one ever reads. They should be called the "Who's Who of Gullible". They pay a third party to do their mailing for them. They don't even know who these mailings are going to until the person calls! They no way of knowing what achievements if any someone might have!!!

marie arnez

Jan 16, 2008

hey its funny i see this now i got a call back in august and never thought about it twice i only paid about 150 or so and when they told me they were recognizing me for my job well done, my head got tooo fat. I was a welfare recipent then a certified nurses aid and in 07 i finally opened my own med transport company and purchased a home....... i had alot to feel glad for and it felt too good for someone to say we recognize you. but now i feel the same way as the very first guy or worst i have never seen the web site never gotten a letter only the fancy one with the siver seal on it

and you know what if anyone wants to tell you good job..... it shouldnt be something you have to pay for. and beleive me if i could sue i would.

Dayna Gomez

Oct 2, 2007

I recieved this letter today from the Cambridge Who's Who today. And being that I have a history of good deeds, and nothing to show for it, I thought it was pretty cool until I started looking it up and found out that it all was a scam! Being that it has been a really rough year this year, I was excited about being considered for my accomplishments of the past. I think we should start our own site and write our own accomplishments! I think and list people for free! Wouldn't that be a burn on these scammers!

Dayna Gomez

Oct 2, 2007

I printed this on the back of their letter they sent me and sent it back to them on their prepaid postage!


Article found online:

People who answer the solicitations from Cambridge and Metropolitan report very similar experiences. (These links represent a fraction of the online discussions and complaints about Cambridge in particular.) A representative of the company phones them, congratulates them on the honor of their inclusion in the registry database, and conducts a lengthy interview, with many questions about careers, professional accomplishments, etc. Once the victim has been softened up by this process, the phone solicitor lowers the boom. The victim--who, remember, is under the impression from the initial solicitation letter that no costs are involved--is told that there are two levels of membership--a cheaper junior membership (currently close to $800) and a more expensive lifetime membership (currently nearly $1,000). This money, the victim is assured, isn't for inclusion in the database; it's for access to the database--which surely they're going to want to have, since the registry is a fantastic networking opportunity. To sweeten the deal, there are extras--gift certificates, airline ticket vouchers, a handsome award certificate, a media kit. If the victim expresses doubt about the cost, the solicitor says something like "You know what? Because I really don't want you to miss out on this fabulous opportunity, I'm going to offer you a lower rate! You'll only have to pay what a charity organization pays!" More hard sell tactics ensue. If the victim continues to resist, the solicitor hangs up on him or her--just like those magazine-sales scams where the people rudely blow you off the instant they realize you aren't going to fall for their line of b******t.

I'm sure it won't surprise anyone to learn that Cambridge and one of its predecessors, Empire, have poor records with the Better Business Bureau (Manchester has no separate record). Empire's BBB report shows 57 complaints over the past 36 months, most involving (surprise, surprise) selling and refund practices. Cambridge's BBB report shows a stunning 150 complaints over the past 36 months, again involving selling and refund practices, and also billing and credit disputes. The bulk of the complaints--123 out of 150--have been made in the past 12 months.

Another thing Cambridge and Metropolitan share: a very poor reaction to criticism. The hydra really, really doesn't like it when people say bad things about it. When the Southern Conservative blog featured a satirical post about a solicitation letter from Metropolitan Who's Who, a threat of legal action quickly followed from one Cyndi Jeffers of Metropolitan (she also contacted people at the blogger's job). Blogger Shawn Olsen, whose description of his experience with Manchester Who's Who is linked in above, is being pursued by a lawyer hired by Manchester/Cambridge, who threatens a defamation lawsuit and demands $7 million in compensatory and punitive damages. These two bloggers appear not to be the only ones who've experienced this kind of harassment.

Being I do have true accomplishments and am not financially well off, I will be declining this invitation. Do NOT send me this scam again. You should really rethink your business practice and stop taking money from people who really need it to continue to do good things! Follow the example you try to promote, and do something good yourselves! You will not be taking money from my hands that I use to feed, clothe, and house my kids!

Susan Warnecke

Sep 28, 2007

Well, count me in on the list of those that were taken. Sure wish I would have found your site sooner! I bought into this scam just this past year. I was initially approached by Empire Who's Who and then by Cambridge Who's Who... the pitch being that one bought out the other (which would explain the duplicate books and entries... read on!). Like everyone else, I was thrilled and my ego was soaring! I told my family about it and they were as elated as I was... probably because I had been in Who's Who Among American High School Students when I was younger. All of that excitement came to a quick halt when my husband, a forklift operator at a local family owned lumbar company for the past 7 years, got the same letter. Talk about feeling stupid! I have not told anyone in my family or anywhere else until today how ignorant and blind I was. Especially considering that we are by no means well off and I spent quite a bit of money on this little set up.

I, too, got the letter that stated there was no cost and then the infamous call about becoming a VIP member and then a lifetime member. I also got the certificate, airline vouchers, plaques for the wall and just recently, not one, but two copies of the honors edition directory. If it wasn't bad enough to know I had been taken,it got worse when I flipped through this very plain, very heavy book that I can now use as a door stop/cat scratching post(have to admit, it's the most I have ever spent on either!!) to find my name in the back of the book listed not once but, again, twice... one right after the other. Most of the information is the same, but some of it is different. Two days later, I got the same copy of that book. I found it amusing that there was absolutely no return address. I was looking for one on the net when I found your site! I wrote a very nasty letter to them and sent the book back... and, of course, it's at my cost because you can bet they didn't send out a return address label!

The airline vouchers are also a hoax, as far as I'm concerned. We have access to time share resorts and have no need for paying for lodging when we vacation. So, my initial thought was that we could use these vouchers for free airline tickets and stay in one of our resorts. Turns out, you have to stay at one of their chosen resorts and stay for a minimum of 6 days... up to 12 days. None of them go for less than about $120.00 per night. Again, we spend out of our pockets to use these tickets!

As an educated professional that prides herself on being very perceptive, I am more than disappointed in myself for not seeing this pitch for what it really was. But I can tell you that I feel somewhat better knowing that there are other people just like me that have been there too... and there must be a whole lot more of us than have commented on your site because this book is HUGE! If all of us paid what I paid for being a peon in the back of the book, imagine how much money these fools have made by those buying half page to full page biographies. Unfortunately, being educated and being street smart are obviously two different things. Belive me when I tell you that I am now telling EVERYONE I know about this in the hopes that no one else gets ripped off like I feel I did.

As far as the lawsuit, that's laughable! How in the world can they sue you for telling the truth? But, then again, how can they get away with what they are doing?? Our society is messed up in a really big way! I say we all band together and countersue for whatever we can. I've seen it done with credit card companies, why not this?? Obviously, all of us who are now in bigger debt because of this could use the money!! Maybe I should have put the books on e-bay or actually kept them for myself... they'd have made great bathroom material... as litter box liners for my cats!

Darla Farner

Sep 29, 2007

Since having a conversation with someone about Cambridge Whos Who, I decided to check all the search engines on this. I have been selected and have this posted on my website. It is a expenseive, but I figured that I would spend the money to advertise my business. The people seemed to be very professional, except for the sales people were a bit pushy and I complained about this. I have the airline vouchers and have not used them yet. I haven't found them to be a scam and have a National Press Release out. Until I it has been proven that it is a scam I will leave it up on my website. I did not join this for Ego reasons, it was strictly for business networking.

Todd Suzuki

Feb 5, 2008

I agree this is a scam. My wife received one of the letters and quickly asked her boss (an attorney) if she was the one who had nominated her. And her boss replied "NO"

So my being the legal analyst that she is asked me to do a bit of research. Me being the a former anti-virus industry worker was able to perform a bit of research.

First, there Cambridge site is hosted by a company outside the US.

This indicates they do not want US law on them except when it is there favor. Many Gambling sites use this technique. Second in my opinion and

what I heard from my wifes boss is that in CA there is a ban on Deceptive advertising practices and thus if a letter has the words "No Cost" then the fees and services should be provided at "NO cost".

Lastly My wifes boss mentioned Mail Fraud, Mail fraud occurs when a letter is sent committing any other crime, i.e. Deceptive advertising in CA. Mail fraud is considered a felony.




Sep 24, 2007



Badmama jamer

Sep 4, 2007

I got the same call etc. I got the man to give me his call back information while I checked it out. I called him back and mentioned that the letter said that there would be no fee.

He said yeah well just go to and put your information. Then he gave me a curt congratulations, wished success and hung up. lol

B Rogers

Apr 4, 2008

Thank you for this site. It has and will continue to help a lot of people. Can you inform us as to what ever happened with the so called lawsuit? Was it ever really filed? Thanks Again... I will spread the word. B. Rogers

M & M

Apr 4, 2008

I just recieved that same letter in the mail yesterday. I was so happy. I was on my way to the website to fill out my online application and I found this. I am so glad that I was warned. Thanks for posting this. :)

Randall Graham

Sep 2, 2007

I received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who on 8/15/07 stating that I was being considered in the 2007/2008 honors addition. Immediately I was suspicious,but my own urge of becoming recognized for the work I do took it's place and I started calling friends to tell them. I was quite happy and so was my friends. A couple of weeks passed and I had just begun to get out of bed,when I had this strong drive to perform more in depth research on this organization. The night before I was elaborating on the telephone about this with a friend. Perhaps this gave me the addtional drive I needed to smell a dead rat. Anyway I picked up my laptop and begun looking for this dead rat and within (3) minutes I found it on your website. Thank you so much, they need to be exposed for who thay really are. They're rapping people of their hard earned money. Maybe I should start my own organization called Who's Who in the Who's Who tryig to scam you to reveal all these drag nasty, paracitic,earth crawling individuals.

storm smith

Dec 20, 2007

I to got the letter and thus found this site. I just want to say about the lawsuit. they want to shut you up because just consider how many suits might follow yours. I don't know that to continue contacting you saying they are going to sue you is harrasement.You should file your own counter suit against them for that. thanks

Melissa Dodgen

Mar 3, 2008

Ok, I guess I'm the only one who did the research I did BEFORE I sent in my card back. I called the BBB in new york. Yes they have a few complaints but I was able to as process of public record find out what they were about. Then I called the IRS. Most scams though listed with BBB aren't listed with the IRS and if they are its under a different formate. Again. It checked out. I checked out their website, their Wiki's they're blogs. I checked with customers at mine and husbands restaurant who are business owners. They verified its existance. Now the funny thing is, that there is a scam of 'Cambridge Who's Who' out there. Then there is the 'Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives, Professional and Entrepreneurs'. These are two different organizations.

Now when I got my letter no where at all did it say I was getting anything for free. In fact when the woman called I was very up front, I know it costs something to do press releases. (Cause if you think you're ever going to get press releases for free then you've never owned a business.) She was very honest with me. And she walked through with me the offers on the website where it ALSO states that the registry is for MEMBERS only. And on their MEMBERSHIP form page no where does it say the registry is for free. So again I'm not sure what research you did, but you might want to make sure its for the right company and that the letter you got was from the right place. Because I was very thorough and I didn't expect anything for free. Even with getting an 'honored' honorific whatever position. Do I feel like I've earned it? Well if you do you probably don't. Plain and simple. Do I know how they got my name? Nope, its nomination only and they wont tell me. now could they have gotten my name some other way? Of course they could! Then again anyone could... the people sending out your PUD bills could be scam artists too (beware those are happening as well!). So if you get something where you see the word 'free' attached. Then you only fall for it because of being 'free minded', if you walk into it knowing that you're going to have to pay for something and you dont let yourself thinking you're getting something for nothing. Then you wont feel like you've been gipped. Maybe its because I'm a business owner, but to me its just common sense.

Doug Vaughan

Aug 31, 2007

I just received notice that I was "being considered for inclusion into the 2007/2008 Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals 'Honors Edition' section of the Registry." Since I'm a researcher by nature, the first thing I did was to search on this company. My suspicions were confirmed by your website.

Since Cambridge gave a local Long Island address, I also took another approach at finding some information on it. I found the following employment listing. Is anyone here looking for a job? I like the statement “At no time may a personal interest supersede the company’s.” I guess that means you must leave your personal integrity at the door!

Corporate Inside Sales Representative

Corporate Sales Representatives are an integral part of our sales organization. In most cases, the Sales Representative is the first personal contact with prospective members. At all times, Sales Representatives must represent the mission, goal, and objectives of the Company.

At no time may a personal interest supersede the company’s.

Job Description

Sales Representatives call prospective candidates from pre-qualified leads, which are provided to sales representatives daily who are interested in being published in our executive and professional networking registry.

The job includes three (3) significant functions:

establish a rapport with the prospective member

gather pertinent and sufficient biographical information to determine eligibility and to complete the order form

close a deal


Oral Communication Skills

Written Communication Skills

Customer Relations

Customer Service


Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment


Reading Skills

Time Management

Self Motivating

Possess high energy

Maintain a persistent mindset, enthusiasm

Goal oriented

Possess a professional business manner


Work from 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Thursday and 9:00am to 5:00pm, Friday to interview executives and professionals by asking scripted questions regarding their professional and educational background.

Present & sell one of 8 different membership programs for inclusion in our networking registry.

Write sales order forms for submission to the editorial and production departments to create biographies for publication.

Proactive prospecting & qualification of potential new members.

Obtain accurate financial information to process the purchase of membership.

Convey business concepts & solutions to prospective candidates.

Understand the sales process and what drives a buyer’s behavior.

Understand how to respond to prospective buyer’s questions and concerns and the ability to follow all scripts verbatim.

Promote the value and benefits of membership

Adhere to all training manuals and procedures learned throughout the training process.

Represent the interest of the company at all times.


Degree: High School Diploma or Equivalent

Kymberlee Ruffo

Sep 18, 2007

The major pick off in the letter states: you only have five days to get your name in. Duh... 5 days yeah right~ the letter was dated 08.30.07; I didn't get the letter until 09.17.07 Whatever with that!

Barb Mueller

Aug 24, 2007

I fell for the Cambridge Who's a Sucker scam over a year ago. At that point I was into my 5th year as a business owner. What I had accomplished was in fact worthy of some honor, however not the "honor" of essentially being raped by the Cambridge scam.

The woman called and went through her script exactly as what was described above, and then came the hard push for big money, which was reduced after my initial resistance. I knew something was not right about it as soon as I was off the phone so I called the next day to cancel but I was told it was too late.

For a few hundred dollars I received a generic certificate that I would be embarrassed to give someone, let alone show someone. I certainly was not earned-it was paid for. I got a call again from them a few months ago in an attempt to get me to buy a CD and a book with the listings and that's when I let her have it over the phone. She couldn't take it and hung up. Now today I get a CD in the mail labeled as my "networking tool"-the same one they wanted me to pay for when the woman hung up on me. As if I don't know how to use the internet or phone to network so I need this CD full of names of other idiots who paid for nothing. Now is the first time I have even told anyone about being in the Cambridge Who's Who and that is only in the hope that it will save others from this shameful scam that they are peddling. Don't be another victim of theirs.

And they want to take you to court for saying your opinion? They ought to be taken to court for fraud!

