Madison County Fair 2002 Photos

Posted Oct 19, 2002
Last Updated Oct 30, 2011

These images represent a portion of the more than 500 pictures I took at the Madison County Fair.

During the event I received a parking ticket from the London police. Their temporary no-parking signs were probably illegal, since they weren't of a nature to attract attention. Dozens of people parked where I parked, and probably no one saw the signs.

All images were taken with the Minolta Dimage 7 digital camera.


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Wall Worm plugins and scripts for 3ds Max
Water Target

Taking aim at a water target.

Bicentennial Bell 3

The nearly finished Madison County Bicentennial Bell.

Bicentennial Bell 2

The Madison County Bicentennial bell right after beign removed from its sand mold.

Kids Clean Stall

Kids cleaning a stall.

Rabbits White

White rabbits napping in shade.

Boys Tractor

Boys playing on a tractor.

Bicentennial Bell 1

Pouring the Madison County Bicentennial Bell.

Pig Show

A disgusting display of human brutality... a pig show.

Pig Drinks

Pig drinks to cool off from the heat.

Girl Chicks

Girl looks at ckicks.

Sheep 1

Inquisitive sheep inspect the camera.

Bicentennial Bell 4

The first ring of the Madison County Bicentennial Bell.