Liquid 6teen at Rock to Remember

Posted Jan 8, 2005
Last Updated Nov 8, 2011
Liquid 6teen drums andy
Liquid 6teen Aaron Benner
Liquid 6teen aaron benner
Liquid 6teen
Liquid 6teen John Benner

Liquid 6teen played the January 7, 2005 Rock to Remember concert at the Newport Music Hall. The show paid tributes to the victims of the recent Alrosa Villa shootings.

2011-11-08 This was the last time I saw Liquid 6teen as a band. The group broke up and moved on. They were always one of my favorite photographic subjects in the local music scene. The shot of Aaron on stage with all the arms up is one of my favorites--which is saying something, since I've never really been a fan of fan/crowd shots.

Last I heard, John Benner was trying to get the L6T project back togehter. But that rumor was at least a couple years back, now. Aaron Benner is singer for the popular group This Fire's Embrace.


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