Stefanie L

Sep 4, 2007

I too fell for the Cambridge Who's Who scam. I thought that it was neat that someone really thought highly of know the way they build you up. Anyways $200 and some dollars later I too get the stupid looking certificate. A few months after that ring ring....yes is your billing address still blah blah blah and your last 4 of your credit card are still blah blah blah.....wait what? They charged me for the darn book after I told them not too, then they refund me and now they called and plan to charge me again.....hold on. So I talked to them RUDE AS EVER. he told me it was too late I am being charged and there is nothing I can do. Oh yes there was....card is CANCELED HA HA.


Tim Brown

Aug 24, 2007

I also got one of these Cambridge Who's Who notices in the mail. I was surprised, because I've never really done anything worthy of being included in a "who's who". Nevertheless, I figured it might just be something I wasn't aware of, so I went ahead and filled it out.

Today, I received a phone call from some woman with Cambridge. She started off asking basic questions about me, my background, and future goals. Then she hit me with the sales pitch. For only seven hundred bucks, I could get some "Platinum" package, and for five hundred bucks, I could get a "Gold" package. After I told her no thanks, she lowered the price to three hundred bucks for some "introductory" package. I told her flat out that I wasn't interested, and she responded with "I can understand if finances are a problem..." That's when I hung up on her, just like I would with any high-pressure salesperson.

Sandra Pearson

Sep 14, 2007

I too received all of the above, but with one addition...the Cambridge representative offered to go one better, dropping the price to $99. for a 2 year membership and also including 2 airline tickets to any one of 30 destinations. What a rip-off. as soon as I told the woman that I had done some research she curtly said

"good afternoon" and hung up. I's so grateful that using the research available to me saved me from a nasty little scam like this!

Judy Sikorski

Nov 15, 2007

I found this site just in the nick of time! The lady from Cambridge called me and said everthing that has been said here...although before she was done she dropped the price to $99.00....(no plane tickets though), but I am a hard sell, thank goodness. I told her I would discuss it with my husband and get back to her. She couldn't wait so she called me back and added more pressure. I told her I needed to research this company first and actually she gave me this site to go to. (Not sure that was very smart) Anyway, thank goodness I came here and read these comments as you all have saved me from doing something quite useless. And for those of you that went through with this, don't be to hard on yourselves...these are high pressure salespeople that know what they are doing. Hopefully your experience will save more people like me from making the same mistake. I thank you most sincerely. making

Paul Thomas Cahill

Jan 17, 2008

I've received more than one email from Madison. The first one some time ago was intriguing, but there was a familiar odor surrounding it. When I received the third one today, I Googled them and ended up here. I was not in the least bit surprised. Anything that is good, such as the internet, will soon be flooded by scum. I was scammed by a phony coin dealer back in 1967 and lost almost $500 in cash. I learned how to spot con artists early in life. Thanks for standing your ground.

Michelle Munger

Aug 23, 2007

I got a letter last year similar, for a women's Who's Who for Women in business, although I can't remember where it was from. I trashed it because I knew I hadn't done anything of note. I had started my own little web business and I figured they had just looked up public records on who had started up businesses. I thought no more of it since I had trashed it until my friend emailed me saying she had just been considered for the Cambridge Who's who and was very excited about it. I smelled the same scam and googled it. I just sent her to your website and I hope it's not too late for her. And they can't sue you for being honest. Good luck!

Jan Thomas

Aug 21, 2007

Count me as one more person who's very glad I checked these folks out onnline before spending any time on them, or letting my ego fly too far out of reach. What a public service--good luck with the lawsuit--I hope it disappears into the mist like they do when they find out you won't be giving them any money! Thanks all!

Phyllis Tschudi-Rose

Aug 18, 2007

8/16/08 I received my invitation to join Cambridge Who's Who also...first thing I did was look for a fee. The letter states "there is no cost to be included in the registry."

I tossed it in the circular file anyway but my EGO also keot calling me to check it I thought! Thankfully for many apparently, yours is the first site to show on a google search for Cambrige w-w.

Rebecca Czarnek

Aug 18, 2007

Well, I'm glad I read about this. I received a letter today from Cambridge Who's Who. I thought GIVE ME A BREAK! My letter is now in file 13. Thank you all.

Bryan Danek

Nov 5, 2007

Glad I found this information too. I found it to be questionable just from the letter but being rather prominent in my industry got me to wonder "What if". Its really sad that there are companies out there that do this kind of thing knowing that there are so many of us that go unrecognized and feel underappreciated. You are all special in my book.

Toby Lawson

Nov 13, 2007

Hey I just got an email off an International Whos Who Historical Society and after researching for a bit realised it was a scam...soooo here's what I did, and suggest you do too - I filled out their form with professional looking details only I included phone numbers from a 419 'nigerian scam' site (you know the ones that ask you to ring cos you've won the lottery!!). The numbers look like the UK but get auto-dialled to Nigerian. I figure the b**tards can talk the lying mouths off each other.

c c

Nov 15, 2007

Thank you Shawn for posting and everyone else for the replies!! I got that wonderful letter just today. Mine was for Cambridge who's who among executive and professional women.

The ego set in for a sec as I've supported a few things to help women in IT in the past and then I came to reality... I'm just over 30 and a software engineer... nothing spectacular in my life and the letter was kinda vague. So, I hit the google search. Lots of good information out there ;-)

That is crazy that they would do that to folks!

Anywho, thank you again for keeping this out there!

Joe James

Aug 15, 2007

I've just received a letter from cambridge. The minute I saw it I smelled a scam, but like you mention, it makes you feel good to be recognized so you want to take it seriously.

I decided to get on line and find out whether or not others had dealt with these people and found it to be a worthwile experience. Obviously you've confirmed for me exactly what I already suspected, these people are losers trying to rip me off.

I wouldn't worry too much about the law suit, if telling peoeple the truth about a conpanies immoral business practices was against the law, the Better Business Bureau would have been shut down a long time ago.

Raymond Doran

Aug 14, 2007

I too received a letter from Cambridge Who's who today. My wife was suspicious right away so I researched the site on the internet. I am very glad I found your site ( and others ). I will be passing your site on to others.


Aug 14, 2007

Thanks a bunch. I just got my call today....from the same lady, I think. I went through exactly the same scenario as you down to the end. I even had the same weird feelings when she mentioned the "two plans: platinum or gold"...something about "plane tickets," et cetera. I told her I would like to research their company first, and speak with my husband second, before making a decision. She told me I had to make a decision now; that I could not choose this great opportunity later. I declined over and over even with the lesser organization fee. I am glad to see your website. They should be ashamed of themselves...even though I know they don't.

I only wish I would have seen your site before I even wasted time on the phone during the "interview."

You should be commended, not sued!

ben kuo

Oct 4, 2007

I haven't joined the membership, but I am glad to have read your web pages. They told me there are 4 deadlines to join, but they don't hold the offer till next deadline. That means they want you to hurry up and make a fool of myself.

sanchita Banerjee

Aug 10, 2007

Guess what I got in my mail today..yup Cambridge who's who wants to honor me!!! Of course I wanted to laugh my ass off cause I know I have done nothing honor worthy....yet. So I knew it was a scam. I wonder if they are in partnership with because my poem has been published by But I did not buy the book.

Gunga Den

Oct 18, 2007

I received a card in the mail from Cambridge Who’s Who, and we interested in the opportunity to be entered into a world of writing professionals, and it was advertised as free. Cambridge Who's Who contacted me and persuaded me that joining them would be beneficial for my career as a writing, saying that I would be “published”. They seized on my desire as a writer to be published, and made promises that in retrospect I should have known better.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t so “free” after all. The Cambridge Who’s Who package I ordered was about $190.00 but I was also promised a $100.00 gift certificate for jewelry. I thought this wasn’t so bad, getting published in Cambridge Who’s Who and jewelry too. It turns out that the jewelry store would not honor the gift certificate, and, my attempts to complain to Cambridge Who Who went unanswered.

I looked up the work “scam” in the dictionary, and found that it meant “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, esp. for making a quick profit; swindle” and “to cheat or defraud with a scam”. I don’t know if Cambridge Who’s Who is a “scam”, but I do feel as though I was conned. I really feel that being in the Cambridge Who’s Who will help my career in anyway at all.

My attempts to get a refund were faced with unreturned phone calls, and customer service people that were very rude that told me “All sales are final”.

I felt very embarrassed and it took a lot to share this, but I feel that it is important for people to know about this before they give these people any money. Please, learn from what I went through.

DayStar Designs

Aug 9, 2007

Glad I checked into this, I got the letter from Cambridge today and got suspicious when they wanted work and home phone numbers...not going to reply now! Thanks for checking my ego surge...

Peter Hays

Aug 9, 2007

Great info, I got a letter on 8-9-2007 from Cambridge Who's Who. It looks like a Scam & smells like a Scam. thanks for letting me know it is a scam.

Deborah Koepke

Aug 6, 2007

Thanks for the help and the info. regarding Who's Who

Deborah Koepke

Aug 6, 2007

Many thanks for the honest info. for I have just received the Cambridge Who's Who letter and was wondering what the scam was, I just had that feeling, I am older and I listen to my feelings now, where as years ago I would have doubted my feelings and signed on the dotted line. Thank you for the info. I am greatful for the new knowledge


Jul 27, 2007

I feel taken. I did fall for this and my ego was soaring high. To my surprise, this Cambridge Who's Who is not related to the real Who's Who. This is a business. I got the price reduced and it was after the fact that I realized what had happened. I got suckered. The phone call came at my office at work. And here I was thinking that this was a legitimate recognition. I cannot even figure out how this induction in their registry can help me. I hope more people read this and please keep this up and visible. Good luck. You will be okay because you are right and as you can see there are a lot more people that know your of your honesty.

Arista Bauerly

Aug 31, 2007

Isn't it illegal for telemarketers to call a business phone? I think that it is, at least that is what I've heard before. I would think they would be considered telemarketers seeing how they are attempting to sell you something. My husband received his Who's Who letter yesterday and I'm also glad I did my homework. Good Luck!

Carrie George

Oct 3, 2007

I wish I found this website before I got suckered into this! Has anyone been successful in getting a refund? I'd love to know how or to join a class action lawsuit!

Heather Bond

Jul 26, 2007

Thanks for having this site, it provided all the information I was hoping not to, but expecting to see. I sent in my postcard and received a message on my machine from Cambridge today. Thought I should do some research before returning the call, I'm so glad I did. Also, FYI, I got another envelope in the mail today from Biltmore Who's Who, which is identical to the one I received from Cambridge-think they might be affiliated-and here I was thinking how accomplished I am..oh well, another hit to the ego. Good luck with the lawsuit and don't take down this site!

Carol H

Jul 26, 2007

Thanks for the information. Now I know what to do with the letter I received

Chris Mc

Jul 25, 2007

Your story is preceisely what I heard yesterday from the "nice" lady on the phone. To sue you for telling the truth about your experience cannot gain much ground. You articulated the situation well and if you need backup for court I am sure that you can get plenty of publicity to help your cause. It would actually hurt theirs. I would consider a counter suit and ask for proof of the "benefit of the purported networking" and proof that they don't just solicit anyone anywhere who will just say YES - regardless of actual accomplishments. I had the same plane ticket offer and when I said I wanted to look deeper to see how it might really benefit me, she said there was no time as that was the last day before publishing cutoff. I also had her hang up on me before I had the chance.

As I have warned my son - unless it is someone familiar, NO ONE will take the time to mail, call or email if there is not money ultimately expected in return. The exception may be a true minister looking to help when asked.

Chris Hinton

Sep 6, 2007

Thank God for the internet! I just finished my phone interview with some lady from Cambridge Who's who. At the end of her interview she hit me with the $789 membership fee. Lucky for me I was able to stall her long enough to check them out on-line. Thank you for posting this site on the web, If it wasn't for your site I might have just bought a $789 dollar generic certificate.

Chris Dowell

Sep 12, 2007

I had a very similar situation with a company called Biltmore Who's Who. They basically said the exact things. They handled my objections the same way. The lady though never got rude. When she said the press release would be seen all over the web I said give me an example. She answered by lowering the fee. She ended by saying she was sorry for me not taking advantage of the opportunity. I had to make a decision in 1 minute. Your blog got me to say no. Same senario, different company name.

Rocky Moore

Sep 12, 2007

I got a letter from Cambridge Who's Who. Thank you for exposing this scam. You were the first site I found!

Janet Karam

Sep 17, 2007

Ditto. Just went though the same as many here. The lady was rude and lied. I fell for the lesser plan. When I called the next day to cancel I was told that I could be upgraded and get airline tickets which she claimed in all her time there no one had refused. She refuted each of my objections before finally asking if I wanted a credit to which I said yes just to have her hang up on me.

No credit was made within a few days, and when I called back the lady denied saying she'd give me a credit and had it on record that I had been upgraded, she said she never said anything about airline tickets or a refund.

Then after both of us accusing the other of lying she said she'd give me a credit, sending me off with a "have a nice day" that sounded more like a f___ you.

Kathy Smith

Jul 25, 2007

Geezzz I am so annoyed at myself! Usually I am spot on with the scams, but I like others was "got". My ego also got in the way and I was suckered in.

I was approached about three years ago by the Manchester Who's who and I unfotunatley did not catch the scam and DID give them my credit card and did pay for my ego to be inflated. I thought I was being recognized and honored. Shame on me. I can't believe that I got pulled into this and didn't see the signs. But hey, I am an "exective member" now!

K Jones

Jul 17, 2007

I just got a call here at work from Cambridge Who's Who. I forgot that I ever filled out the form a few months ago. The woman had such a nice voice that would make anyone think it was real except for someone like myself that does not trust anyone. I went through the steps about being published thinking all was cool, then she dropped the big bomb on me stating I had to pay money. Told her, I don't have any money to spend on something like this. She tried every which way to get me to pay for a subscription, but I told her I was not going to give my credit card over the phone to anyone I don't know. I said send me something in the mail or e-mail and I would check it out. She was not happy. I told her that she does not need to publish my name now cause I won't give her any money. The call ended. I Googled right away Cambridge Who’s Who & found this site. So happy to see other people had the same thing happen to them. I am mad that I even was on their list cause I am signed up to not get Junk Mail. Guess this one slipped through the cracks. Thanks!!

bluv loverj

Jul 16, 2007

Great resource, got one of those letters today from Cambridge. I thought why the hell would they want me since I just graduated school and been working in the field for only one-week. SCAM!

Tina Hansen

Jul 16, 2007

I had this exact telephone conversation from a representative of Manchester Who's Who, which I had never heard of prior to the incoming telephone call (I did not receive any previous communication via mail, or otherwise. I have not heard anything further about this 'group' thereby underscoring its lack of value to my professional life. I appreciate you detailing your experience, and suggest that you remove the editorial comments and simply relay your experience which cannot then be grounds for any legal action. Good luck in dealing with that rediculous hassle.


Amy Widenbaum

Aug 24, 2007


I got the mailer/call a couple years ago and when I wouldn't pay, she was rude and hung up on me. Now that I became incorporated they probably got my address from the registry again. I did fill out the online form and got a voice message from them but luckily I read these postings before even thinking of calling her back. You are providing a great service. Thank you!

