Ruiter Wedding Photos

Posted Jul 17, 2006
Last Updated Nov 10, 2011
wedding photo annie and steve
wedding photo annie
wedding photo annie
wedding photo annie and steve
wedding portrait annie and steve

Steve Ruiter married Annie Keslar on July 15, 2006. I was on hand to photograph the event. This was the first wedding where the minister explicitly asked me not to shoot during the actual ceremony; of course, he only mentioned that to me and not the audience--so during the kiss there were flashes lighting up the hall while I sat with my camera off.

Some of the shots were luck shots--like the washed out shots of Annie in the doorway--my settings were set for the darker walkway but I snapped her as soon as she appeared. The overexposure turned those two images into amazingly beautiful shots.

The large wedding party shot took some work because the pews were so close to the altar that almost everyone's feet were hidden behind benches. I had to recreate the feet and carpet in Photo-Paint for the image on this page.

Since weddings are not my favorite subject, I was happy that Jenny helped me during the day. She shot many key events including the First Dance. She also helped set up for the portraits.

Good Luck to Annie and Steve. I expect them to have wonderful lives together.


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Rebecca Strock

Nov 2, 2007

Uncle Shawn and Aunt jenny,

it is angel, and these pictures of aunt annie and uncle steve are so beautiful! it is so hard to believe it wasnt that long ago and also hayden is so beautiful aunt jenny. I hope all of us get to see each other again really soon. I love all of you very much and i hope to hear from you soon. LOVE YOU!!!!
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