Glassblowing at Columbus College of Art and Design

Posted Jan 8, 2004
Last Updated Nov 3, 2011
Glass Blowing Flaming Glass
Glass Blowing Glass in Furnace

These photos are of Adam Beeler glassblowing at the Columbus College of Art and Design. At the time Beeler was a senior at Bexley High School. Some of the photos used for this shoot were on the cover of the Eastside Messenger on March 25, 2002.

Crystal World

Photos of ice and crystals.

  1. Ice & Snow
  2. Glassware
  3. Chihuly display at Franklin Park Conservatory
  4. Glassblowing at Columbus College of Art and Design
  5. Ice Storm


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Adam Beeler

Jun 14, 2006

I tried a year ago + to buy some of Adam Beeler's glass art, but I heard nothing back...My name is also Adam Beeler, and I think it would be great to own a piece of his work, it looks amazing, if it's for sale...If not, I completely understand...Let me know how I would go about buying something from him.

Best regards,

Adam Beeler
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