Dont be silly Dont be silly

Aug 24, 2007

Cambridge whos who isn't a scam. If you purchase it and find use for it then it works. If you can't find use for it then you simply wouldn't renew your trial or your membership. Not everyone benefits from the same kind of marketing tools. Its like anything else. You're not paying for your honor. You're paying for the exposure. You're still listed regardless of whether you pay or not. The memberships are only to take advantage of the perks like having ALL your credentials, awards, associations, degrees, laid out for everyone to see. Its a recruiting tool, and business marketing tool. It makes you look credible when you have your achievements promoted in such a way. Some people find it useful others don't. Thats why they have a trial program. So you can see how it works before jumping in headfirst to something that might not be for you at all. Its not a scam though. You people need to watch your mouths before you talk. You're not getting sued for your honesty you're getting sued because you dont think before you talk. Anyone who had sweated to build a company from the ground up and some loser came out of no where playing the "walking wounded"card calling the company a scam would ue them too. You can't make false statements against a company like that. If you didn't find it useful then you didnt find it useful. Some people actually do. But to congregate and make a site out of being a victim of some attack? Please-drop the act buddy. You're a grown individual who should take responsibility for their own decisions/actions. "the big bad corporation took advanatage of me, I got suckered in" Gimme a break! If you suspect its a scam because you couldnt make use of it then you're stupid for not at least trying it out and seeing how it works for you. And if you dont at least investigate it by actually trying the product as a business owner or employee, or student then you're missing out. Anyone thats in business, a career, or some school looking to move forward should at least TRY the program for a year to see what it does. You know how much business spend a year on marketing alone? Thats nothing for the 99 dollars their program asks you for a year. You know how much students or employees spend on getting themselves out there and recognized? All that time could be shortened by this program. I know people who have found use for it and actually liked it. I have never received the letter myself. But some people DO benefit. Watch what you say, dont walk around calling companies scams because of your stupidity. I don't feel bad for you. Theres a line between victim and stupidity. If you purchased an entire thing and you had money issues then you're stupid. If these people posed to be a bank and you put your money there and they walked off with it then ur a victim. If these people sold your credit card info you'd be a victim. If these people made consistent and ridiculous charges then you'd be a victim but you're not a victim when you make a decision that in the end doesn't serve you. Next time choose carefully what you buy. Don't buy the bar then spit out the alcohol when you should have started with one drink.

Patrick Odonnell

Aug 28, 2007

I did not write the post that you are responding to, but I disagree with what you have said about cost. Yes, in this litigious world we live in, one has to be careful when using the words 'scam' against a company, but IT IS NOT ONLY $99, TRY $789! AND YOU DON'T GET LISTED ANYWAY!

I had never heard of this outfit and just got off the phone with them and I will promptly decline when they call me back this evening. Without calling the company behind it anything, we all know what is taking place here with the words 'Caimbridge' and "Whos Who". I know a very successful attorney who is in whos who and he did not pay a dime! Think about that.

I don't even have my degree yet, and they are all ready to publish me in their directory. Many corporations won't even look at you without a 4 year degree. Enough red flags for me...

DCE 9770

Jul 10, 2007

Just received my acceptance call today - plane tickets, prestige, etc. Anyway, I really got suspicious when a cost was tacked on. Cost is now at 789 and 589 with an option to upgrade in 5 years to their 789. I remembered my daughter being honored in Who's Who (High School) and I don't remember having to pay an astounding fee to have her listed. Thanks for this information. I now know what to say to the lady (professional voice) when she calls me back later today.

Melissa Smith

Jul 9, 2007

I too fell for and became extremely excited when I was told I was a finalist in one of their competitions. I now disregard anything they send me. I am so glad I researched this prior to sending my information in. Thank you for starting this site.

Kweli Ya-Saleem

Jul 7, 2007

I fell victim to Manchester last year. Never did receive those plane tickets. And yes-I'll be more aware of my EGO!!!!!!!

Mark Newell

Aug 21, 2007

Graet Info!! I have the opened letter in front of me... I just recieved it. I have developed the habbit of googeling EVERYTHING that raises any red flag or even a doubt. You are a great person for informing us of this crimmial crap. These people are pathetic.... taking advantage of others. The letter is going in the trash and as for your leagal situation. Contact a local news station and invite them to do a "Human Interest" story. Refer them to this site. It will back the dogs off of you and cause them some problems like they do for all of us. It will also help to inform many others who will not find this site in time. Good luck.

Phil Lewis

Jun 29, 2007

Just got my acceptance call today. Once we started on the price tip, I started looking them up on the internet. Glad I found your website.

V Haffner

Jun 22, 2007

I received a letter from Cambridge Who's who today. I immediately became suspicious and researched the site on the internet. Thank you so much for your site. I hope everyone who receives one of these letters reads your comments. V

Amber U

Jul 19, 2007

Similar phone call. I received a letter from the cambridge whos who. Being a resident I felt proud....they think i am worth it. So I filled out the form, 1 month later I got a call from a nice nasal sounding gentlemen stating " Hi amber, I am calling in regards to the cambridge who's who. We have selected your application for inclusion but before we need to make our final determination need to ask you a few questions. I was so happy, wrote his number down put it on my to do list. Then I was like I need to sound smarter let me google about who's who. sure enough I found numerous websites on the Who's who scams. So I aint calling that dude back. Thanks for the info. shawn.

V Haffner

Jun 22, 2007

I received a letter from Cambridge Who's who today. I immediate became suspicious and researched the site on the internet. Thank you so much for your site. I hope everyone who receives one of these letters reads your comments. V

Barbara Wright

Jun 20, 2007

Looks like Cambridge is still hanging in there. I just got my letter today. This is what is so great about the internet...that we can quickly research that which seems to good to be true.

Thanks for your site-none of us need this kind of useless nonsense in our lives.

Eric Ekstrom

Jun 18, 2007

I can't say or Manchester/Cambridge WHo's WHo are 'scams', but I can say you have a right to question them, and, that instead of being sued they have an obligation to prove they are not scams, by telling you what they do is on the up and up, or at the very least, acceptable to many people. I really feel this cyberbully of an attorney can be disbarred for threatening you like he/she is doing.

You have a point, that of scams out there. You explained yourself as it is your opinon that excessive fee haggling seems to be the way scammers operate.

The cyberbully lawyer doesn't have a point, he/she just wants to sue.

This is a great case for making sense in the courtroom, to wit: if said corporation or organization is legit, why sue? just explain all the good things you do and be done with it! Seems to me this cyberbully lawyer may be a sham him/herself....

Your blogging certainly did not cross any lines.

I think you ought to see if he/she can be sued or disbarred.

Eric Ekstrom

Jun 18, 2007

PS The CyberBully probably can't explain how these two organizations are not scams so he's suing you, thinking you have more information than he does and therefore you need to be sued since you're smarter than he.

Ted Johnson

Jun 17, 2007

To Jason and all that posted. Many thanks for your comments. I received the "invitation letter" and - thank God - checked the Internet before sending the form in. Seemed suspicious from the start. Wish there was a way to put these people out of business.

Derek Miller

Jun 28, 2007

I received a letter from Cabridge Who's Who today and was suspicious. I googled it and came across your site. I agree with all the comments here and people should always research this type of stuff before providing personal information. It is up to the companies to prove they are legit and aren't a scam of some sorts. People can't be too careful.

Robert Sutherland

Jun 16, 2007

I'd like to say thanks for posting your experience with these people on the web. I just received an invite for the "Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals", and it would seem they're trying to refine their scam even more. This one specifically mentions that "There is no cost to be included in the registry." Yeah, right. They didn't even spell my last name properly.

I'm tossing this one in the trash. Thanks again for bringing this to everyone's attention.

Tracy Dawson

Jun 15, 2007

I received a phone call VERY similar to this just yesterday. Just did make me feel good about myself! She wouldn't take no for an answer when I said I wouldn't give my credit card information over the phone - there always seemed to be another "offer". Two airline tickets, jewelry certificate, etc. I filed a complaint with the do not call registry, currently filing with the FTC and next the BBB. What else should I do? How's the law suit going? I can't belive that!

Jason D.

Jun 14, 2007

I just received my acceptance notification into the Cambridge "Executives and Professionals Honors Registry" this morning. Since I'm already listed in the Who's Who registry from back in my high school days, I was confused when I read the fine print at the bottom of this letter "Cambridge Who's Who is not associated with other national Who's Who registries."

Hrm... Then who are they associated with? I found many sites online chronicling people's struggle with uncooperative operators and salespeople trying to bilk them for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for what started out as a "free" listing in their publication.

Shawn, thanks for the heads-up on Cambridge WW and best of luck against their legal machine. I put my application in our secure document destruction bin already.

Chandra Kennett

Jun 14, 2007

I too received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who. Thanks so much for the heads up!!! You just saved me a lot of hassle!!

Bianca M

Jun 12, 2007


Thank you so much for your article. I received the scam in the mail. I am not from the USA and living and studying here and thought I was receiving a great honour. I think now I have also been scammed by the National Dean's List Honoree but at least all I paid was $40 for a book not a thousand. I wrote "SCAM" in large orange ink on the postcard and will drop it back in the mail - that way they will have to pay for the return post. Instead of burning the return postcard we should all do this so they know WE know they are a scam and they have to pay for that postage. Thanks again and don't worry about the lawsuit - an obviously fraudulent company like this will get nowhere in court.

Doma Dox

Jun 12, 2007

This is a huge scam. I'm being scammed by Who's Who Among America's High School Students. My GPA was 1.8, and the only clubs I was in were German Honor Society and German Club. What "outstanding achievements" have I made? And get this- there is NO way to contact them, and it came in the day AFTER the deadline! These people are about to get a very nasty letter from me. Considering it came in the day after, I demand I be able to send my paper in (you can get one free if it's just the bio and not the book) and get a free bio. That's not fair to me or the people after me. (I went to school with a guy named J. Zamora... imaging how late his is going to be!)

This org ought to be broken up and never allowed to "reorganize" again.

Shannon Zein

May 30, 2007

I know for sure that who's who stuff is a scam and the reason for that is they sent me a letter asking me to be in the executive and professional womens honors edition and I DO NOT HAVE A JOB, I am student and throw newpapers for a living. So I am wondering how I am an executive?

Ken Russell

May 24, 2007

My wife was just scammed by Cambridge Who's Who yesterday for a thousand dollars. She was high pressured into joining and they recorded the call so disputing the charges will be difficult but we're still going to try. I am livid, and feel bad for my new manager wife who will get her Mster's this November. She has worked so hard to get ahead and now REAL good scam artists have figured all the legal angles to rob people blind. It's interesting that they prey on professional women, and also understandable that this isn't as well known and well broadcast like other scams. I can see how a professional would be embarrased to admit to being taken for a thousand bucks. Well, I'm the torqued husband of a wonderful professional and if I could get to Wherever, New York, I'd love to have a chat with Kevin Smith, Director of Finance for Cambridge Who's Who. The former Marine in me may not be able to be contained.

David M

May 30, 2007

Just received my invitation to be included in Cambridge Who's Who. Want to thank the comments on your site which told me what I already suspected, that it's a scam. Though I did have a bit of forewarning when I noted that they had completely misspelled my last name!!!

Virginia Wolbach

Jun 7, 2007

I got scammed also. I never did receive the book that I'm supposed to be in! I keep asking and they keep pushing back the date when I should be receiving it. I agree, it's pretty embarrassing. I'll sign my name to a civil suit if anyone is ready to file one.

J Wallace

Jun 8, 2007

I posted this comment elsewhere, but wanted to include it here as well. I want to help anyone else out who was as foolish as I was and fell for this. feel free to copy the email directly, as it appears to have scared them. Like I said, I'll update if I actually get the refund, and then we'll know if it actually works!

I sent this email to customer service this morning after being quite rudely denied a refund by Robert Sullivan, and just got a call from Robert letting me know they will send a confirmation of my refund shortly (i'll update when/if I actually get a refund!):

As this is listed as the "customer service" email address, I presume someone can address my concerns.

Please forward this email to Mr. Robert Sullivan, as I am unable to locate his email address through your website. Please have him contact me at his earliest convenience.

This is email is to confirm that I wish to CANCEL my membership with your organization, and have requested a FULL REFUND of all amounts charged to my credit card, in addition to requesting that NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES be made to my account.

Per your website, all contracts are governed by New York law. Pursuant to New York law, the seller in all telephone sales contracts MUST notify the buyer IN WRITING that the contract may be cancelled within 3 business days of said notification. As I have yet to receive said written notification, I am still well within my 3 business day window and have informed you that I desire to cancel the contract. As there is no contact information on your website for Mr. Sullivan, other than his phone number, this will serve as my written notice to him and to your company. In addition, under New York law, all oral contracts for goods or services valued in excess of $500 (and I have been repeatedly assured that this contract is worth in excess of $500) are unenforceable unless followed by a written contract. No such written contract has been executed.

I feel certain you will find that I am well within my rights to cancel the transaction pursuant to New York Personal Property Law, 41:440, et. seq. In addition, Mr. Sullivan is under an obligation to refund my account within 30 days of this notice, pursuant to section 444 of that chapter. If appropriate action is not taken by your company, I will file a complaint with the New York Attorney General's office, and your company will be liable for my refund, in addition to attorney's fees, also pursuant to 41:444 of New York Personal Property Law.

Again, please have Mr. Sullivan contact me at his earliest convenience. My contact information was provided to him earlier this morning.

Ken Anderson

May 21, 2007

I wish I had access to the Internet while I was in the car so I wouldn't have fallen for this scheme! I received the same call you and the others mentioned. Normally I check everything online first but, because I was driving, I couldn't. I was lured by the sales pitch (who doesn't like to feel special), and because my family and I are heading to France later this summer I thought having some airline vouchers might be useful.

I have yet to receive the promised 'Honor's Edition' of the Manchester Who's Who publication (promised to be delivered by the end of Q1 2007 in all of the company literature), and have not heard back re: my airline vouchers despite numerous phone calls to Customer Service/Billing.

I agree with your statement--CAVEAT EMPTOR! I have no one to blame but myself for being sucked in by a fast-talking sales rep. Good luck to you with the 'lawsuit' and thanks for providing folks a forum to warn others about this 'opportunity'. I only wish I'd had a chance to research BEFORE making this costly mistake.

vickie belt

May 18, 2007

Glad I found your site when I was "googling" for comments on Cambridge. I always "google" first before taking action on solicitations for info or money. Thanks for posting these comments. You saved me from these scammers!

Erin O'Reilly

May 15, 2007

Thank you for the illuminating information concerning the Manchester Who's Who "recruitment" opportunity offered to you. In today's mail I received the exact same offer from their counterpart, the Cambridge Who's Who. In five seconds this offer will be placed in its appropriate place of esteem -- the trash bin. Best wishes on teaching the law suit happy nitwits what the real people of this country believe to be truth and honor.

Jen White

May 13, 2007

Thanks for your post! I, too, received a letter, which I was suspicious of immedietly, being that this is only my second year in education. I decided to google the company name and stumbled upon your website! Thanks again!

J. F.

May 10, 2007

Shawn thanks for the heads up! I am so deflated!!! Here I thought I really was something!

Patty Barton

May 10, 2007

thank you for your article on Manchester Who's Who. I received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who and just like you my ego hat rose. I googled the name and saw your response and want to thank you for your comments. I don't have time in my business to bs on the phone to solicitors who want my money. I now know where I want to burn this letter from them. Thank you again. No need to send any e-mails back.

Patty Barton

Erin L.

May 9, 2007

I recieved a letter from Cambridge today, at the bottom of their letterhead, they state, "Cambridge Who's Who is proudly not affiliated or associated with any other Who's Who publication or organization."

