A Sonnet Dreamt

Posted Nov 15, 2004
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

A beautiful moment can’t be kept;
It comes and goes like a sonnet dreamt.
Ancient laughter won’t touch my soul
And perfect days of yesteryear
Sink into the sandpits of time.

We don’t own the moments we share
And the tragedy is far from fair;
But sweet memories are no small prize,
Nor the dreams and hopes in all our eyes.

The Brave Journey

Poems to encourage one from succumbing to despair, to try and find strength to bravely face the future.

  1. Steps beyond me
  2. Monster of Despair
  3. Look to Tomorrow
  4. Turn Away
  5. Seamless Tear
  6. A Sonnet Dreamt
  7. Frost on Glass
  8. Masters and Pawns
  9. Whispers in the Wind


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