Insect Oddities

Posted Jan 1, 2004
Last Updated Nov 3, 2011
water boatman
aphids on stem

These are some interesting photos of insects I took in 2003. I have no idea what some of them are, but they are neat to look at. If you can identify them, feel free to educate me on their names.

I did identify the orange and black beetle as the Red Milkweed Beetle. The group of orange bugs is a photo of young Large Milkweed Bugs.


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spiny insect

This spiny insect was one of my favorite insect photos of 2003. I think it is some form of leaf-footed bug.

spiny insect

Another insect like the one above... both unidentified.

sweat bee

A sweat bee collecting nectar from a thistle.


A cicada.

orange beetle

This Orange and black beetle is called the Red Milkweed Beetle.

colorful beetle

A colorful beetle.

nice antennas

Bug with nice antennae.

orange milkweed bugs

A colony of young orange and lazy insects called Large Milkweed Bugs.

beetle in flower

Beetle scouring flower.

stink bug

A stink bug vandalizing a dandelion.