Good Times or Better Stories

Posted Dec 7, 2014
Last Updated Dec 7, 2014

Here are some random moments to share. Most are amusing in some fashion. Some weren't amusing for participants at the time... but certainly worthy of telling after the fact.

My Wife Likes it Hot

Posted on Dec 7, 2014 | Last Updated Dec 31, 2019

A little story about when my wife made things a little too hot.

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A Trip Down Hoopty Lane

Posted on Jul 18, 2007 | Last Updated Dec 7, 2014

An American Hoopty adventure to fix a van that turns into a car hater's nightmare.

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car, van, automotive, repair, fix, hoopty

The Sweeper that Sucks

Posted on Jun 18, 2003 | Last Updated Dec 7, 2014

What happens when someone tried to sell a sweeper to a tightwad asshole for $1600.

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kirby sale, sweeper sales pitch, charlatans


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