BUT... New York's Better Business Bureau states "Cambridge Who's Who at 333 Earle Ovington Blvd in Uniondale, NY" DOES in fact do business under the names "Empire's Who's Who" and "Manchester's Who's Who."

Wow, complete and total losers - they lie on their own letterheads! Don't trust them.

Here's the Better Business Bureau Report:

David C

May 10, 2007


Thank you for posting this information (and risking such a huge and frivolous lawsuit!). I received a letter from 'Cambridge Who's Who' today and, like you, am an easy target for scams exploit ego hehe but I knew I hadn't done anything that significant recently (at least that anyone knows about) so I decided to look these guys up before I gave them my info. I hope the lawsuit crashes. Maybe you will fall under protection from some of the new legislation that just came through regarding the status of Blogging and journalism.

Annie G

May 7, 2007

Shawn, Thanks for posting this information...I almost fell into this scam head first! I decided I'd better check 'em out before I click "submit" on their site. Good thing there are good samaritans out there like you!!!!! Don't let those jerks bully you around....they are just blowing smoke up your hiney! They can't do anything to you for telling the public what happened to you! ~ Annie

Lara Tewes

May 7, 2007


Thank you very much for posting this story. I had been contacted by a recruiter to work in PR for this company and after reading this post , I checked several others as well as the BBB; I want nothing to do with such a shady entity.

So I want to extend a very appreciative thank you for not only posting this, but for not taking it down.

David Mendosa

Apr 21, 2007


Thank you. Being suspicious of solicitations myself, I checked "Cambridge Who's Who" when they wrote me today. Yours was the first site I checked. And the last one that I needed to before trashing their letter.

Pete Belah

Apr 18, 2007

Take the post card. Cross a line through your address. Write the word "refused" in big letters on the front. Cirle their address and return the card to the outgoing mail box. When they recieve the returned card the U.S. postal service will charge them for returned postage. Multiply that by a few thousand! Or more.

Kristina McIntosh

Apr 5, 2007

Thanks to this site I decided not to be scammed by Cambridge. When I told my "personal" rep about my findings on the internet she dropped my membership fee from $789.00 to $99.00! At that point I told her I wasn't interested.

Rachel S

Apr 4, 2007

I just got off the phone with Karen Reina from Cambridge Who's Who. And got the same old same old that was posted on this site. Thank you for saving me (and my company) money. As for the one post on how great CMM is, all I have to say is that there are so many other networking groups that I have actually heard of and have a good reputation - meaning no specific sites warning me to steer clear!

Jenny King

Mar 29, 2007

I just wanted to say thank you for this posting. I too was contacted the same way you was and was told the exact same thing, word for word on the phone by a woman. Before I even read this, while I was on the phone with her, I pulled up the BBB website and plugged them in. When I seen the number of complaints. I immediately told the woman that I would have to think further about this and would call her back at a later time. She then offered me plane tickets and stuff. I told her I still wasn't interested. She said could she go ahead and proceed with the biography to the publishers with my authorization and then call her back. I said no ma'am. I am not agreeing to nothing. I told her I had to go and hung up. About an hour later, she calls me back and ask was I able to talk now. I said sure, I told her about the bbb website, and also told her about what I read on this website and she was shocked. I told her I do not feel like being one of thier suckers of the day. Then I politely hung the phone up. Oh btw.. the rates has changed. The Platnum edition (life time) is now 789.00 then your billed an additional 199.00 once you receive your CD. The Gold edition (5-year plan) is 589.00 then an additionall 199.00 is billed to you once you recieve your CD. Again thank you for sticking to your guns and leaving this website up. I would have never known this happened to someone else without. Thank you!

Aggi Hill

Apr 17, 2007

I also received same thing. They use exact same approach, language, conversing words and costs for membership are explained simply same way. They insist that you take opportunity immediately otherwise –they reserve a place for you etc –the women appears to be very professional, exciting as she explains to you all this -just same as others have said. This woman is playing with people’s ego. I don’t know what we can do to stop this!!!! What a waste of time if you engage in conversation with this lady, ooh my God!! And all congratulations that she gives it to you just to make you feel good mmmh (fooled) shame!!! As an international person just came to this country recently I felt good at the beginning and thought ohh wow!!! They know me?? But later I was not happy with the money thing and told her to call another time because I have to think about it considering the amount I can afford. (honestly it is a good delaying tactic when you are not sure-don’t rush to pay even if they tell you the deadline is today, please don’t!!! ) I took time to go into website and found their websites with pictures (and some profiles without pictures) of some men and women, just people of course and some of their profiles (I think people who were scammed before or hypothetical existing ones)

I went deep into different websites to check procedures of who is who and luckily enough I found your thread oooh my God!!! Thank God I was hesitant to pay with this -Thank you so much for putting this thread –

Ladies and gentlemen it is a scam or rip- off!!!! Just don’t dare !!!! you will loose!!

bbb agent none

Jun 20, 2007

Hello and good afternoon, We are investigating this site, and if you have been lured into this scam, contact your lawyer and sue them. Do not stand down, the FBI Internet Piracy agency is investigating as well. We have found that they are hqed in New York. Even tho they have U.K. business names....odd yes...

Samuel Morrison

Aug 2, 2007

Yes, I'm sure you're with the BBB.


Sparky Kaboom

Mar 28, 2007

There has to be a way to scam these scammers ....

For $###,###, we'll have our celebrity ghost writer, Jacob Marley agree to have his Curriculum Vitae listed in your publication. This will serve to verify your credibility amoung your potential marks, .... er .... I mean clients.

Greg J.

Mar 22, 2007

Thank you so much for this posting. I too received the exact, and when i say exact, i mean exact letter, phone call, statements and congradulations all in the same exact order and was, very much like you, letting my ego make me feel like i was "accomplished" in my professionla industry. All the while i was asking myself, if this is some kind of professional recognition, why would there be any kind of payment or membership associated with an "award" as my "interviewer" kept congratulating me on. So, when he too asked about whether i would be paying for my "award" with a Visa or MasterCard, I told him that I make no committments by phone or payments over the phone. I was also told that if i did not take "advantage" of the two airline vouchers today, that i would be losing out on such a great vacation opportunity. I finally told him again that i do not join or make payments to memberships over the phone and that he could send me the information in the mail and i will consider reviewing it and researching their organization before i could consider moving ahead any further.

Thanks so much for having posted your experience, otherwise I too may have let my "ego" get to me and have made a "contribution" for someone else's benefit rather than my own.

Thank you!


Mike K

Mar 21, 2007

Thanks for your postings. I got the letter and threw it away. BTW I also checked with the Better Business Bureau and they give them an unsatisfactory rating. Here is their link.

So check it out there as well and stay away from these people.

Thanks again


Robb B

Mar 20, 2007

I have read this countless times on the net. First each victim begins by telling us about his/her accomplishments before they bit the hook. I suggest we keep our egos in check and remember the old adage; "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is."

BTW, I received the same letter a short time ago and found it very useful for my recycle bin.

Good Luck,


Erica Hinton

Mar 21, 2007

Thanks for all the postings on Cambridge. I received a call yesterday afternoon for an interview, but I could not take the 15 minutes the woman said it would take at that time. I told her to call me back this afternoon and then proceeded to do some research. Now, I am dreading the call. Since I have a heads-up, maybe I should mess with her a little. Hopefully, if I go ahead and tell her I'm not interested and just hang up, she will not call back.

Amy G

Mar 8, 2007

Just wanted to thank you for the info on Cambridge's Who's Who. I too felt the honor, but was glad to hear it was a scam and could give them the ole heave ho!

Kate Reynolds

Mar 7, 2007

Thanks for the astute take on Cambridge. Don't take it off the web, if you can...

Meg C

Mar 7, 2007

I just hung up from Maria at Cambridge. What a scam! I am so glad that I read your site. I told her that I had to speak to my husband before I committed to spending that much money, and of course, she had to know today if I would commit, so she gave me the not-for-profit rate and a free CD plus the airline tickets. I told her I still had to speak to my husband and that I would let her know tomorrow. 2-1 she won't call back, and thank goodness for caller ID! I wish everyone who receives this "honor" will have the sense to Google it and will find your website! Thanks for putting this site up. You just saved me, and many others I'm sure, several hundred dollars!

Iam Enlightened

Mar 6, 2007

That this outfit is suing you simply means that they cannot distinguish reality from fiction or fact from opinion. Opinion is still protected speech. Your opinion, and that of virtually everyone else that has commented, is that Cambridge is running a scam to play on the egos of people. And the only facts I see you talking about are the same ones that people have talked about over and over again - both on this website and others - this aggressive sales tactic to get people to spend their money on someone's get rich gimmick. The really sad thing is the fact that some who buy their way into this questionable honor boast of their selection as if they had just received a Nobel Prize. The truth can hurt, especially if it's bitting into Cambridge's wallet. Of course they don't like what's being said about their marketing tactics, because your website and others are enlightening the consumer BEFORE they fall victim to the hard sell. Is it just a coincidence that everyone is describing practically the same call from the Cambridge telemarketers? Or are these agressive calls exactly like people are describing?

The reality is that this whole thing is just a way to circumvent the "Do Not Call" lists. Obviously, Cambridge buys mailing lists and then "honors" everyone on these lists by inviting them to submit a post card with their name and other basic information. Those that respond to the mailings are simply sending Cambridge a free pass around the "Do Not Call" lists. Otherwise, Cambridge would be violating the federal Do Not Call laws with the majority of the people it would attempt to "honor" with a direct cold call from a sweat shop of telemarketers.

Don't be bullied by Cambridge and its lawyers. DEAR CAMBRIDGE: THE TRUTH HURTS. LEAVE SHAWN ALONE.

Rachael Smith

Mar 5, 2007

I'm very glad you stated this. I was recently called about this, and was sorely torn when they called as to buy this membership. I managed to say no finally, but was afraid I'd just passed up a lifetime opportunity. Thankfully, your article made me feel much better about declining.

Janet Friesen

Jun 1, 2007

I received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who today and set it aside to research. Not because I was considering being added to the "Honor's Edition" of the registry but because I knew it was a scam and I wondered what the catch was. After all, it clearly states "There is no cost to be included in the Registry".

Yeah I'm pretty special and well known in my industry and I don't need a book that nobody reads to enforce that.

Exactly how do they make their money?

Sarah Nam

Jun 12, 2007

Thank you very much for this great work, I wish I have had all this information before getting Ripoff for over $800.00.from Cambridge who's who.

I received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who in late Feb informing me I was "being considered for inclusion into the 2007/2008 Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in business 'honors Edition' of the Registry."

The letter further explained:The 2007/2008 edition of the Registry will include biographies of our country's most accomplished women.

Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executive and professional women throughout America each year.

I sent back the card with my information and I got a phone call from Mr.Michael Collican Who and after a short question and answer period I was congratulated and told my biography was accepted.

After he congratulated me the sales pitch commenced,The price for being included in this edition ranged from $189 - $789 and mor for VIP plus $ 29.95 for sh&H of a packge. I tolled him I don't know anything about this company and he said that all the information is going to be send out to me and he asked for my credit card #, after few hours after work I Googled this company and found out that I have been scamd.

More people like us need to step forward regardless of embarrassment or other concern for being initially taken, to put these folks in their place, so others will not be taken advantage of moving forward.

Thank you,


Dark Man

Feb 28, 2007

Thanx, Shawn!! I just got the letter today. I tried to go to the cambridge site, but I couldn't. This made me suspicous, so I googled and lo & behold I found your site! To all those people asking what to do, has anybody thought about turning them over to the Better Business Bureau? Nobody likes to be handed to them because they have to report that they have. I've used them a couple of times and they always use the no B.S. approach. Anyone who's PO'd about these people ought to go to the BBB website and file a complaint, it's free!! Besides, who knows how they got the info they did. I'll bet they are somehow checking financial records or bank statements!! Thanx again, Shawn and Good Luck!

Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch, nay, you may kick it about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes -

P. Lisa

Feb 28, 2007

I can not believe these people! I just was on the phone and went through the phase of emotions that you did: feeling good about myself after spilling out why I put my heart and soul into what I do, then feeling shocked at the cost and unsure of it. After all, why would I pay for recognition? I asked to be sent information so that I could review it, but she said they don't publish to save on fact, that would make her job obselete, she said. But then why do they publish? Or do they even publish a registry at all? The high pressure sales was ridiculous. She tried all the same things from going down to 1 membership to the next, all with a deal I "shouldn't want to miss out on"! I am relieved that I was able to be polite, keep my cool, and get off the phone with a no thank you...emphasis on the "NO". I didn't give her a chance for a rebuttal because I'm sure there was some other deal she'd try to sell. I was relieved to hear I wasn't the only one who has gone through this. It's not a fun feeling to be under such high pressure. But, I am confident that everyone who gets away without giving them their money can smile and laugh at the same time....getting the warm fuzzies and feel good sensations from knowing you weren't sucked in! Think of all the money you saved on those airline ticket, which probably had so many restrictions that you wouldn't be able to use them!! I feel sorry for that worker. Maybe if she gets enough no's and after hearing about real people who actually do REAL and INSPIRING work, they will get a clue to do the same! We are the one's living the inspired life. And yes we are among the who's who who got away from their scam. Thank goodness!!!

Thomas Snyder

Feb 28, 2007

Thank you for posting this. Yesterday 2/27/07 I recieved an almost identical phone call from a Debbie Valot 516-742-7907 Ext. 314 at Cambridge. She made me feel all good inside and stuff. Then she tried to get money out of me. I suggest that you stay away from them.

L. B.

May 14, 2007

Thanks Shawn. I'm embarrassed to admit that I fell for the scam. If only I had been suspicious enough to do an Internet search on Cambridge Who's Who *before* I paid it would have saved me time and worry. But I did get a full refund after I sent them many faxes and left many messages on their voice mail.

Of course when the rep called she interviewed me and asked me my job title, job description, goals, hobbies, level of education, company web site, reasons that I wanted to be included in the registry, etc. I believed that this was a prestigious organization and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would help me with networking, career advancement, and recognition.

After they refunded me I called my credit card company and asked for a new card with a different number. I'm sure that my number has been compromised and I don't want any mystery charges in the future.

Londa Nunya

Feb 28, 2007

I bet that Manchester and Cambridge will lose that law suit. I believe that they wre trying to sell you the warm and fuzzy sense of pride and accomplishment. I too received one of the letters to be placed on the registry for Cambridge. Thank you I will place them in the round file for now and the future.

Chris Kalinski

Feb 27, 2007

thanks for the detailed description. i got a letter as well and suspected something weird and decided to search before replying.

thanks you saved me a lot of time on the phone.

great job and good luck with the law suits.

Betty Sue

Feb 27, 2007

Thanks for the info. They just called me at work and left a message. The weird thing is that I was standing in the next cubicle talking to my boss. I returned the call but I looked it up once more and found your site.

I don't get paid enough to be throwing away money for any reason besides travel. Best of luck with the lawyers. Heck, why don't they sign up and see if their name gets printed in every book distributed around the world? They have the money, right?

Marianne Tomasic

Feb 27, 2007

I too was intervewed for the Cambridge who's who. Yes, the plane tickets alone are worth the money. However, I am deathly poor. My chosen career pays at the poverty level (in my state) and I've had medical bills that have destroyed any credit or financial standing I may have had.

