Sampson Wedding

Posted Aug 15, 2004
Last Updated Nov 7, 2011
chris and cassandra at altar

July 30, 2004 was a beautiful day for Chris and Cassandra to get married. They said their vows in front of family and friends at the Blacklick Golf Course.

This was the second wedding I shot there, and I was afraid that the sun would shine too brightly--as this was another outdoor wedding for me. Some clouds drifted over occassionally, which made my job a bit easier.


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flower toss

This is a typical flower toss... all the women fight for the flower.

garter toss

This is a typical garter toss... usually one or less man jumps at the garter.

wedding party

Wedding party.

cassandra portrait

Portrait of Cassandra.

Chris and his groomsmen.

Cassandra and her bridesmaids.

chris and cassandra portrait

Portrait of Chris and Cassandra.


A groomsman having fun.