Undivided in a Divided Scene

Posted Jul 17, 2004
Last Updated Nov 5, 2011

*Note: This story appeared in CMH Magazine.

Anyone who's had their toes in the local music scene knows pretty well one fact of life—it's all a bunch of chaos. Big bands break up, hot new sensations never see the spotlight, and the crowds of fans can’t always be called crowds.

For a long time local musicians pointed a finger at the local radio stations… bands felt the radio stations were keeping them down. In a way, they were probably right at times, since the radio stations wouldn’t even play the popular local bands except during off hours.

But that finally changed when radio station 99.7 The Blitz program director Hal Fish inserted one of the newer local bands, Undivided, into the regular rotation.

Fish said, "I was surprised with their songwriting."

Why Undivided, of all local bands, caught Fish's ear, is up to interpretation. Undivided's song Face the Day faired well in a large survey, beating out many national acts. But even the survey wasn't the whole reason. Fish said, "The whole thing was kind of a gut instinct."

Whatever the reason, the choice has obviously been a good one. Undivided has topped the Blitz's 12-Pack Playback competition two weeks in a row for having the most requested song.

"People seem to be enjoying them," said Fish. Fish anticipates that the recognition will help get Undivided's ball on the roll in terms of a record deal. "I’d like to see them have a CD for our listeners to purchase."

Undivided, comprised of vocalist Drew Adkins, percussionist Matt Moreland, guitarist Matt Bowden and bassist Bob Blackburn, is pumped up about the band's new status as a premier group in Central Ohio. Less than two years old, the group has gone from obscurity to popular in a relatively quick span of time.

Adkins said, "I'm ecstatic, overwhelmed."

The band gives several reasons for its success. According to its members, the songs are varied and solid. Adkins said, "They're commercial but they make sense."

"Everyday," interjected Bowden, "it's going to hit you a different way."

"It's simplified to a point," explained Moreland. "The lyrics are really related to what’s going on with the band."

A lot of hard work is in Undivided's future. The members speak excitedly about the next year, with potential record deals humming in the backstage. The next big thing for the band, though, is being the only local band featured on the July 28th Blitz Bash at the Promowest Pavilion. The other bands include headliner Disturbed as well as Damage Plan, Clutch, Ear Shot and Thousand Foot Krutch.

Blackburn said, "It's the best thing that's happened to us so far."

Adkins added, "Hopefully it will take us to another level."

Passing out fliers, encouraging people to keep requesting their music on 99.7 The Blitz and getting ready to launch their career are enough things to keep this group of guys busy. They hope to be the first of many local bands to finally make an impact beyond the local circuit of clubs.


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