Season Finale

Posted Jul 25, 2004
Last Updated Aug 7, 2009
Season Finale The season finale was last night. It really is my favorite program, and I’ve never missed an episode. At times like these, images from previous seasons run through my head – a flashback montage – the look on the policeman’s face, the view from the top (hands up through the tunnel), standing half hidden by the door with an embarrassed smile, hair dye, a plane ticket to California. Do you remember the first episode? How they met? How when she hugged him, he felt so warm inside? I guess I like the unpredictability. Sometimes things made no sense, and sometimes plot threads were never developed. Many episodes seemed far too similar – almost reruns – and the dialog was never well rehearsed. I guess that’s just what happens when you let the actors write the script. But last night was the season finale. I’ve been reading the entertainment news and no one seems to know if there’s gonna be another season. I hope there is, because they left so many things unsettled, too many loose ends, open doors. And it was a long episode, with many turns and narrow misses. But I swear for a moment – you know which one, the one no one expected, that one perfect moment right before the credits – I swear in that moment, I could hear the world silently applauding. May 31, 2003


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