Ice & Snow

Posted Jan 14, 2003
Last Updated Nov 19, 2011

Although Winter is uninvitingly cold, it grants a photographer many beautiful vistas to catch on film. I haven't taken as many snow-pictures as I should have over the last couple of years... but I did get myself out of the house during some snowy days and ice-storms. Here are some of those photos.


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Snowflake Photo

A snowflake balancing on the end of a pine needle.

Ice Chaos

A chaotic jumble of icy branches during a heavy ice-storm in March 2002.

Iced Needles Photo

Ice covering pine needles.

Iced Needles 2

Ice-covered pine tree.

Iced Needles

Ice covering pine needles.

Icycles Photo

Icycles hanging tenaciously to a dumpster lid.

Snowflakes Photo

Crystaline formation just millimeters accross.

Snowflake Photo

Temporary crystals.

Snowflake Photo

A closeup of a snowflake.

Icy Speed Limit Sign

Icycles hanging from a speed limit sign during an ice storm in March 2002.