My interviewer was not happy that I could not pay for membership. If I have been researched for membership, why do I have to pay? Also, how did they research my accomplishments in order to contact me? They would not answer that question.

Plus, if you don't want to spend the money for your membership how will you get 7 million dollars/

Misty Bentsen

Feb 25, 2007


I just want to say thank you for posting this. I just had the same thing happen to me this week. For some reason I told the lady I would have to speak to my husband and she was to call me back and never did. After reading your story I now realize I would have wasted my HARD earned money. I hope that all is well. Thanks again!


Feb 24, 2007


Claudette Murch

Feb 23, 2007

I just got one of those letters this week. I had gotten one previously from a different 'who's who' and had the same hard sell pitch and promises of plane tickets and a vacation. I just threw my letter away.

Good luck on your lawsuit

Michelle Lynn

Feb 23, 2007

Just an FYI - Hello Everyone

Just this month after receiving a message left by a women from New York telling me I had been selected. I eagerly called them back as if it was important. I answered all her questions and after I too declied thier offers - I got a weird gut feeling. I googled and found this site. I read some of the posts and freaked! loll

So,I went through their website and got some contact information and have emailed them twice. Please know that as of today I have not gotten a single response from Cambridge. I got 2 retured read recipet notifications so I know that they were read by a company representative.

I'll keep you all posted if I get a response.

Plese feel free to comment on this post if you guys have any suggestions and information to who all I should contact about this situation.

I think you all for taking the time to share your expereinces. And hope that we can help each other stop this if they are in fact using information with criminal intent or through an illegal nature. Scary Stuff.

Thanks - Help if you can.

Dawn Stephenson

Apr 2, 2007

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just received a call from Lindsey blake at Cambridge. She alsmost pulled me in but I didn't have my credit card at work. she was supposed to call me back in the morning and I called her and told her I just read up on her company on the internet and I was no longer interested and NOT to call me back. You all are life/money savers!

Nancy Lissette

Apr 3, 2007

I Think that this website is absolutely ridicilous, if your going to send back the card then you want be be sold something, your the moron,not them. Any ways I have a family member thats listed with cambridge, and she created since she's been a member over 500,000 in profit because of the networking capabilities.

Shawn Olson

Apr 3, 2007

It's with regret that I hear your comment. This site is upheld with geat honesty, intelligence and care. I am sorry that you feel the way you do... and, believe it or not, I am glad for your family member if they really do get a benefit from Cambridge Who's Who. I just doubt that any significant number of people who use their services will get a return of investment whatsoever. Also... you are wrong about the idea of returning the card means you expect to be sold something. Like many others, I was totally misled by the card and did not expect for a moment to be sold anything.

Kristobal Noone

Apr 17, 2007

Your site seems to be a valuable resource for many folks. However, most of them are only thanking you for keeping them from "falling for" the Cambridge scam. I would like to offer a different perspective.

(NOTE: This post is kind of long, but I believe it offers valuable information, so for the same reason you won't take your site down, I am unable to condense this post any further)



My experience with Cambridge Who's Who was much like most of the other commenters on your site. I talked to a nice lady, she made me feel good then asked for money. When I started asking questions she keept going down in price until finally I was offered a ~$599 rate. This included 2 plane tickets, a book version of the registry and a CD as well. I too was suspicious so I told them I would have to think about it and then I went and did some online research. Unfortunately, though it looks like you posted this in July of 2007, which was a month before I was contacted by these people, and your site DID NOT come up in my Google search at the time.

I debated for about 2 weeks on whether I would buy in. Normally, if someone cold calls me on the phone and says I've won something, but then asks me for money, I would usually politely tell them to stick it and then hang up. However, this organization is either LEGIT or THEY HAVE BUILT A LEGITIMIZING INFRASTRUCTURE. For me, the things that made them appear legit were 1) Modern, upbeat website, 2) Google Search yielding no negative articles 3) Better Business Bureau results were not available (at the time I was considering membership, bbb site was 'updating' Cambridge's profile, the site is in the same state as i write this today 04-17-07), 4) Although they were making an agressive effort to sell me a membership, at no time was I spoken to rudely, nor treated with disrespect.

That last point, for me, was the final good 'straw', so-to-speak. I can usually tell a telemarketer by the language and speaking techniques they use (I was a telemarketer for 5 years). I can also sniff a dubious offer by the attitude of the person on the phone and what they know about the company's history, etc. In other words, the quality of the representative you are speaking to is usually a good representation of the quality of the company. And in this day-and-age of offshoring and outsourcing, it is often a good sign when the caller speaks some dialect of American English. Point is, this is what got me -- the caller was actually polite, spoke excellent grammar, was obviously American, was knowledgeable about her company, and was willing to negotiate packages. I must admit, the main reason I was considering joining was not my own ego (I already know I am great), but rather to give me an edge on my resume. Although networking and prestige are great benefits, being able to 'seem' prestigious to potential employers far outweighs the other stuff for me.



I still don't know if I myself was 'scammed' by this company. Basically, I knowingly said I'll pay you $500 to give me a certificate that says to employers I'm really something special. In that sense, it was quid-pro-quo. I received my membership package about 6 weeks after placing my debit card order over the phone in August 2006. Everything that was promised was included:

* Professional looking certificate

* Airline voucher

* login & ID for website

There was also a correction form for biographical info, and they were requesting a photo for the book that would be published and sent to me 1st quarter of 2007. They also stated that in addition to my $600 I paid upfront, I would need to pay another $199 by January, which was the cost of the book. The plane voucher you must submit 3 months before your intended flight, and flights are only valid to certain popular destinations (all listed on voucher). I was able to log into their website with the credentials they provided, and sure enough, there was my profile! Picture and all! Seemed pretty legit.



It is mid-April 2007, (well past the March date I was promised my book and Free CD), and I HAVE NOT RECEIVED my book or CD. When they asked for extra 200, that was ok because I remember the price was originally $800. The representative may have unintentionally misled me in her attempt to get a sale, or I may have heard her wrong. To my mind she offered membership @ $800 originally, then dropped price to $600. She didn't say anything about charging the other $200 later! The airline ticket thing has me a little leary also. Here are the things I will be finding out in the next 2 months:

1) Are there funny restrictions involved with the flights that make it hard to use?

2) Will they try to not give my free CD?

3) will they give me the CD only, though I paid for the book?

4) Will my book ever get here?!

As long as I receive all the specific benefits I was promised, and am not asked for more money, I will feel like this enterprise is indeed "legit" and that I have gotten my money's worth. This, however remains to be seen ...

I have put in a call to the new member department today about my book and left a voice mail and will be waiting for a response. We will see what happens. I will be happy to post a followup as I find out more, if your readers and posters think it will be useful.

Thank you and have a great day!


J Oliver

Apr 23, 2007

Thanks for the information regarding the Cambridge Who's Who. I received a letter just today in regards to becoming a member. After doing some research, I came across your post.

Needless to say, the letter is now in the trash.

Wanda Orders

Feb 22, 2007

I also received a letter from Cambridge Whos Who. I am glad I found your site first. Thank you for keeping up.

George privacy

Feb 22, 2007

I appreciate your information. On February 22, 2007, I too received an invitation from Cambridge Who’s Who 333 Earle Ovington Blvd. Suite 240 Uniondale, New York 11553-9816. My first clue was it was addressed to me, but along with my wife’s business name. I don’t how they got those two names together, but probably are combining mass mailing lists. I was skeptical and went to goggle. Thankfully, your web site was forth from the top and easily accessible. Your and other’s comments confirmed my skepticism, and saved me the time and anguish thinking about this - or worse responding. Keep up the good work to keep this web site active to help others who may be led astray from these apparent types of scams.

I found another web site that also provides warnings. Perhaps others can add other links to your web site, that expose these types of scams, so it will be finically unfeasible for Cambridge Who’s Who to sue all the web sites. Just on the statement that Cambridge Who’s Who is attempting to sue you seems to be an act of a bully.

Also, perhaps, University of Cambridge would like to know how their name’s is being tarnished.

D.J.Damien LaGoy

Feb 22, 2007

I too received the letter then the call this morning from Cambridge Who's Who with the membership offer, the plane tickets, and mine included 3 complimentary gift certificates to major jewelers in New York. After I explained that I wasn't in the position to financially commit myself and would have to think about it, I too received the line about having to process tens of thousands of memberships. After finally finishing the call, before my coffee I might add, I googled them and right near the top was your page about the latest scams going on. Reading your experience was a déjà vu experience. I'm glad they didn't call last summer when I had the money to throw away on stupid things because I almost assuredly would have been snagged.

Thank you for keeping this site and I will be sure to check back the next time I get anything like this again!

~D.J. Damien LaGoy

D.J.Damien LaGoy

Feb 22, 2007

P.S. I forgot to add that mine wasn't for poetry, but for my accomplishments in leather craft.

Gail Ray

Feb 27, 2007

I too recieved a letter from Cambridge. I automatically wondered who gave them permission to look into my personal or professional accomplishments?? I have signed NO release form allowing this. Isn't this invasion of privacy?? Just a thought


Gail Ray

Feb 27, 2007

I love your site! very informative and to the point. Thanks!

Mike Siegleer

Mar 26, 2007

Thanks, I recieved the same letter last year. Its kinda bad how they lift your spirits up, and then you find out that its all just a scam.

l germann

Feb 20, 2007

i am glad to hear that you are doing something about this. I received a call at work from the cambridge group and went through the same exact experience that you did. my student loans and degree are all the credentials I need for my networking.

J Tharp

Feb 20, 2007

Thanks for posting all this information. I got the solicitation today and was suspicious -- I'm grateful to see the comments you've made and the risk you've made to put them out there.

Ed Duffy

Feb 20, 2007


I'm really glad to see you didn't back down. When I got my letter the first thing I did was do a Google. Went to the web site and thought what is this...well thanks to you now I know. Companies that prey on peoples emotions and ego's only in America. My guess is the judge will throw it out. It doesn't mention a thing about any membership in the letter. You are right to call it a scam.

Good Luck, Ed


Feb 20, 2007


Carlton Lewis

Feb 20, 2007

Shawn Olson,

Thanks for your site. I have been a part of that ego trip for years now. I rather enjoyed the ride. I even bought a book or two, one I received and two supposedly on the way. I was not fooled about my poem appearing on the front page of the one book I did purchase. I gave that book to my father and he too got a ride on the ego trip. I knew some years ago that I was paying to see my own work. I even went to Washington D.C. and Orlando, Florida and participated in poetry contest with the’s International Society of Poets. I was hoping that I had a chance at winning a publishing contract or even some of the money they were offering. I felt great pleasure to be herded into a small room fully packed to read my poem in front of forty or sixty other poets all waiting to get their egos stroked like me. I was hoping my poem would be selected over theirs. I got to take home a very large over-sized trophy, a medallion and a certificate. I really felt good. I told my friends that I was a member of’s select poets, but deep down I knew that I had paid for my own trophy because everyone there got one and the same things I got.

It was not that at all that bothered me. I have from time to time paid as much as one hundred dollars or more to publish my poems on a single page locally in fundraiser pamphlets which I knew would be distributed throughout the local community. Those poems were for a select few and for scholarships, church groups all of that kind of things which I knew about well in advance. I just wanted to get my work out for others to read. I am not rich but I wanted to ride that ego train and I knew it is costly.

I was invited to join Who’s Who in Poetry and am looking at the Artist’s Proof as I write this email. I was so proud that I sent emails to a few select real important people and asked them about. All but one came back with words of caution and asked me to research it over the Internet, I did. I found comments like yours. They were not enough to dethrone me. I knew what I wanted and I wanted my works out there for others to see. I wanted those books, now two, for my ego’s sake; one for my father and one for me.

Then I got in the mail yesterday another letter from Cambridge Who’s Who and I was shocked to read your words. I thank you for waking me up. What really woke me up was that you said my work only appeared in the one copy they sent to me.

I knew that it is easy to place my poem in the front of the book like they did, the same way businesses send out form letters with your name on it to make you feel that you alone are addressed in that cause. But, when you said there is only one book the one I bought that was an epiphany. Big EGO’s fall hard. Thanks for you site, I hope you publish this because there are others like me that just don’t get it the first time around and love the ride that ego train gives until like a junkie you find out how hooked you are.

Carlton Lewis


Melanie Storie

Feb 19, 2007

Thanks for posting this information on the Cambridge organization. I also got a letter for their edition for "Executive and Professional Women." It appeared to be so "professional" looking and in no way mentioned a fee. It was, however, suspicious to me because I am a minister and they actually sent this to my church! I "googled" them and your article attracted my attention first. The lawsuit in itself was tacky enough to turn me off of the whole thing. The letter goes to recycling after I post this! Good luck with the lawsuit. This "professional female minister" prays the system will work in your favor!

Charlean Souligne

Feb 19, 2007

Since I recently passed a difficult test to become a Certified Professional Public Buyer, a coup in my filed, I was delighted to receive the invitation from Cambridge Who's Who. Thinking it had to do with the diligent studying and recognition I received through the professional organization that monitors the CPPB designations, I came to work ready to send in the information card. But since I do work for a Library system , and we had no copies of this book anywhere in the system, I decide to check it out before sending any information to anyone.

Thank you for your website. I was leary of the whole thing, but as others have stated, my ego was getting in the way.

The envelope went in the trash, and I will be content to stay on the lists of the organizations that I have already joined as part of my employment.

William Krebs

Feb 18, 2007

I have received these invitational letters more than once and recognized them for what they were immediately since I have done nothing that would warrant the attention of the world. I have also been the victim of a frivolous law suit (not by this company) and suggest that if you have not done so already, you should file a response to the complaint, petitioning the court for a summary dismissal for lack of credible cause. You can do this yourself “pro se” without spending a fortune on lawyers. You can include these responses to your article as an exhibit in support of your truthfulness. Get a copy of one of their publications and research some of the included individuals. If for example, I had paid to have my name included in their “Executive & Professional Registry” and you can show I was never an executive or professional, then you can establish that they have no credibility and are engaged in a “scam”. I was a mailman for 33 years and never worked as a professional yet, I have been solicited for inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry. Congratulations in your effort to spare others from spending hard earned money on something of very dubious value.

Carol Druckman

Feb 16, 2007

I agree that this lawsuit is absurd; and I'm glad I had the chance to read it, 'cause I too, received a letter from Cambridge Who' Who to become a member. I won't. Thank you.

JF Morie

Feb 16, 2007

Well, I kept saying No and they came doen to a $99 fee. No extra $199 for the CD... And still including the 3 jewelry gift cards.

To make matters worse (or to seal the scam) they first said that they were not sure I "qualified" and had to ask me questions (the same ones I assume I filled out on their form)

Wish I had seen you site first. Please keep up the good work.

Lloyd Lowe

Feb 16, 2007

I figured it all looked too good to be true. Cambridge Who's Who sent me a letter in the mail today and said I was a distinguished professional in my field. What really threw me off was when on the website they included religion as a business field whose professionals they recognize. It's not too often you can get someone to actually admit that religion is a business! Thanks for clearing things up for me, I hope the lawsuit doesn't cause you too much grief, any judge ought to throw it out - they have no standing whatsoever to sue you.

