Introduction to Landscape Photography

Posted Oct 25, 2003
Last Updated Nov 1, 2011

Landscape photography is something with which everyone is familiar. Almost anyone on a trip with a household point-and-shoot camera snaps off a dozen or more. Theoretically, it should be one of the easiest forms of photography since a place is a place, and you’d think it doesn’t change too much too fast.

You’d think.

In reality, landscape pictures pose an adequate challenge to a would-be photographer. A site can have a multitude of vistas that have their own characteristic moods. Not only changing location within a setting changes the mood, as the time of day and season effects the site. To the right, the three pictures labeled "Westgate Park" came from the same small park on the westside of Columbus.

Taking landscape shots usually requires a little experience for successful pictures, but it is not as challenging as portrait or event photography. Tools required range from a wide to telephoto lense to a polarizing filter. Another recommended tool is a tripod or monopod.


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