Frost on Glass

Posted Jan 23, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011

Winds sent from distant corners
Calling from nights of other lands
Invade and forcefully persuade
Every warm creature against conquest.

Tiny emissaries pour en masse
And we giants cower and hide;
Our days and fates are ruled
By mindless cycles
By warriors without souls
And frigid winds beyond our ken.

Alas… random struggles enmesh our lives
And heartaches on us forever thrive;
But even cold moments can offer some hope
When your eyes can see the beauty from outside:
Frost on glass may burn the touch
But fragile elegance can render broken hearts
From darkness and melancholy and such.

The Brave Journey

Poems to encourage one from succumbing to despair, to try and find strength to bravely face the future.

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  7. Frost on Glass
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  9. Whispers in the Wind


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