Caryn Day-Suarez

Feb 16, 2007

Unfortunately the got me right around Christmas time in 12/06 and THEN I saw your website. Bye-bye to my hard earned Christmas bonus of $900. As of yet, I am still not posted as even being a member on their website. They sent me a cardboard certificate for me to proudly "frame". They say a sucker is born every minute - this time I'm the strawberry flavored one. I've learned my lesson the hardway. Thanks for your info. This kind of stuff needs to be stopped!

l w

Feb 15, 2007

Just today, I was contacted by Cambridge Who's Who. I had the exact same phone conversation as you did. I was given a special non-profit rate which included airline tickets and jewelry gift cards. Luckily, I did not give my credit card information so I was told I could send a check. I am so glad I didn't act impulsively. Your site, along with the comments of others, has helped me make my decision.

You are WHO

Feb 15, 2007

Woah! "You can be who is WHO and professionally recognized all the same time by paying us money" WOW! What an honor!! I am so happy to be one of the chosen ones to qualify to pay money! When do I get my members only jacket? I cant wait to qualify to pay EVEN more!

--The site is so vague and every turn makes you have to login since its -members only- 80% of the time.

Come on people, a smart name, a fancy font letter and a vague general ego boost? We have to watch out for these things. Heck I am so accomplised I will hire mySELF, pat myself on the back and save myself my professionally earned $ -hows that for ego? Thanks Shawn.

Babette Gottshall

Feb 15, 2007

Thank you for this information. I am also grateful for the internet for the first time in my life. After hanging up with a woman that was a good salesman for the Cambridge Who's Who, I luckily did not have my charge card. By the way-she went down to $99 for the year, from 789. She is calling back to get the number, yet she could not call back a few days from now so that I could think about it-research it-. This made me decide it was a scam. Then I saw your site and was relieved to know I was not the only one to think I was special or that I was too poor to join! Thanks and good luck with upholding our Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Too much is taken from the average citizen.

Lisa C

Feb 14, 2007

While on the phone with Cambridge Whos Who, receiving some stout selling tactics I quickly became supicious about the company and after a quick search found your article and comments. I quickly did the "no thanks-not interested" and stopped the conversation. I guess my ego led me to filling out the intial form. I wish I had done more diligent research before I completed the form. Never Again.

Robert Banning

Feb 14, 2007

Thank you for your comments, Mr. Olson. I received an invitation from Cambridge Who's Who, and you have saved me the trouble of the kind of annoying interview you had to go through. Good luck defending against that lawsuit.

Jo Win

Feb 13, 2007

Hope they spend lots of money on their "lawsuit". I can't even imagine what they think they have on you. That you exercised your right to free speech and posted your opinion and record of a hard-sell telephone call? They just want to threaten you to get you to take the page off the Web because it pulls off their dishonest cover. Sounds like a disgusting company.

Best of luck and thanks for the warning.

Rachelle Meade

Feb 13, 2007

I was just called today with the exact high pressured sell tactic. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau to inquire about their strong arming. I am disappointed and dismayed at their behaviour.

Denise Bryant

Feb 13, 2007

I agree with your write up. I joined and have not received the benefits of the membership, even after several calls and a fax to them. Then I received another call for an updated membership booklet that I never received. When I try to reach them, it is difficult to get through. I think they are a scam as well and will never get another dime from me. I will tell others as well. Thanks for posting your information. I would be willing to verbally share my experience of feeling scammed.

D Williams

Feb 13, 2007

Thank you for posting this! I too, found this site informative and helpful. I received a letter at my work, and thought it was too good to be true. So I did some research and happened upon this site.

Thanks so much for the "heads up"!

waryof lookalikes

Feb 21, 2007

For those of you feeling chagrined at having fallen victim to the Cambridge Who's Who solicitation, someone else fell even harder. This woman went so far as to post a press release about her inclusion in the Cambridge directory:

Emily Dunaway

Feb 13, 2007

Thank you so much for posting this. I also received the same letter and was contemplating sending it. I am glad I didn't! I am so sorry they are giving you grief over it. If you need any help with anything, please let me know. I would be most happy to help you.

M Fowler

Feb 13, 2007

Unfortunatly I was embarressed to say no now they have me for 369.00

L. S.

Feb 13, 2007

Thanks for the information! You have just saved me some valuable time!!

Jill Mulligan

Feb 12, 2007

Thanks for your opinion. I thought opionions were still legal under our Constitutional rights of free speech!

I too just received the Cambridge offer and saw your article. Interesting, think I'll pass. If they're suing you I choose not to be associated with them, and that's my opinion. Good luck!

Have you heard of an LA radio show called Handel on the Law. I think you should call and ask for advise.

K. A. Y.

Feb 12, 2007

I really appreciate this information. I got a Cambridge Who's Who letter a couple days ago and wanted to check them out before deciding how to respond. You've saved me much trouble. I rather thought it might be something like this since I haven't become rich or gotten on Oprah or anything either. :-) Thank you!

Keith Jacobsen

Feb 10, 2007

Hang in there! I really appreciate you taking a stand on the Who's Who...I just got the letter and form and decided to check it out on line before deciding, and what I saw is your site and a bunch of links to them...I appreciate the warning!

Astrid vom Jupiter

Feb 9, 2007

Aloha Shawn. good to read you story and the others one. LEts the truth out.. !! I just got a letter from the Cambride Who's Who... Very nice, and very pleased, but in my case i smelled the cheese, since i arrived 5 Month ago here on Kauai from Europe., and I am a more of a tourist here than "one of our country most accomplished womans".

The Ego loves to be reconized, if Germany would have wrote me that, that finaly my Art is regonized. I might fallen for it...

Wonder where they got my adress here... Maybe because i fall of one of the other scams US has to offer... Sign up for this and get the Laptop for free... thing...

Anyway... US needs a nonprofit organization to defense the customers.. there many things i recognized which kinda take advantage of people... and my spam increased too since i am here...


Dont get scamed!! Research & Communicate

Thanks for this Site !

Aloha, Love and Peace

Astrid vom Jupiter

Fred Canterbury

Feb 16, 2007

Yeah I'll just chime in here and say that threat of a lawsuit is nothing more than a threat. They're gonna a huff and puff and ... anyways I feel for you guys who paid. Just remember to always google this sort of thing, it's usually BS of some kind. The funny thing is I am so NOT accomplished, it stunk right off the bat. I was gonna do it anyway if it checked out, because of the humor factor but never mind! Good job posting this in the first place, thanks.

Janice Brooks

Feb 9, 2007

a scam by any other name is still a scam. hard to imagine there are gullible people who will fall for the Who' who scam.

Wendy Rejan

Feb 9, 2007

I was just called my Cambridge Who's Who today and they must be reading from a script because i had an almost identical experience. If you need anything for your case, please contact me.

Wendy Rejan

Tony Jackson

Feb 8, 2007

I received the Cambridge Who's Who in the mail 3 days ago. I'm a nationally published designer and tv show art director, so right away, my ego took over and I checked the website and filled out the card. I didn't get to the mailbox yesterday, and today I got home after work and thought I would Google it. (I've almost been duped by a scam before). Im sooo glad I happened across your posting. If their is anything you need for your case, don't hesitate to ask.

Again, Thank you

katrina guettler

Feb 8, 2007

I had the same Cambridge scam happen to me. Luckily I told her I wasn't interested like a whole bunsh of times. Eventually, I said I wanted to talk with my husband about it and call someone back to which she responded she couldn't do that. I think I got off with some lame low status membership of some sort that I didn't pay for. She even went so far as to say I was the one who contacted them first (I guess by responding to their mailout) so it's not like they called out of the blue. She also said that I could check out their website? After the fact. But they almost had me because of...Pride? How can we shut them down?????

R Joy

Feb 8, 2007

Thank you very much for this information and your courage to keep it up despite the lawsuit!

I completed and returned the initial "invitation" and just received the call a few minutes ago to schedule an official interview. I smelled a fee and googled, and this is exactly the honesty I was after...

While I had a nice ego-boost from the high school who's who years ago this seems much more expensive and shady...

Thanks again. We should all pitch in $10 to your legal fund for saving us the $200 in con fees.

Kristina Loveridge

Feb 7, 2007

Thank You so much for posting this information. I also recieved a letter and was about to send it in untill I read your posting. Thanks Again

Rude wakening

Feb 7, 2007

Again thanks! Any honor that you have to pay money for is not an honor at least not to me! The plane tickets are a nice try but really. We all want to be honored in our lifetimes but I'll have to wait till I do something worthy I would like to give the Who's who of uncovering scam's scam in my definition is a ploy to raise money using deceptive and questionable methods as you cited I thought I was being honored and it was not going to cost me anything only to find out they want my credit card info to charge me $618.95 that’s a scam!

Sonny Hunt

Feb 7, 2007

I agree with your comment regarding the last company you mention (added 1/25/07). I too received a mailer highlighting general info. about being an "accomplished" and "outstanding" professional. Something in the back of my mind just said, " know you're doing great stuff, but slow down here- Who are these people you are about to send info to?" Anyone can send out mailers, get responses and genuinely print a directory...but at who's cost? Maybe we can do a scammed directory, solicit for responses, mass print and distribute for FREE, charge a "small" registration fee and make out like Bill Gates! I just don't believe that kind of business to be ethical. Most time the wrong party gets defended! Are we not victims???

Bev B.

Feb 7, 2007

I got the phone call from Cambridge yesterday. I finally agreed that the 2 year membership for $189 was a pretty good deal, since she said she'd go ahead and give me the two plane tickets anyway. I wouldn't give her my credit card number, so she agreed to send me a fax, and then I could fax her a copy of my check. Then very quickly, before she ended the call, she told me that my airline tickets would require a 3-5 night stay at selected resorts. I wanted to get her off the phone, so I just said goodbye and let it slide. No way am I sending my check!!! I agree with you that this isn't really a recognition or honor, it's just a sales ploy. Thanks for pursuing the issue!

Cindy Mcmee

Feb 6, 2007

Here you go look for yourself

Cindy Mcmee

Feb 6, 2007

I looked some more and there are currently as of 02/07 -110 complaints with the National Better Business Bureau just in the last 12 months.

Cindy Mcmee

Feb 6, 2007

Ialsojustreceivedoneof the who's who and will be turning it over to the local BBB as they know me well.Thanks for the heads up saved me a headache. Maybe I will have the BBB contact them and it it turns out to be what you said they will pass a warning to all the memebers in the state and on to the National BBB I am sure:)

Amy Parker

Feb 6, 2007

I received my registry invitation today, which says, "There is no charge or obligation for qualified individuals to be listed." Funny. So sorry you're being sued for sharing your experience.

Cindy McCollister

Feb 6, 2007

Shawn....I too received an acceptance letter from Cambridge's Who's Who as a biographical candidate...thank you for saving me from them!!!

Cindy :)

Christine Crotser

Feb 6, 2007

I just got scammed for $189 - same as all other comments by Cambridge Who's Who. Cancelled same day after hours. May have to cancel my credit card.

n/a n/a

Feb 5, 2007

thank you for your honesty, i really apprectiate the heads up and thank you for not relenting to their legal threats.

good luck

Angela Mott

Feb 5, 2007

I hope these scammers have their hearts delivered to them on a platter. I'm so sick of spam (both email and snail mail) and this Cambridge who's who garbage is just that! I've had to become such a skeptic (like we all have) and look up every single thing that pops into my mailbox (both the email and the post). I'm very glad that this was the first link to pop up when I Googled this latest piece of junk mail. Keep up the fight and let a jury at these jokers. They'll do better than throw the book at them, they'll throw a giant bag of their own junk mail at them!

n/a n/a

Feb 5, 2007

I agree with Angela about the proliferation of junk mail (both email and snail mail). This whole racket with Cambridge is just a way for them to get around the federal Do Not Call registry. Once you've returned their post card, they can call you directly; otherwise they'd violate the do not call law for those that have opted to be added to that registry. On the issue of junk mail, we need to have a national return junk mail day where everyone accumulates their business reply cards and envelopes for about 2 months and then we mail them in on the same day. It would make an awsome statement to Congress, the postal system and to the junk mailers when the whole system bogs down trying to process all of the return business reply junk mail at the expense of the people who send this crap out.

kris anonymous

Feb 2, 2007

I received the same thing from Cambridge who's who today. It says on the top of the card that it is free to be listed, but thought that there was still a catch so I checked out their website.

It was a professional looking site, but it didn't have a lot of useful information from the start. I looked through all their pages and couldn't find anything on costs, so I thought maybe it was free. But then I came across a FAQ page it mentions upgrading and membership levels, but nothing about fees.

It seems to me, that this is very misleading. They say they are offering something and ask you to send in personal information on a post card that anyone can see. Once they have your personal information, they use it to solicit you by phone????

How they can even think about suing you is ridiculous. I would have never known about these costs if it weren't for your site.

I think CyberLawyers will hurt thier own reputation for taking on cases like this. I thoughy Cyber Laywers went after criminals? Maybe they should look into a class action againt the who's who BS.... Just a thought. Class actions are pretty successful.

If it even makes it to court and gets thrown out, sue them for wasting even more of your time!!

If they want to charge money for a "networking" service, they should be upfront and post it on their website in a clear and easy way for people to find. What they are doing is sneaky and the quality of the listing on the site is crap anyways.

Keep us updated on the lawsuit! Maybe we can start a collection??

Liz Jones

Feb 9, 2007

Shawn-- thanks for posting. I just got one of their "inclusion" letters in the mail. I almost tossed it, but then I thought, why not google and see who they are-- maybe they're legit. Predictably, most of the top google pages were done by people from the company-- yours was one of the few. Since I work in Children's writing, I'm familiar with this kind of scam (Publish America comes to mind...) Maybe head on over to preditors and editors(you could google that) and see if you can get some assistance with your, um, legal issues. They did prevail with Publish America, at least on a few things, and I think there are probably more than a few people who'd be willing to help with this. If you don't have any luck there-- ACLU and freedom of speech are pretty tight buddies, or so I hear.

Good luck-- and thanks for posting!!!

J Gregory

Feb 2, 2007

Stick to your guns Shawn. Having been in business for over 30 years, I too have encountered these thypes of scams. I never went for one, but they do appeal to our egos and pride. Don't give in.

anonymous anonymous

Feb 1, 2007

I went through the EXACT same thing - except my "professional sounding woman" called me at 8am on a Saturday!!! From my waking stupor I stumbled through the same interview only to be pressured to join. The only difference is that I was told I couldn't have any time to discuss the membership with my husband due to "publication deadlines"! When I said that I thought there was a complimentary listing without any purchase she said she would transfer me to that department. Since I was in bed I didn't mind just dozing back to sleep while I waited on hold, only to find that no one ever picked up and eventually it went to the "if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again" operator. What a misrepresentation of their purpose/intent (which in my opinion is a scam)!

Jim Laskey

Feb 1, 2007

Just a thank you for keeping me from going any further in my search to find out about Cambridge Who's Who.

I will not be returning their mail but I would send $10 to help with your legal fees, if you ask.

Thanks again

K. Smith

Feb 1, 2007

Along with so many other people, I also got the card and filled it out. Today, I got off a 30 minute phone conversation with the salesman from Cambridge Who's Who which went nearly exactly as you described. She went through many different membership options with me before she finally accepted that I was not going to give her any money. I was also under the impression of a "free membership" when returning the card. I did more research after the call and am now very glad that I did not fall prey to their sales presentation.

Keep on fighthing! People need to be aware of what is happening.

