Posted Oct 18, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011
Gorilla Photo
Bonobo Baby

Apes are one of my personal favorites. They challenge me to wonder. You look into their eyes and can see that you share a common past and probably most of the same common feelings. At the same time, they can easily push your imagination too far, and we easily personify them more than we ought to. They are close cousins... but they are also a little bit alien.

See some orangutan photos.


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Gorilla Photo

Gorilla in his cage.

Gorilla Photo

A gorilla sitting in his cage. He wanders around restlessly, only sitting in one spot for a few moments at a time.

Bonobo hand

Hand of a bonobo chimpanzee... so very similar to our own hands.

Bonobo mother and baby

Mother bonobo chimpanzee and small baby.

Smiling Bonobo Chimpanzee Photo

Male bonobo chimpanzee smiling for the camera. He seemed to be well accustomed to it and smiled everytime a visitor held up the camera.

Gorilla Photo

Gorilla sitting near a fan.

Gorilla Photo

Gorilla in a moment of lazy boredom.

Gorilla Photo

Gorilla looking at some humans with a sidelong glance. There is obvious intelligence behind its eyes, not to mention a sense of envy or mistrust.

Gorilla Photo

Gorilla playing with paper.

Bonobo Chimpanzee Photo

Male bonobo chimpanzee sitting on a log.