Lang Newton

Jan 30, 2007

Thank you for sharing your Who's Who experiences. I had a similar letter on my desk for about two weeks-it is now shredded.


darlene oliver

Jan 29, 2007

thanks for the warning. i thought that my accomplishments did not merit this "honor" - it's a membership hook! :-(

Bill Lungren

Jan 29, 2007

I just received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who letting me know that I am being "considered for inclusion". I'm glad I found your site and can feel at ease with my decision to file this in the proper receptacle.

caribbean gal

Jan 27, 2007

Yes, yes! This morning I received a called from Cambridge Who's Who. I was very elated and couldn't wait to rambled off all my information. WOW! I was going to be published amongst the best. I spoke to my mother and told her what had just happened and she said you did what? $819, that sounds like a scam. I called by friend who is like a sister to me and she said this is not the real one. I rushed and called discover and check my account to see if any charges were made. Thank God for watching over me because the last transaction was made 1/16/07 and that was me. I cancelled the card and reported it lost as advice by the person I spoke to. Now Cambridge Who's Who just got fool. I will make sure that I research things before jumping in feet first. Thanks for this information because it saved me 800 dollars.

Alex Tolkachev

Jan 27, 2007

Thank you for your report on this scheme. My wife received a similar solicitation and I sensed it was fishy, because frankly... well, she is not that accomplished yet. She is very good at what she does, but she is certainly not ready for any "who's who" lists yet outside, maybe, of her industry or our geographic area. However, she started her own S corporation last year, which has not done any business yet. So, it was fairly obvious to me that these people were just combing through public records sending out solicitations to likely targets. But for what? I thought maybe they were just after personal information, but now it appears even more sinister than that.

Sorry you are being harassed by the "cyberlawyers". Keep up the good fight! Hope you come out on top and will not have to pay for your principles. If you had the resources (time, money), this almost calls for a counter suit. I am not a lawyer, so I should probably not be giving such advice, but they are clearly hustling you.

Stephanie G

Jan 26, 2007

Feel free to remove your address from the Who's Who website:

Hopefully that part of the site isn't a scam too!

Monique Crete

Jan 26, 2007

I just received the Cambridge Who's Who notification as well, and frankly, after feeling initially honored, I was confused. I was an excellent sales representative for a national company for 13 years and ranked in the top 10% in the nation and won awards, but I have been out of that field for two years. At this time I am looking to get back into the field of sales if I can find the right fit and work for an honest company providing a needed service I can be proud of. I first felt that this "honor" would give me the networking platform, but then I felt uneasy because the honor was coming two years late. I'm happy I found your website. I am appalled at the number of scams going around and understand why the sales arena can be rough. There are nice people and good companies out there, but they are hard to find.

Nekisha Bakre

Jan 29, 2007

Wow, I just got a call this morning from Cambridge and I was throne when I told the woman we don't make financial decisions in the same day...she said we accept master card...... I have her the wrong number and we concluded the call. After they realized the credit card was invalid they called me for 2hours. Finally, I answered the phone and she said do you have another card because it is not working ...I said WOW, I did some research on your company and I am not interested and she said OK and hung up!

I am in direct sales with Warm Spirit too and now I see why some people get turned off don't know who to trust.

Nekisha Kee-Bakre

Nekisha B

Jan 29, 2007

Look what the BBB had to say about this company.


498 Reckson Plaza-West Tower

Uniondale, NY 11556

View Location Map

Original Business Start Date: 7/1/1997

Principal: Robert Sullivan, Chief Financial Director

Phone Number: (516) 742-7907

Additional Phone Numbers:

(516) 535-1515 (516) 535-1514 (516) 535-1515

Fax Number: (516) 742-7906


Type of Business: Publishers-Directory & Guide, Publishers-Book

Membership Status: This company is not a member.

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

Customer Experience

Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau because it failed to respond to one or more complaints.

The company's size, volume of business, and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The number of complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgment on the validity of complaints filed.

Complaint Outcome Statistics:

Complaint Outcome Last 12 Months Last 12..36 Months Total


Consumer received the requested resolution 62 19 81


Consumer received part of the requested resolution 16 2 18

Administratively Judged Resolved

The Company has responded to the complaint(s) addressing the disputed issues, however, the consumer remains dissatisfied 27 7 34

No Response

The Company has failed to respond to complaints 0 1 1

TOTAL 105 29 134

Complaint Issues:

Please understand that complaints may concern more than one issue

Complaint Issue Last 12 Months Last 12..36 Months Total

Advertising Issues 5 1 6

Contract Disputes 3 1 4

Credit or Billing Disputes 29 6 35

Delivery Issues 5 0 5

Guarantee or Warranty Issues 1 0 1

Miscellaneous 1 0 1

Product Quality 2 0 2

Refund Practices 22 9 31

Selling Practices 31 11 42

Service Issues 6 1 7

TOTAL 105 29 134

Additional Business Names

This firm also does business under the following names. This is not necessarily a complete list.

Emipre Who's Who

Manchester Who's Who

Additional Locations

This firm also does business at the following locations.

333 Earle Ovington Blvd, Suite 240

Uniondale, NY 11553

498 Reckson Plaza, West Tower

Uniondale, NY 11501

Report as of: 1/29/2007

Cathy Holford

Jan 25, 2007

Those are indeed scams in my opinion. If they ask for money, it's a sales pitch, not an "honor".

Vivian Hoffman

Jan 25, 2007

I have just read your article with great interest. Just this morning, I was "interviewed" by a woman with Cambridge Whos Who, following up on my application that I sent in only because I saw it as a way to gain some recognition for our family business. She was GOOD!!! As you have said, when the interview (which is almost verbatim with yours) turned to how much the memberhip fees and publication cost would be, I cant describe the sinking feeling I experienced. Needless to say, the conversation took a negative turn, but I kept my cool and ended with the woman saying she would rescind my application. At one point she said to me that I must not have done my research on just "who they were"...and she was correct, because if I had dont the quick research that I did just now when I found your article, I never would have submitted an application. If you need a witness for your pending lawsuit, let me know please. Thanks for your good service in warning unsuspecting consumers like me.

Carol Andre'

Jan 25, 2007

In my OPINION (just in case they want to sue me too)- I would think of this as a scam too. Any "word-twisting" ("you're being honored") to in some fashion deceive someone into thinking they are getting something when all they are getting is an "ego-boost" (and their name in a meaningless book)in my opinion is a scam.

Bob Rhoades

Jan 23, 2007

I got the same deal word for word except that it is now Cambridge instead of Manchester. I wonderedte same things, but because I needed plane tickets to my nieces graduation, I opted for the lower amount, what I thought was $300 now and $198 later. Yesterday $600 was charged to my account causing me to overdraft two other checks. I called and she assured me that it was the correct amount. Another dude called later when I wasn't at my desk. i have to call him back tomorrow. Good luck, huh?

Katrina Winchester

Jan 23, 2007

Thank you so much for this website. Today at work my boss and I both received letters from Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women. My boss took one look at it and laughed before throwing it away. I actually read it and decided to Google the name. I knew it was a scam from the moment I saw it, but wanted to see what I could find. I'm been suckered into and Who's Who Among High School Students spending lots of money with both. My fiance was suckered into paying for a "vacation" with the same technique. You have now inspired me to write my own website warning people of these things. THANK YOU!

Rodger Hamilton

Feb 6, 2007

Thank you! Listen...RRIP!! I just received a letter also from Cambridge and intially I was taken back about being considered among the "most accomplished professionals" and that I was being considered for the "Honors Edition". I am not one to just jump into anything and the first interesting site I found was yours! Thank you for being upfront with all of your efforts and for saving many headaches!!

Ronnie Mills

Jan 23, 2007

Thanks very much for posting this. I got an invite in the mail from "Cambridge Who's Who". I smelled a rat, and found your site; you're very nice for helping others by posting your experience. Thanks again.

Sheila Allen

Jan 22, 2007

I received much the same response from the lady at Cambridge. I do not understand why, when offered a membership you can not have time to think about it or discuss it with family. I kept telling the lady that before I could spend that kind of money I would have to talk to my husband and call her back but this was unacceptable. To me this is very unprofessional, no one likes to be pushed in to instant decisions concerning $100 - $1000 dollars at a moments notice. I did not appreciate this and because of it I was told that I would be in the basic listing but would have no chance to join or receive the other benefits associated with it. This is very unfair.

Mary Nastasi

Jan 22, 2007

Unfortunately we have had a run-in with Cambridge. Paid the money when pressurized; then re-thought the whole thing when time permitted. Did anyone who has had been scammed ask for their money back???

Carol Andre'

Jan 25, 2007

That's the whole point- if you have time to "think"- they won't get your money...


Rosemary Grant

Jan 20, 2007

During a weak and low time in my life I fell into the same scam. I've since received other invitations I just ignored them. I think one was Continental Who's Who.

Keep this website!!!!!!

Cindy Hutchens

Jan 20, 2007

Thank you so much for the info. I too was lured by the "honor" and just thought I should look Cambridge up when I ran across your listing. I'm pretty sure I KNOW how they got my name, since I was included in a Professional Engineering Book about Women Engineers. That honor was free and I got to go to the National Press Club to meet the other nominees - and all of their books had me in it since we exchanged autographs. I won't fall for this one - thanks to you. All of the other comments have only reinforced it. Thank you!

Dorothy Ryan

Jan 19, 2007

A woman from "Cambridge Who's Who"

contacted me yesterday. I was ecstatic and a little nervous, to say the least!

She congratulated me on my possible inclusion in their exclusive "Registry" but needed to ask me a series of questions before a final decision could be made. I found this odd because these questions were, for the most part, answered in a letter I wrote, highlighting my accomplishments in "Writing." In my letter, I even apologized for

not mailing the application card back within five days because I was out-of-town for the Holidays!!!

After my "formal acceptance," the FREE listing became "quite pricy," but I figured the exposure would be beneficial to my career as a free-lance writer -- but not for the tune of $900!

The $189 package seemed the best choice for me, as it included airline tickets, jewelry?, and the Registry's seal. Now, I don't know what jewelry has to do with writing, but I could use the airline tickets, and justified investing the $189 plus tax because of the tickets and I was particularly impressed that I could "stamp" my work with their

logo. And, I would be getting my name and profile published in a book that I could display on a shelf -- so I thought -- only to find out that the "Registry" is on a CD rom!

Luckily, I don't have a credit card and my checkbook said "no," so I told her maybe I could put it

on a relative's charge; however, I got suspicious when she expected me

to call the party right that instant, while she held on, and I said the relative was at work. (Plus I found what she requested quite impossible, as I have ONE

phone line!)??? da...

Then she crossed the line and asked me if I could call one of my daughters at work to get the money. I wondered why there was such an "urgency" and I was getting confused at that point. She "made an exception" and arranged to call me back at 4 p.m.

I hung up, and my logical mind "kicked in" and my vulnerable mind "kicked out!" I immediately went on-line and I was astounded to find "blog" sites on this Company. I called the woman back and left a message that I wasn't interested. I'm not surprised that she hasn't called back and I don't expect her to!

During our conversation, I mentioned that I was in the process of writing a book on domestic violence. It is sad that the "seal" I anticipated would have been nothing more than a "stamp of abuse" by deception and manipulation!

Dot Ryan

I am forwarding a copy of this response to the New York State

Attorney General's Office for their


Maria Swindell

Feb 2, 2007

THANK YOU! I too filled out the card and they have been calling me about once a month for A YEAR! I finally thought that I'd look up their web site and tell them to stop when I came across your message. There is NO WAY IN HELL that I would pay that kind of money to network with people outside of my community. Through groups like Rotary, Young Professionals and the local Chamber of Commerce I've found a much more effective way to network and give back to the community I serve. Thanks for your comments. I feel so much better!

Young Professional

Feb 2, 2007

I had a women contact me from the Cambridge Who's Who's and I too was excited and interested in becoming a member. The mailing was ritzy looking and looked as though it was only sent to the most accomplished individuals.

The women interviewed me for about 20 minutes and said she had determined that I was fit to be a member. Wow did I feel special!...until....for the bargain price of $900 bucks I can add to my credibility and stature in the professional community???? I agree with many of the previous bolgers. How in the world does an honor that you paid for enhance your credibility? If anything it makes you look like someone trying to scam the person you are presenting your so called "award" to.

I hope you keep fighting the lawyers. Right is Right and the Who's Who is a SCAM in my book. I am glad I am a thrifty as they come. I would not pay 5 cents to be nominated or to receive a reward. I think it is shameful that this company preys on the ego-centric and galactically stupid. For a moment I was taken in...they almost got me.

Stephen Berry

Jan 19, 2007

Shawn, thank you for the information. I received the Cambridge Who's Who letter at place of occupation and I was wondering how they obtained such information. I figured it was a membership scam but it's nice to see people speak up and let everyone else know who's really who :)

kathrynn bryant

Jan 17, 2007

I am glad you posted this. I just rec'd a letter today for the Cambridge Who's Who of Women Realtors and Brokers. I kind of felt it was bazaar but the feeling was good. Thanks for the heads-up

jess johnson

Jan 15, 2007

I received a cambridge who's who mail that sounds just like the exact same thing. Thanks for the heads up. I have soon ripped it up and thrown it in the trash.


Jan 15, 2007

Just wanted to say, I worked there for a day.....all I can say is how terrible I felt, I spoke to an awsome elderly lady about her life experiences, then tried to drop the bomb of the cost....I felt soooo bad. I was listening to how wonderful of a woman she was and what she went through and she felt sooo honored, then I'm like "So the platinum membership is blah blah blah......" I could hear the disappointment in her voice. I can't tell you how badly and ashamed I felt. Well I quit that evening. Well just want to thank you for having your site.


A Powee

Dec 30, 2006

Thanks for the "heads up" on Who's Who. While my daughters were recognized in high school for a similar "honor" which was well deserved, I was curious why I had suddenly been chosen by Cambridge Who's Who Among Professional Women in Writing and Pub. Although I am a decent writer, I certainly didn't think I had done anything to be "considered for inclusion" into their next edition. Though the letter stated there was no cost to be included, I was certain there was a cost somewhere. While I can't say for sure that things were not on the up & up, your site reaffirmed my doubts.


Jan 29, 2007


Doug Scott

Dec 29, 2006

I just got my letter from Cambridge Who's Who about being "honored." LOL I got an immediate red flag. You see, they were offering to include me in the "Cambridge Who's Who Among Professional Massage Therapists" as apparantly being one "of our contry's most accomplished professionals. Interesting, since I just passed the NCETMB (National Certification Exam) last week, and just sent in my registration fee to the State this week. I hardly think I have distinguished myself in the field.

I can't help but wonder where they got my name? Only two options seem reasonable. Either the NCBTMB (National Certification Board) or [someone] gave or sold them my name (and presumably others.) I wish I could prove who the culprit is.

In any case, a word of warning. Anytime you are asked to pay a fee for something that is "free," that you have "won" or being "honored" with, it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a scam!!!

Terrie Robinson

Jan 3, 2007

Today, I received a rather long phone interview, after which I was congratulated for being a top professional woman in America selected for the elite Cambridge who's who magazine. For a brief moment I was flattered until they asked for $580.00 for my membership fee. I suggested they run it by my entertainment attorney in New York, and from there the conversation turned into a cat a mouse chase.

Despite my courteous manner as to sticking to my suggestion, she hung up!

Annette Sather

Jan 19, 2007

I am an accomplished Nail Tech and Instructor! I never sent money and told them I had been quite ill with cancer. They offered to let me have a month to raise the money!

Tara Schott

Dec 27, 2006

I'm glad that you posted this. Do NOT take it down. Why should Cambridge/Empire/Manchester/(insert new "merged" company name here, after the other names are known as scams)/ be awarded the respect other great companies deserve if they ARE in fact scamming people left and right? People SHOULD hear the negative comments, and louder ones at that. I wonder how many people were scammed that didn't realize it, didn't feel the need to post it online, or just didn't care all that much. You should see the way the training was aimed at training the salespeople to just assume the sale and not allow for a customer to think. Not a scam my ass. I worked breifly for this "company" and I'm still trying to get my paychecks.

Edith Burgess

Dec 15, 2006

I fell into this Manchester of Who's Who because I thought it was ans honor; but, sadly, it is just a way to get money from you! I have paig nearly $7oo.oo so far! I can't get my money back. This "woman" tried to get me to give them more money and pressured me into another $100.00 or so. Fortunately, this credit card that I had used previously has been canceled and closed. I called the credit card company and told them by no means to let Manchester Who's Who try to charge on the closed card!

My ego got the best of me. I AM EMBARASSED AND ASHAMED!

Will Riley

Dec 13, 2006

Sorry to say, but I fell hook line and sinker to the Manchester Who's Who and have been kicking myself every since. Ego is a terrible thing. I only hope that others who are as egoticastical as I (was) don't fall for this. If you do, you will soon loose your ego after you hang up the phone. You can't back out either. So Beware. I ashame to even display the certificate in my office or mention it on a resume for fear that I would expose that I was gullible. Thanks Shawn..too bad I didn't read your article first.

Jaclyn E

Dec 2, 2006

Ashamed to admit it, but I fell prey to this scam (mainly because the plane tickets to the Virgin Islands were a nice perk). Wish I had played hard to get - I would have received more perks at a lower price and still been on the (useless) registry.

Debbie Sanders

Nov 29, 2006

Just found your commentary while doing a search on "Cambridge Who's Who"... SO well-written and SUCH a pleasure to read! I actually have the credit card authorization form sitting in my fax machine as I type this. My only salvation was that I do not feel comfortable giving my credit card number over the phone. I, too, fell into the "ego-boosting" trap and only decided to do some research after I heard my fax machine ring with the credit card auth form.

I guess my 15-minutes of fame will need to come from some other form of medium ;)

Susie Malek

Nov 26, 2006

I too spoke with the same woman on the phone for my "interview" but I only hesitated and thought it was strange that I should pay for the honor to be included. I did pay, and now I can't even find the website to add information and my photo to my "biography". That's how I found your scam information. Where's the website? Wonder if my "airline ticket" is any good? I will try that next! Boy, do I feel dumb!!!

Michael Wnuk

Nov 24, 2006

Who can a complaint be filed regarding this scam.

Michael Zand

Nov 10, 2006

I was hoodwinked into paying for lifetime membership for Empire's Who's Who. It is now called Cambridge's Who's Who. They keep calling me to offer me more membership benefits at exhorbitant prices.

They are fraud and I want them exposed. What can I do? Can we get a class action lawsuit?

suzelava Selava

Dec 8, 2006

Help! I got mixed up in that mess 2 years ago and after a lot of effort & headaches managed to get them to refund my credit card. Now they keep sending me this box, I'm sure it contains a plaque- I never open it and always send it back REFUSED, but they just won't stop! What can I do? Who can I contact to put an end to this???

Carole Piller

Oct 26, 2006

Thanks for the info. I just received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who to be included in their 2006/2007 Professional Women in Writing and Publishing Honors Edition of the Registry. I became leery of their website after reviewing its vagueness. In researching them, I found your comments and I appreciate your advice. I won’t be wasting my time and certainly won’t be investing any money in their company.

Karen Hensley

Oct 25, 2006

Just got off the phone with the same lady! She didn't hang up on me, but understood my point when I said that this sounded less like an honor than a paid membership to a networking club.

Kenton James

Oct 23, 2006

I am commenting in regards to your comments on I submitted a poem to them and they sent me a letter in the mail smothered in commliments and a "Pre-publication Discount Reservation" I just raised my eyebrowes... while kinda felling good about all the compliments :) I just put it away to research another time. However, I just received another peice of mail with an award enclosed and all the permission steps to publish and use my poem in a CD recording... I thought this was even more rediculous but this tiem they didnt push something on me... does this CD thing work the same as the book where they put your poem with a bunch of others for every person? Thank you for any information on this and here is my poem enclosed :) just i want to share.


Following the Sun down,

And carried by the wind,

I live my life passionately

Guided by my morality

And not dictated sins.

I will find my meaning

In the great tapestry of life

Then rear a child of my own

Carrying on my legacy to

Laugh through the strife.

Dorothy Ryan

Jan 19, 2007


I purchased a set of three CDs

one time only -- for my first

published poem, "God's Precious

Child." The poems were well-read;

however, they were not on separate

tracks, so I had to fast-forward the CD to my poem, which was difficult, as I do not have a counter, so it was hit and miss!

Maybe the format has changed by now???

Dot Ryan

I hope this helps.

Kristy Turco

Oct 16, 2006

Thank you for confirming my suspicions about Cambridge/Manchester Who's Who. I recently recieved a similar phone call and got as far as accepting the $99 one year trial membership, probably just to get my name in print so that my two teenage boys might think that yes, mom really does have a life after all. While reciting the last 4 digits of my credit card I balked, taken over by a sense of cynicism and common sense. The voice on the other end of the receiver assured me that if I would feel better about the credibility of the organization if they faxed me the credit card authorization slip (I wonder why that would make me feel better aboutabout their authenticity?), she would be happy to do so. I agreed, thinking at least this would give me a moment to do my homework. Sure enough. Right about the time I found this article the phone was ringing. I ignored it, suspecting the telltale voice asking where my fax was. Checking my message confirmed it. I fell like I was on the verge of being duped. I almost fell for the propoganda that vacuum cleaner salemen use, with one exception. When you buy the vacuum you have a 3-day right to rescind. Thanks for saving me some money and my pride.

Martha Jones

Oct 15, 2006


I stumbled across your site when I was investigating a company called "Cambridge Who's Who." A merger of Manchester and Empire Who's Who registries. Altho I am empathatic in the fact that they sicced their attorneys on you, I want you to know that I appreciated the information. Keeps me from learning the hard way. Thanks.

Concerned Citizen

Nov 3, 2006

Just had the same conversation on the phone with a Who's Who represenative... almost word for word. I had a feeling about it when I turned in the card, but thought it wouldn't hurt to get the free listing... so I was already half expecting a call like that some day from a represenative having heard my fair share of these types of gimicks over the years. I understand needing to make money on all the efforts they do, but come on $800 for a link on a website! And when I told them it wasn't in my advertising budget they did get huffy and hang up on me... right there it tells me this is not legiate!

Irritated in CT

Sep 19, 2006

My wife got one of these letters in the mail today. We both smelled scam and tossed it. It's interesting to note that at the bottom of the letter reads a diclaimer, "Cambridge Who's Who is proudly not associated or affiliated with any other Who's Who Publication or Organization."

Proudly not associated? I imagine for legal reasons they don't want to have people know they were once known as Manchester Who's Who, yet in their infinite wisdom, they neglected to change their domain information. (Manchester is all over it...)

I hope no one else gets scammed by this group. Anytime you get something that is unsolicited, be wary. Yeah, some people really do win the lottery, but face it. It likely isn't going to be you or me. (My neighbor won twice though... go figure.)

Elly Lensch

Sep 5, 2006

The same thing just happened to me. I don't give my cc# out over the phone, so I said I would need to send them a money order. Boy, am I glad I didn't. I am a librarian and I am familiar with the Marquis Who's Who, which is legit. It wasn't until after my phone conversation that I realized through additional research that it wasn't who I thought it was. :-)

Some people are so evil.

Nancy Turman

Aug 23, 2006

I just cracked up totally reading your entry regarding the "Manchester Who's Who", as I was on the phone with the representative. It was an exact duplicate of my conversation and I actually read your article as they were explaining the levels of membership and fee! Thanks for the info., as it made my day!

Suzanne Landis

Aug 21, 2006

Your description of the Manchester Who's Who "experience" was very accurate. It totally fed into my ego, and the phone conversation with its representative was on the money. Fortunately, they did not get one cent of mine. I found your web site while on the phone listening to her spiel, sensing something wasn't right. Thank you for creating this site to warn the rest of us reluctant egotists...

J. Cuccia

Aug 3, 2006

The same thing happened to me. I had originally told the woman that PERHAPS I would be interested. All she wanted was my credit card #. When I told her I did not have it with me she asked if I had an old credit card reciept laying around to get the # off of(now that was desperate!!!). I told her no and she said she will call me the following day. I then decided I was not interested.

The following day she called at the exact minute she had said she would. When I told her that I am no longer interested she became extremely rude(almost yelling at me) and told me how non-professional I was. I hung up on her. She still called back and left me a message. As if I was going to join up after she chewed me out over the phone??? What is wrong with these people!!! If they want to scam thay should at least be polite!!


Jul 31, 2006

Thank you for your post! I myself have received an "application" for the Who's Who scam and did a little research before I jumped to something and came across your comments. I appreciate what you have said to inform others who may be "scammed" in the future.

George Lynch

Jul 29, 2006

The company skirts the line on legality, pulls you in with a slick sales presentation and website, but in reality is selling you on a Book and CD of listings of anyone they can add to their database, regardless of their true significance as a networking contact. If you notice when looking at their website, it is a mix of information unrelated to members with disclaimers to such, then a significant profile of the Playboy exec (wonder if that is legit), then profiles of a handful of members with no photos, with links to two charitable organizations, etc. The net effect is all this makes you think of it as a valuable organization. I wonder if those charitable organizations are aware of the deceptive business practices....perhaps those affected should write those charities. In any case, seek a refund and detachment from this company.

cris broussard

Jul 28, 2006

i just recieved the same thing you did. i thought i was being included in some society, not being sold anther product! after telling her that i had just bought a house, getting new floors this weekend and that im pregnant, she finally let me go and hung up the phone. it sounded great until she said "four ninety eight" and "one ninety eight". i didnt want to feel stupid and ask "how many zeros are behind that last eight?" but im glad that while i had her on the phone i was researching her, by the way, i cannot find their website and i came across your site and another on that stated the same thing. thanks for keeping this up! it saved me!!


Christine Smith

Jul 26, 2006

Thanks for the entry...I am going on an interview for the Account Director position with Who'sWho tomorrow and now I have a better idea of what the position would be like...i would be that annoying person. Thanks for the has helped me.

Angela DePriest

Jul 19, 2006

I just got the punch from these Manchester folks too.

It's interesting how my experience with them was exactly like yours--they must read from scripts. Tacky.

I listened to their pitch and told them I wasn't interested, and I most certainly wasn't interested in giving anyone my credit card over the phone. I told them I needed to check them out before I did anything. That's when the pitch turned hardcore.

So I hung up on them. They've been calling every 30 seconds for the last 20 minutes. Again--tacky.

It's like this: I know I'm good at what I do. I don't need an enormously flatulent book to tell me (and the rest of the world) how good I am.

It seriously pisses me off that these flimflammers are preying on flailing egos. Pathetic.

Tracy Abbott

Jul 18, 2006

I too received a letter from Manchester Who's Who. I filled it out and mailed it in. I had also decided that I wasn't accepted. I too had checked out their website and was impressed. I couldn't figure out how they got my name. I had just recently graduated from a local college with a master's. I hadn't even worked a real job using my degree. Anyway, a woman called and sounded just like the one you described. Well the shoe hit the floor. She wanted money. When I started back paddleing, she lowered the cost. I just wish I had hung up, but I couldn't or didn't. It cost me $109 to become a member. I have received my packet but now I can't access their website. I guess I do have a flashing neon sign attached to my forehead with "Sucker" on it in great big letters. Maybe my ordeal with help someone else not get suckered in. I wish I had seen this before I joined.

Lisa Wigfall

Jul 14, 2006

I recently rec'd the same letter from manchester Who's Who. On yeesterday, I rec'd a phone call that seemed remarkably similar. I was givien the name of "my account director" her tele.# & ext. I was offered the same

platinum package, etc. I accepted the cheapest. But than last PM I began to think, If I'm so worthy of this, Why am I paying for it? Should I cancel!!!! Please, let me know ASAP.


Dawn Willey

Jul 13, 2006

I too was contacted by there office. Being in sales, I found the conversation VERY pitchy from the start. Within a few minutes I was waiting for the bait..and sure enough they offered me a $989 membership. I finally just hung up the phone. I did a google search and found your article...I agree with everything you said.

Miguel Villasin

Jul 13, 2006

I got the same treatment from them this morning. The telemarketer bargained down to $89 (from $600+ at the beginning) to try and squeeze *something* out of me. I finally got her to back off by saying that if I shell out anything using a credit card my wife would kill me - and that I kinda liked breathing the air. She hung up real quick after that. Damned ego!


Jul 13, 2006

Is this about Manchester? Which membership cost 89$ and which one cost 989$. I don't think they have memberships at those rates.

Donna Clark

Jul 10, 2006


I wanted to say "thank You" for your comments. I was almost "duped" by this company too. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist doing lots of non-profit work through a domestic violence shelter and thought I was being recognized for this work. The telemarketer has been calling me back trying to gain my financial info. I am so glad I read your article before turning that over and being charged for something I probably don't need (the networking of individuals). Again, thanks lots!!


Bryan Sma

Jun 30, 2006

Thanks for the story. My wife was contacted by Manchester to "join" the registry. Good thing your article is on the first page of results in google for "manchester who's who". A big thank you for the warning.

Greg Rohrs

Jun 30, 2006

Thank you. I, too, recieved a letter from manchester. I am in the process of updating my resume and I was going to include my recent "appointment as a biographical candidate". I thought it would add an extra boost. After going to their website and reading of your experience, I'm glad I didn't. It would be like saying " I was solicited by a telemarketer". From what I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any real criteria to be "appointed" - well, other than having a job. Thanks for the save- you article prompted me to probe a little deeper and saved me some embarassment.

A Nottelling

May 19, 2006

So just want you to know- I used to work for Manchester Whos Who- and it is a complete scam. They scam their employees too but they make so much money off the pathetic losers who actually buy the program that they dont care. But I wasnt mean and pushy, therefore i did not do well working there. The owner, Matt Prowman is the biggest scam artist of them all.

sylvio mannel

Mar 17, 2006

great article on the Who's Who. It made my decision easier. Warm fuzzy feeling was nice though for a few minutes.

Jane Burt

Jan 4, 2006


Concerning your blog on scams. The Westchester Who's Who pulled the same thing on me and, oddly enough, I gave almost the same replies and reactions that you did. Feed the ego then pick the pocket. Thanks for making me feel less like a schmuck! I didn't bite, but they sure make you feel special for about 60 seconds. I wonder if that's what Andy Warhol meant? Maybe he got a call too! Anyway, I enjoyed your write up. Thanks!

dw dw

Dec 2, 2005

Thanks for the article about the Manchester Who's Who. I knew it had to be a scam.
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